13 Best Nonfiction Books For 10 Year Olds Update 05/2022

They need to read nonfiction texts for meaning when they’re 10 years old, usually in 5th grade. This is very important. It’s important for them to read a lot of well-written books like the ones below.

Nonfiction Books for 10-Year- Olds

Two Truths and a Lie by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Laurie Ann Thompson, illustrated by Lisa K. Weber

I love this book because it’s so smart! It’s a big challenge for kids to read and figure out what is true and what isn’t. I love how the authors use their brains in this way. I can’t stand their courage. I hope most kids can’t either. The way this book is written makes it easy to read. Because of that, and because it also has a lot of pictures and illustrations, this is a great nonfiction book for kids who are 10 or 4th grade.

A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu, and You A Laugh Out Loud Guide to Life on Earth by Mike Barfield and Jess Bradley

What child doesn’t enjoy reading comics? Many things can be learned from the comics, diagrams and secret diaries in this book. They explain everything from body parts to animals and plants with first-person narration mixed in with “bigger picture” explanations. “A day in the life of” things like a bee, an anglerfish, a bee, and a toadstool. When I was younger, I used to read “The secret diary of a tornado.”

Accidental Archeologists: True Stories of Unexpected DIscoveries by Sarah Albee, illustrated by Nathan Hackett

Albee always writes great nonfiction books, and this one is no exception. There are stories about accidental archaeological discoveries that are very interesting. The writing is very good, and the stories are very good, too. She adds black and white photos, informational insets, and updates for the present day. I had a lot of fun learning about the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a fought-over golden Buddha statue, a 5300-year-old mummy, and other things. You’ll enjoy it, too.

Do You Know Where the Animals Live? by Peter Wohlleben

How is this book organized? It is based on questions about animals. Every time you have a question, look for the answer in a two-page spread with photos and text. This is a book about animals that isn’t like any other. It has beautiful layouts with full-color photos, quizzes, at-home applications, and a lot of interesting and useful information. Animals can live on plants alone, but can they? No, they don’t. So that their feet can be heard.

The Dictionary of Difficult Words by Jane Solomon, illustrated by Louise Lockhart

Want a book that’s even better than a word-a-day calendar? This one is even better. An abecedarian (someone who is learning the alphabet) is one of the 400 words in this large dictionary. Zeppelin is another word that kids will love learning. About 15 words are learned with each letter. Word, pronunciation, part of speech and definition are all in this list. Find haberdashery, ichthyologist, luddite, and mugwump, as well as mulligrubs, mumpsimus, and mishpocha, in the store Every day, read one of these words or more. Use it at least once or twice in each sentence. It won’t be too hard, and you won’t get ramfeezled. Learning new words might even be fun because you’ll soon become a sesquipedalian.

What Breathes Through Its Butt? Mind-Blowing Science Questions Answered by Dr. Emily Grossman

To find an informative nonfiction book with humor and a lot of flair, this book is for you. It has voice (humor) and flair. You can’t help but fall in love with the book’s mix of goofy cartoons, information written in a handwritten font with bold and bigger words, and fun quizzes. A pineapple that tastes riper can be done by: stand it upside down, put it in the fridge, cut the open, or sit on it The quizzes introduce the subject, which makes the reader want to learn more. You’ll learn about eggs, muscles, how to get out of a crocodile’s jaw, and a lot more weird things.

Girls Think of Everything Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Loved this new edition because Melissa Sweet’s design and illustrations make the book so unique. Biographies are written in a way that makes them look like a story with action and suspense, but they’re all true. These stories are about women who came up with a way to solve problems. Entrepreneurs, inventors, and having a growth mindset all look up to these people.

Science Comics Coral Reefs Cities of the Ocean by Maris Wicks

An adorable yellow fish is the narrator of this interesting book about coral reefs. It’s all facts, so most kids (or adults) won’t want to read it in one sitting. The best way to learn about coral reefs is to read it in chunks.

Wild Outside Around the World with Survivorman by Les Stroud illustrations by Andres P. Barr

Les Stroud has a lot of personal stories about how he went on trips and survived in all kinds of places around the world. Photos, illustrations, maps, and informational insets help make the stories even more interesting. I couldn’t stop reading this book, and I think it’s great.

The Ultimate Art Museum by Fender Gipson

As a child, I’ve never seen a more impressive, well-organized, and beautiful art history book for kids than this one! It’s a book with 18 galleries from different places and times, like the Far East, Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, and the Byzantine period. Photos and paintings with descriptions, with colorful borders and borders. Stunning! I love this book so much, and I think you should too!

Big Book of Jokes by Michael Dahl

There are a lot of jokes that make me laugh or groan. To make things more interesting, there are a lot of puns and word games. My kids call these “dad jokes.” Want to see one? “What kind of fruit never gets lonely?” Pears.” or “What is a swimmer’s favorite game to play?” Pool.“

Squidtoons: Explore the Ocean with Comics by Garfield Kwan and Dana Song

A graphic novel is a book with comic-style illustrations, different colors and sizes of text, and a wide range of seemingly unrelated topics, like the California mantis shrimp and the weedy seadragon, on every single page of it. My daughter ate this book up. She found both the information and the way it was presented interesting. My grown-up eyes didn’t like the typeface used in this book when I was reading about the different sea creatures, and I couldn’t figure out how to put the book together. However, I can see that this book has a lot of great information in it, so I’ll keep reading. If kids like it, that’s great! If they learn from it, that’s great.

Major Impossible by Nathan Hale

After the Civil War, Major John Wesley Powell sets off on a dangerous trip through the Grand Canyon, but he makes it. The story starts when he was a child, and it’s all action and dialogue from there on out. They love the Nathan Hale books because they are full of adventure, sarcasm and history. There are some things about this book that I don’t like, but I can see why they might be appealing to a lot of people. Another recent book in this series is Alamo All Stars, which is great for people who live in Texas.

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