5 Best Piano Books For Adults Update 05/2022

Piano Books For Adults

So you’ve decided to learn how to play the piano, and now you’re going to do it. Now you have to figure out how to do that. Trying to learn to play the piano on your own? We’ve got some ideas for where to start.

For example, you don’t want a book for teachers, people who play a lot of music or kids. People who are good at music can help you learn the basics with simple, clear instructions from someone who is well-respected. You can build on this later if you want to. Beginner books assume that you have no musical knowledge at all, even though they use different teaching methods. A lot of people start by teaching the basics, like how to put your hands together and recognize the notes on the keys, and then build on these skills from there.

Things to Consider When Buying a Beginner Piano Book for Adults

In order to get anywhere, you need to be clear about what you need to do. A good lesson book gives you step-by-step instructions in language you can understand, with clear diagrams that show exactly what goes where. Many books come with a CD or video that you can follow along with. Aside from being very helpful to watch an expert when you’re learning a new skill, videos make it feel like you’re taking a real-life class.

You learn to play the piano so you can play songs you like, right? So, we look at how many songs the books teach and how good they are. You may still have to start small, though, so don’t be angry if you learn “A Tisket A Tasket” before Beethoven.

People learn in different ways, so think about what kind of method would work best for you. Do you like to do the same thing over and over again? There are two types of people: people who like to read things out loud and people who like to see things. Do you want to learn a lot about music theory and how to read and listen to music?

In general, piano books don’t cover the same things as books for electric keyboards. Pianos and keyboards both have keys and sounds, but books for electric pianos will often have lessons on specific keyboard equipment that you won’t find in piano books. Consider what kind of instrument you are playing and look for instructional books that fit that type of instrument.

Damon Ferrante Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Damon Ferrante Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Our favorite thing about this piano book is how specific the instructions are. It’s for people who know enough about the piano to recognize one when they see one, but not much more than that.

Lessons start with simple finger patterns and piano keys, and build on them as the course goes on. For example, the right and left hand exercises are taught separately before the two skills are brought together at the end of the course.

This course has two parts: the lesson book and the streaming videos that go with it. They are meant to be used together to get a more complete education.

Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course

Even the written homework assignments in this book are very traditional, like in a classroom. This book takes a very traditional approach to piano lessons. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, because many people find the worksheets, isometric hand exercises, and finger strengthening drills that come with the day’s lesson useful for reinforcing what they learned.

It also goes beyond the simple basics of teaching notes and melodies, and introduces the basics of music theory as well as how to read and play music. While this course doesn’t come with a CD or video, YouTubers have made videos for each lesson that you can watch on your own.

How To Play Keyboard: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners

It’s called a “how-to” book for keyboards. This basic primer is meant for you to learn at your own pace, and it’s a good way to learn how to read and play music. People find that diagrams, illustrations, and instructions that are easy to read help them learn fingering and become familiar with the notes on the keyboard.

Due to the fact that it’s written for the keyboard, it does give some advice on how to use electronic keyboards. We would like this to be more detailed, though.

Mikrokosmos Volume 1 (Pink): Piano Solo

Mikrokosmos Volume 1 (Pink) Piano Solo

Bela Bartock is a well-known composer, and this piano lesson book shows how to read music by sight.

The way it works

In Mikrokosmos, we teach you how to read music. A beginner shouldn’t work on this book alone because it’s not an all-in-one book. A piano teacher can help you put things in context, so it’s not a good idea.

The material, on the other hand, is very easy to start with. It helps a student who has never played a piano learn how to read music. This way, you can learn how to read both the Treble and Bass clefs at the same time.

is that this book is a good thing.

Music in this book doesn’t sound like it was written by a young person. Even though it can be used with kids, the songs are more appealing to adults. Mikrokosmos has a style that shows how Bartok’s life was influenced by folk music. It doesn’t matter that they were written a long time ago because they sound modern.

First 50 Songs by the Beatles You Should Play on the Piano

In the history of popular music, the Beatles have written some of the most beautiful music ever made.

The way it works

The first 50 Beatles songs by Hal Leonard come with sheet music for beginners who want to learn how to play the piano. These songs include Penny Lane, All You Need Is Love, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Yesterday, and many more.

adapt to keys C, G or F (few or no black notes).

If you want to play the arrangements the way they’re written, or just play the chords, you can (The chord symbols are written above the music staff). A friend or teacher can help you sing along with the lyrics.

Not everyone can read music or play chords. This book is for people who already know how to do that.

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