12 Best Mystery Books For 11 Year Olds Update 05/2022

Mystery Books For 11 Year Olds

I had to split up the list of books for 11-year-olds because it was getting too long. This is the second list of books. The first list is here. The next time your 11-year-old wants to read something, this should give you a lot of good ideas. After that, after that, and so on.

MORE Recommended Books for 11 Year Olds (6th Grade)

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate REALISTIC

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

Crenshaw is the new book by Katherine Applegate, the author of The One and Only Ivan. It’s another great story about poverty, and it’s even better than The One and Only Ivan. I read this book after my 10-year-old, who also loved it. It’s been three months since the family had to leave their home and live in their van. They’re now about to lose their apartment. His parents do not tell him this, but he knows what to look for. Why are they having a yard sale? He knows the answer. Because his dad has MS, he knows it’s not his fault. He’s angry and worried and alone, but he knows it’s not his fault. There is a point when Crenshaw shows up and tells Jackson to tell his parents the truth, but until then, Jackson doesn’t know he isn’t alone. I don’t know him. In Jackson’s dreams, he’s a big, imaginary cat who came back to help him when he was a little boy and now helps him. This made me think of God. I don’t know what you’ll think.

Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson REALISTIC / GRAPHIC NOVEL

In Roller Girl, Astrid works hard to become a better roller derby skater, make peace with the end of her best friend’s friendship, and start a new one. To help your kids learn more about this fun sport for girls, I suggest taking them to a roller derby event. It’s a lot of fun, and it would be good for them to read this book, but not a must. Well-written and easy to understand.

A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord REALISTIC

When Lily gets to know Salma Santiago, the daughter of a migrant worker, she gives Lily a new way of looking at life. Salma tells Lily to dream big and see the possibilities in everything, even for her blind dog, Lucky. Salma also thinks that she could win the local Blueberry Queen pageant and get a scholarship to go to college. Fears that the community won’t like someone who isn’t blonde and white. This book is about friendship and growing up in a very sweet way.

Miles Morales by Jason Reynolds

It is especially bad when Miles is at school, especially when he is in his history class. Add to that, he’s afraid he will end up like his uncle, who was a thief. There is no longer a Spider Man named Miles. Miles is Puerto Rican and African American. Before he finds out about a group of men called Chamberlain who work for The Warden. To save the world from a racist threat, he must use all of his skills. This book has a lot of different types of people, a two-parent family, and a very complicated character named Miles.

The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner

The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner

My favorite book of 2016 is The Seventh Wish, which is a magical coming-of-age story with friendship and family problems as well as dreams. Charlie is having a hard time dealing with her sister going to college, her parents not paying attention to her, and trying to figure out what is going on in her life, among other things. To say it another way: She thinks the fish will help her solve all of her problems if she happens to catch one by accident while ice fishing. Only, that’s not what happens.

Jack and the Geniuses at the Bottom of the World by Bill Nye and Gregory Mone

They are orphans who start working for a scientist and inventor named Dr. Witherspoon. Jack, Ava, and Matt are all very smart. three people who work for an inventor go with their boss to a science competition in the Arctic and find out that one of the researchers has been taken. Is it because she has made the most important discovery of her life and another scientist wants to copy her? A good book for science and mystery fans, but be prepared for a slow pace.

Beast Rider by Tony Johnston and Maria Elena Fontanot de Rhoads

One of the most moving stories I’ve ever read about growing up, immigration, and courage. 12 year old Manuel wants to move from Mexico to the United States because he wants to be closer to his older brother. When he gets on top of a north-bound freight train, he starts a long, terrible, and beautiful journey. The following books have been added to the list: Books about migration, refugees, and migration.

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

In Maya, Catrina’s little sister, she has cystic fibrosis, which means that she can’t breathe. Maya goes to the hospital after going on a ghost tour with a neighbor boy. Cat feels guilty and afraid for her sister because she knows that her sister’s lungs will never get better. But when the neighbor shows Cat the beautiful Day of the Dead celebration, Cat sees death and life in a new way. In a way that is both beautiful and unique, this story cleverly deals with big issues in an interesting and unique way.

8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich REALISTIC

8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

My jaw dropped when I saw how Rhuday-Perkovich made Reggie McKnight, an unpopular but kind middle-schooler, the heart of the story. Great for middle school students.

The Same Stuff as Stars by Katherine Paterson

He wrote the book Bridge to Terabithia. That book is a powerful, heart-wrenching story of loss, acceptance, and coming of age. This new chapter book is even more powerful. There are no one else to look after Angel and her brother at the old great-house grandmother’s because their father is in jail. In the past, Angel has taken care of her brother, but now she must, too. It gets even worse when her mom goes with her brother and not with Angel. Her worry and loneliness are so bad now that it’s impossible to bear. Makes things a little easier is a mysterious neighbor who teaches Angel about constellations, which makes her want to study astronomy. She is made of the same things as stars, and he tells her to keep going.

Heart of a Samurai by Margi Preus

Manjiro is a 14-year-old Japanese boy who washes ashore on a ship in the late 1800s. An American ship’s captain rescues Manjiro and takes him in as his own son. American people have a lot of negative feelings about Japanese people, but when he goes back to Japan, he’s seen as an outsider and is imprisoned there. Excellent.

Sticks and Stones by Abby Cooper

The words that other people say about Elyse now show up on her skin, but also the words that she says to herself. She’s 12 years old. The words stay for about two weeks, and the negative words make you want to scratch your skin. It’s because there are a lot of negative words out there now that her best friend has broken up with her, which is why. As a result, Elyse is more likely to try new things and grow out of her comfort zone. She does, and she is surprised by the positive results, which include a better sense of herself. This book would be fun to talk about with a book group.

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