16 Best Picture Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Little kids will enjoy these picture books, whether you’re reading to them or teaching them to read on their own. They will keep going back to these books for kids time and time again. These are just a few of the best picture books for kids of all ages. They are full of adorable characters, fun stories, and beautiful illustrations.

For more ideas, check out the best books for babies and the best bedtime stories for kids. As well as, our list of the best sticker and activity books for kids will keep their minds busy for hours!

Picture books for babies and toddlers

The Littlest Elephant by Kate Read

As the littlest elephant makes her way to the pool for a swim, the pages of The Littlest Elephant are full of jungle animals, from a chameleon to a tiger. Any child will be enthralled by this book. In the beginning, she is too excited to notice the chaos she is making. Then, she realizes that by slowing down and helping others, everyone can have fun.

Kate Read, the creator of the award-winning One Fox, has written a beautiful and heartwarming book for kids. It will help them learn how to be kind to others and how much fun it is to help people who need it.

Time for Bed, Panda by Jo Lodge

A great bedtime story for babies, this board book is full of bright colors and simple words about how to get ready for bed. On the cover of the book, there are bright illustrations and googly eyes. Babies and toddlers will love them.

Fruits by Valerie Bloom

A fun and educational counting poem written by Valerie Bloom and illustrated by David Axtell is the subject of this picture book for toddlers, which has won a lot of awards. She can only eat so much fruit. Count from one to ten as you learn the names of different fruits from the Caribbean. Young children can learn to count while they look at all of the tasty fruits in the Caribbean. The rhyming text helps them.

Freddy the Frog by Axel Scheffler

It’s fun to watch Freddy the frog squirm around in slime, race with his friends, and croak all day. They will love this board book because it has sliders to move, tabs to push, and a gentle rhyming text to read together.

Five More Minutes by Marta Altés

It’s a charming and funny story from award-winning picture book creator MartaAltés. A little fox tells his time-strapped dad what “time” really means and how to make the most of it in this charming and funny story.

We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell

This picture book is full of David Axtell’s beautiful pictures of big, beautiful animals. It’s a version of a well-known poem for kids. A lion lives on the African plains, and two sisters go looking for him in search of him. There is long grass that swishes and swishes, a splishy splashy lake, and a big dark cave. When they meet the lion, they have to flee. They have to run all the way home.

It’s Mine! by Rod Campbell

When you read Rod Campbell’sIt’s Mine!, you’ll be reading a story about a little boy who hides and seeks. It’s full of bright, bold pictures of jungle animals, but the best is at the end with a surprise pop-up ending. The thick card pages make it the perfect baby book for kids who like to touch things.

Beyond the Burrow by Jessica Meserve

Babies and toddlers will love this picture book, which has a lot of fun things to do. This story is about a brave bunny who ventures outside of his safe burrow. It talks about the great adventures you can have when you get out of your comfort zone.

Black History by Campbell Books

Illustrated by Jayri Gómez

It’s called “Black History,” and it tells the stories of people who were good at what they did, like Maya Angelou and Stormzy. Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela are also on the list. This book for young kids is full of push, pull, and slide scenes, and it’s illustrated by Jayri Gómez.

New In Town by Marta Altés

Marta Altés, an award-winning illustrator, has a new picture book out. It’s about moving to a new place and how it can be both difficult and exciting. This is a great book to read with kids before moving to a new school, house, or neighborhood. It’s about a friendly dog who can’t wait to start his new life and make a lot of new friends.

Picture books for children aged 3 – 5 years

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Lydia Monks. It’s a picture book series called “What the Ladybird Heard.” Lydia Monks’ bright, bold illustrations and Julia Donaldson’s rhymes work together in this series. Follows the story of a crime-fighting ladybug and her animal friends. These books are great for kids who love The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom!

Fans of the Ladybird will love these books and activities that are based on What the Ladybird Heard, which is a book.

My Mum is a Lioness by Swapna Haddow

Brilliantly funny, this is the hilarious follow-up to My Dad Is a Grizzly Bear by Swapna Haddow. It’s all about a boy with an amazing imagination and his loving family. Is Mom a lion?

She loves her “cubs,” can run faster than anything, and can pounce on you in a single move for cuddles and kisses. She always makes sure you can hear her huge, proud roar. Mum could not be anything else.

Too Many Tickles by Thomas Taylor

We get tickles all the time in this house, from Mom’s swirly, whirly tummy button tickles to Dad’s big side-grabber.

To Many Tickles is a warm and playful story about having fun with your family written by Thomas Taylor and illustrated by Penny Dann. In this game, two little kids run around the house while their parents and grandparents tickle them.

A Hero Called Wolf by Lucy Rowland

All about being the hero of your own story in this rhyming picture book by Lucy Rowland! Wolf likes to read. Only one thing is wrong with it. The more he reads, the more he comes to understand something… When a book is written, there’s always a “hero.” The heroes are attractive and strong; they’re also never, ever wolves.

Is Wolf brave enough when a giant walks into the library? Because maybe heroes don’t have to be beautiful, tough, and strong. This is why. Wolf might be a real hero because he is kind and brave.

Robin Robin by Daniel Ojari

The story of Robin Robin and her new family of mice is the perfect Christmas read from the makers of the Robin Robin movie, which was made by Aardman for Netflix. This picture book version of the story, illustrated by Briony May Smith, is a great way to share it with young children.

Meet the mouse family and their newest member, Robin, in this video. Robin wants to fit in, so she does her best to get food for the family without bothering the house cat. She also tries not to be a noisy, clumsy bird. A story that is both funny and festive is sure to make everyone smile.

How Winston Came Home for Christmas by Alex T. Smith

Winston the mouse is going on another heartwarming Christmas adventure. You can join him! In this Christmas-themed sequel to How Winston Delivered Christmas, you’ll find beautiful, colorful art and a lot of fun Christmas-themed activities.

As there are only five days to go until Christmas, Winston has to figure out a very interesting puzzle. For Christmas, Winston promises to be back in time for Oliver. He goes around the world in search of a mysterious, half-remembered mouse that he knows is very important to him.

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