9 Best Literary Agents For Children’s Books Update 05/2022

Literary Agents For Children's Books

Is writing for kids your thing? Then you’re in luck!

There are almost two billion dollars worth of kids’ books sold each year.

Because of this, there is a lot of competition, even though there is a lot of space. You’ll need a very good agent to get your book into stores.

Right now, agents from New York to California are opening their inboxes and Twitter feeds to see what they have to read. It looks like they’re looking for their next best sellers. They want your books.

Here are some of the best agents looking for everything from board books to young adult books. They are arranged alphabetically, and each one was found by itself for your browsing pleasure.

Lindsay Davis Auld

Lindsay Davis Auld

For a long time, Lindsay has worked as an agent for Writer’s House Literary. She’s learned from the best in the business.

Now, she’s looking for books for kids of all ages and genres. Graphic works are welcome!

Check out Lindsay’s interview with Johnell Dewitt to find out what she wants.

But here are the main points.

When Lindsay reads stories with animal characters, she likes them very much. Books that have a lot of enthusiasm for telling stories can become instant classics that connect with readers. You can go to places where the world is the same as ours, but also very different.

Madelyn Burt

Madelyn Burt went to Fordham University to get an MA in medieval studies. She found out that her love of stories and her love of history were completely intertwined.

At the moment, she is working for Stonesong, a literary agency. She is looking for children’s books and non-fiction books about historical people or events.

Seeing how writers make museums and libraries come to life for young readers is what makes her happy. She likes stories about gravediggers who are witty and burglars who are invisible. She also likes stories about young women who are spies.

If you have an idea that you think would be great for Madelyn, tell her about it. This year, in August 2020, she will go to the Annual Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City.

Erin Casey

There are books out there that grab hold of the reader and pull them along on a magical journey. Erin Casy wants to find them.

Erin works as an agent for Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency. She is also a person who likes to go on trips and see new things. When she’s not reading, she likes to listen to The Adventure Zone, a podcast that comes out every week.

It’s important to Erin that her books have vivid settings that kids and adults can get into. People with different backgrounds are important to her.

Anyone writing a young adult book about ultimate frisbee?

Chelsea Eberly

Chelsea Eberly

There was a time when Chelsea Eberly was a senior editor at Random House. She then worked for Greenhouse Literary Agency.

A picture book author or illustrator who sends her a query is always a good thing. She’s mostly looking for middle grade and young adult manuscripts, but she’s always happy to hear from one. Graphic stories are very welcome!

To get her attention, stories need to have full casts and a little magic. She likes stories that are out of this world. Her heart goes out to all the brave sidekicks out there who have to go on adventures with their friends and family.

if they’re done the right way, she thinks dogs, cats, and spotted guinea pigs are all great characters, if done the right way.

Her dream would be to read a well-written broken fairytale or a story that was based on real people who had amazing stories.

Moe Ferrara

It took a while for Moe Ferrara to settle in with the Bookends Literary Team.

Moe wants to read books about LGBT+ people for kids. There are stories about people who come out. She doesn’t want to hear them.

Instead, she wants to see people from all walks of life shown as characters who are “kick-ass.”

In her ideal world, there would be a spooky setting and characters with heart-wrenching stories. She also likes stories where the main conflict is trying to solve the problem before mom or dad comes home!

Moe is a huge fan of comic books. Her favorite heroes are the ones who turn out to be like us in the end.

Abigail Frank

When Abigail worked at Writers House, she learned about agents for the first time. At Sanford J. Greenburger Literary Agency, she is now happy to be part of a group of people who help write books.

It’s what Abigail is looking for: conceptual giants that make her belly laugh and make her feel a little tugged at the heart.

She’s a great match for a YA or MG rom-com, and she likes when authors don’t shy away from ideas about gender roles.

For picture books, she likes books that rhyme well and characters who are bigger than life.

Stepanie Fretwell-Hill

Stepanie Fretwell-Hill

Stephanie Fretwell-Hill is an agent for Red Fox Literary Agency in North Carolina. She works there.

She has always been into folk stories and fairy tales. They are all on her “wish list.” This isn’t all: She also loves puzzle books that read quickly.

Stephanie also wants to work with middle-grade authors who write nonfiction.

During her search to find a non-fiction book, she looks for one that has a good mix of classroom and commercial value. She likes stories about people’s lives the most.

Sarah Gerton

Curtis Brown LTD is based in New York City. Sarah Gerton is an agent for them.

She wants young people to read stories with the lights on. Goosebumps is made of the same magic as these stories, but they aren’t.

The idea that people can make the scariest monsters is something that she looks for in a lot of books.

It doesn’t just have to be fiction that Sarah wants to read. History and memoirs are her main interests. She’ll read anything that’s good if it’s well-written.

Adria Goetz

Martin Literary Management is where Adria Goetz sells children’s books, gift books, and Christian novels.

She’s looking for graphic or genre-bending works that come from a different point of view.

When a book makes you laugh and then makes you think is her favorite thing. She also likes rom-coms and mermaids, and she likes to watch them. Her favorite book right now would be a middle grade or young adult book about romance under the sea.

In an interview with Justin Colon, Adria said that she’d be excited to read a food-themed graphic novel and a few other interesting books, as well.

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