15 Best Interactive Books For Toddlers Update 05/2022

Interactive Books For Toddlers

Busy Day: Athlete by Dan Green (2021)

Busy Day Athlete by Dan Green (2021)

He has a lot to do today. Can your child help? Part of the “Busy Day” series, this lift-the-flap book lets kids follow along with the athlete as he tries to win a gold medal. Children will learn about how to dress for the day, warm up, practice the long jump, and dive into the pool with this interactive book.

The Dinos on the Bus by Peter Millett & Tony Neal (2021)

Little kids can roar, clap, and sing along with a class of dinosaurs as they take their first bus ride. In this picture book, little dinosaurs go up and down, round and round. There are lots of actions for young children, and they can do them, too. It’s time. ‘The dinosaurs on the bus roar, roar, roar.’ This is how it works:

Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces by Dawn McNiff & Zoe Waring (2021)

When adults wear face masks in certain situations, toddlers have to figure out how to live and grow up in this world. If you can’t see their face all of the time, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy. People who work at a store or on the train all have masks on, but kids can lift them to see a smiley face beneath.

Little Pop-Ups: Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Nila Aye (2021)

Children can learn about Goldilocks and the Three Bears in this pop-up book. They can also learn about opposites. Each page spread has a fun pop-up with a pair of opposites for kids to learn about. Cold or hot? Down or up? For more pop-up books about fairy tales, check out the rest of them.

Magic Windows: Weather by Libby Burns (2021)

Magic Windows Weather by Libby Burns (2021)

This interactive pull-the-tabs book is sure to be a hit with kids, no matter what the weather is. This game, called Magic Windows: Weather, helps kids learn about the different elements that come with each season. Learn how rainbows are made, which clouds rain comes from, and why puddles appear in the rain

Choose Sloths by Charlie Green & Matt Hunt (2019)

Who doesn’t want to have their own sloth squad? This wacky book puts the power in the hands of kids who read it. Which sloth do you like the most? Which sloth would you pick to run your birthday party? In this game, kids can pick their favorite sloths to form their own team, and there are no wrong answers!

Little World: Under the Sea (2019)

Some people think it’s better to go down where it’s wetter. We agree with them. Children who are curious about the ocean can push and pull this push-and-pull book to learn more about it. Coral reefs, tropical fish, and strange sea creatures are just some of the things you can find under the sea.

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Talent Show (2021)

It’s easy to find out what Peppa’s secret talent is with this interactive book. You can make the talent show come to life with 18 sound buttons as you turn the pages of Peppa’s Talent Show. Whether you’re a Peppa fan or not, this interactive book will make your ears and eyes jump and your gift will be a hit. A great way to work your child’s senses!

Ladybird London: Search and Find by Klara Hawkins (2019)

Ladybird London Search and Find by Klara Hawkins (2019)

If you go on a trip through London today, you’re going to get a big surprise. From pigeons and tourists to Big Ben and the London Eye, there’s a lot to do and see in the UK’s bustling capital city. It will be fun for kids who have a good eye to see all the different things you can find in London, as well as some interesting facts.

In a Minute (2019)

With the 60-second challenges in this book, you can teach your child about time and get them moving. How many star jumps can they do in a minute? A minute is how long they blink. Hop on one foot how many times in a minute? Great for kids who want to know more. They’ll love the bright pictures and having you cheer them on, too.

Baby Touch: Food (2021)

Is your child a foodie? Then they’ll love all the fun touch-and-feel areas in this bold and bright book. This book has a wide variety of foods, from healthy fruit and vegetables to tasty treats. You can use the tabs to easily turn the pages and learn about all the tasty things that go in your body!

Peppa Pig: Let’s Pretend! (2018)

There are so many different things we can be if we pretend to be someone or something. Peppa and George are going to be what today, so what will they do? The choice is up to your child. All the big stickers they have will help them think about and try out all the different things Peppa and George could be. Doctor? Dancers in ballet? Astronaut? In the beginning, there’s just pretending. Then there’s pretending with Peppa Pig and friends!

Farm Hullaballoo! Ladybird Big Noisy Book by Justine Smith (2011)

Farm Hullaballoo Ladybird Big Noisy Book by Justine Smith (2011)

This sturdy board book is full of cock-a-doodle-dos and quack quacks, and it will be a hit with toddlers who like noisy things to do. Farm Hullaballoo! is full of bright pictures and fun sound buttons. It shows what it’s like to live on a farm, with pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, and horses. Young children will love pressing the buttons to make the noises that make them laugh as they read the story.

Chomp Goes the Alligator, by Matthew Van Fleet:

Children learn how to count and work on their fine motor skills with this book. They can pull a tab that makes the alligator’s mouth open and close. To start with, it’s a great book for young kids. It’ll make your kids eat all day long. So much fun for toddlers, and your kids won’t be able to get their hands off of it.

Press Here, by Herve Tullet

This new book lets your child be the ruler of the “story.” People can press, shake, tap, blow, and clap to make multi-colored dots multiply, change sizes, and move around the pages. Your child will eat this book up. And you, too? Seeing your child excited about the dots on each page will make you feel like you’re in heaven. In this book, kids learn to follow simple steps. It also helps them learn about cause and effect in fun and unique ways.

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