8 Best Lisa Jewell Books Update 05/2022

Lisa Jewell Books

Look no further than Lisa Jewell’s list of great thrillers if you want to find the next great one. We’ve put together a list of her favorite heart-pounding books that are full of psychological suspense and twists and turns that are sure to keep you reading this summer! Lisa Jewell’s The Family Upstairs is also out in paperback now. These books also go well with that book.

Fatal Inheritance

by Rachel Rhys

Fatal Inheritance

During my time on the 1940s French Riviera, I completely lost myself in Rhys’s work. I was enthralled by the slow-burn mystery. It’s a must-read for the summer! In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

Eve Forrester is stuck in a loveless marriage and lives alone in a gray and gloomy house in London in 1948. Then, out of the blue, she gets a letter from a friend. In order to find out more, she has to go to the French Riviera, which is full of beautiful people.

There, Eve learns that she has been given a beautiful villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Her life has never been more glamorous. But while Eve is hanging out with the rich and famous, people who don’t understand why Eve has so much money start to show up. People who want Eve to be gone.

Her One Mistake

by Heidi Perks

“I read this book in three days with my heart in my mouth.” It was a real page turner. In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

Charlotte was supposed to be taking care of the kids, and she says she was, but she doesn’t believe her own story. But while her three kids are safe and sound at the school fair, Alice, the daughter of her best friend Harriet, is nowhere to be found. Charlotte is looking everywhere for her only child, but she knows she has to be brave enough to tell Harriet that he’s gone and that she’s the only one to blame.

Harriet has been devastated by the loss of her best friend, Charlotte. She can no longer speak to Charlotte, let alone trust her. Her marriage is in trouble, and she is more alone than ever. Harriet doesn’t believe in anything or anyone anymore. Charlotte and Harriet both have dark secrets that come to light as the police try to figure out what happened to this little girl. Harriet realizes that trusting Charlotte again may be the only thing that will bring her back together with her daughter.

Little Disasters

by Sarah Vaughan

“Cool, sharp, and well-written.” In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

It comes from the best-selling author ofAnatomy of a Scandal, who has written a new book about motherhood and how it connects and separates us.

Since they’ve known each other for a long time, Liz always thought of Jess as a mother of three who always had time for her kids, energy, and love. Once, everything changed. Dark thoughts and well-kept secrets start to come out, and Liz is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her friend and herself. The truth can’t come any faster.

Darling Rose Gold

by Stephanie Wrobel

Darling Rose Gold

“Darling Rose Gold is a great book. It’s funny, dark, real, and a real page-turner.” Love: “It was great.” In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

Rose Gold Watts went to a lot of doctors and had a lot of surgeries in the first 18 years of her life, but no one could figure out what was wrong with her. Her mother, Patty Watts, had been poisoning her the whole time, but no one else knew about it at the time.

As a surprise, Rose Gold welcomes Patty home with open arms now that she’s been out of prison for five years and has no where else to go. As if all is forgiven, Rose and Patty act as if everything is fine. But the mother and daughter know each other very well and can see through the reconciliation. Rose Gold has regained her strength over the last few years while she has been waiting for her mother to return. She is ready to show her that she is no longer her favorite.

Little Big Love

by Katy Regan

Lovely writing and a lot of people I wanted to love or root for, Little Big Love had me from the first page. Zac’s voice is captivating, captivating, and completely unique. I absolutely loved this book! In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

Intrepid Zac Hutchinson is a very smart ten-year-old. When he was young, Liam was his biological father. He doesn’t know where he is now or how he died. Before, he didn’t know that his mother had always loved Liam. He wants to fill in the blank. The truth is, though, that looking for his father brings up things that aren’t so black and white. His mother, on the other hand, goes on her own search for truth and reconciliation.

Dangerous Crossing

by Rachel Rhys

Dangerous Crossing

This is a great book about love and murder, adventure, and dark secrets. Rachel Rhys makes this dangerous crossing come to life brilliantly and beautiful. In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

The year is 1939, and Europe is on the verge of war. Lily Shepherd, a young girl from England, boards an ocean liner in England that is bound for Australia. She is ready to start over and leave behind the shadows of her past, so she can start anew. Trip: Lily gets to see places she’s only dreamed of, like Naples, Cairo, and Ceylon, as well as make friends with people who are above her social class. But soon, Lily realizes that she’s not the only one with a secret. Her new friends, the toxic wealthy couple Eliza and Max, the Cambridge graduate Edward, the Jewish refugee Maria, and the fascist George, are all fleeing their pasts. They all have new friends. As the excitement of the trip fades, the stage is set for something bad to happen. Lily’s life will never be the same again.

Blood Orange

by Harriet Tyce

“Dark, unique, and utterly captivating, I could not put it down.” What a great ending! In this case, it’s Lisa Jewell.

On the surface, Alison looks like a high-flying London lawyer with a loving family. But beneath the surface, she’s drinking, cheating, and starting to get out of control. Then she gets her first murder case, and she starts working on it. She finds weird twists that could help her defendant, a woman who killed her husband, and maybe even herself. There are secrets and crumbling inner lives that someone knows about Alison. This person is threatening to ruin everything that she has worked so hard to keep hidden.

The Family Upstairs

by Lisa Jewell

We now have paperback copies of The Family Upstairs.

A few days after her twenty-fifth birthday, Libby Jones comes home from work and finds the letter she’s been waiting for her whole life. I’m going to finally know who I am.

She soon learns not only who her birth parents are, but also that she is the sole heir to their abandoned mansion on the banks of the Thames in London’s fashionable Chelsea neighborhood, which is worth a lot of money. Her whole life is about to change. That’s not the only thing she doesn’t know. Other people have been waiting for this day as well, and she’s on a collision course to meet them.

When the police were called to 16 Cheyne Walk 25 years ago, they heard a baby’s cries. A ten-month-old girl was happy and healthy when they arrived. Three dead bodies, all dressed in black, were found in the kitchen downstairs. They were next to a quick note. When people said they lived at Cheyne Walk, four other children were not there. Where?

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