12 Best Poetry Books About Self Love Update 05/2022

Find 11 beautiful and inspiring poetry books below that talk about how to love and accept yourself at every stage of your life: in the old days, now, and in the future.

Poetry Books About Self-Love

Words have a lot of power. They can make you feel better. To be healed. To show. To make people think. Weak and alone? Words can either lift you up or sit down with you in a quiet place and remind us that we aren’t alone. We like poetry books that talk about how much we love ourselves. Why do we love them? Because they show us that even in a quiet place, we’re never alone. For each person, there is a book that will connect with them in a way that no other book can. It will feel like it was written just for them. You don’t need to fix yourself in these books. You are whole and complete, even as you keep growing and becoming more of who you are.

You’ll find 11 beautiful poetry books about self-love, accepting yourself, and embracing your own changes below. In your own self-love journey, you can refer back to these books a lot. They’re important additions to your own library. Because they’re so important to us, we give them to our friends and family as gifts. They bring a little hope, joy, and peace into the sometimes overwhelming experience of daily life.

All Along You Were Blooming

The book All Along You Were Blooming is like a love letter for your mind, body, and soul. Even though it’s very well-illustrated, the words make you feel like the sun is shining down on you. To live in the moment and know that even though you have problems and flaws no one is going to judge you for them.

Self Love Poetry For Thinkers & Feelers

In Melody Godfrey’s book, “Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers,” there are 100 pairs of poems that gently talk about important self-love concepts like resilience and self-belief. Poetry for both the left and right sides of your brain is what makes this one unique. It brings together your thinking and feeling selves and leads you on a journey to embrace all of you, just the way you are.

Clarity & Connection

One thing that Yung Pueblo does in his words is offer meaningful insight that is both universal and personal at the same time. This is something very few writers can do. Clarity & Connection is an amazing collection that helps you go inside and let go of your past so that you can grow and change. And don’t forget to check out Inward, the first book he wrote, too.

The Sun Will Rise & So Will We

In Michaela Angemeer’s book, You’ll Come Back To Yourself, you’ll learn about yourself in a beautiful way. This book of poetry and prose talks about things like lost love and body image, and it helps you see that you have the power to come back to – and choose – yourself.

The Sun Will Rise & So Will We

This book by Jennae Cecelia is full of beautiful poems that remind you that even when things are bad, the sun will always rise. It will be easy for you to feel known, heard, and seen thanks to the gentle and kind words in these pages. They will also help lift you up and remind you that there is so much to live for in this world.

Healing Words

Alexandra Vasiliu talks about everything from heartbreak and loss to growth, happiness, and self-love in her book Healing Words. This collection of poems is for people who have a broken heart, and it can help them find their inner strength and embrace their own personal changes.

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the things i didn’t say in therapy

Things I didn’t say in therapy by Logan Duane is a raw look at grief, abuse, and how to keep going. For people who have been through a lot, this collection of poetry will touch them very deeply. It can be hard at times, but it also gives you a reason to hope and believe in the future.

the princess saves herself in this one

A dose of empowerment and inspiration comes from Amanda Lovelace in this one, where the princess saves herself. This book of poems talks about things like failure and redemption, pain and healing, love and loss, and other things that make us happy and sad. Most of all, the words in these pages will remind you of your own strength and how you can save yourself and write your own ending to your own story.

Falling Toward the Moon

In Falling Toward the Moon, r.h. Sin and Robert M. Drake wrote a beautiful book of poetry and prose that will help you connect with your own inner self. This book is like sitting on a windowsill and looking up at the stars. It gently leads you to find both your dark and light, accept all parts of yourself, and know that you are always worthy and enough.

Pillow Thoughts

When you read Courtney Peppernell’s Pillow Thoughts, she’s like a friend who will be there for you through everything in your life: love, heartbreak, loneliness, hope, and everything else in between. Poems written by your best friend are here to help you as you go through different stages in your life. They will show you how you think about yourself and give you advice that only a best friend can give.

September Love

Lang Leav’s September Love is a collection of poetry and prose that is very introspective. It’s about going inside to find out who you are. In Leav’s words, you can find comfort and nourishment for your soul and spirit. They help you explore your own inner world with gentle love and acceptance.

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