14 Best Pregnancy Books For First Time Moms Update 05/2022

It’s a good thing if you just found out you are pregnant. You can read about my favorite pregnancy books for first-time moms in 2022 and why I think they’re great in this post. When you find out you’re pregnant, it can be exciting, exhilarating, and scary at the same time. Even so, there are a lot of books with a lot of information that can help you along the way and help you learn. In general, I like books written by people who are very good at what they do. These are the books I think are the best for new parents:

The Day-by-day Pregnancy Book, Dr Maggie Blott et al.

It doesn’t matter that I haven’t bought these books. This is my favorite of the 10 best pregnancy books for first-time moms in 2020. It was written by a group of experts, so it has a lot of useful information.

Your pregnancy week by week, what to expect from conception to birth, Professor Lesley Regan

Professor Lesely Regan, an obstetric doctor, wrote this book about your pregnancy and how your baby grows. It’s not hard to see why this is a best-selling item.

Your baby week by week, the ultimate guide to caring for your new baby, Dr Caroline Fertleman and Simone Cave

Informative book about what to expect from your new baby and how they grow. Dr. Caroline Fertleman, a paediatrician, wrote the book. It’s broken down into weeks, which makes it even easier for sleep-deprived new parents to read.

Eating during pregnancy, Dr Harriet Holme

I’ve written a book about nutrition during pregnancy, and I’m going to tell you now. For new moms who are looking for reliable information about what to eat while pregnant, this is the place to go. New advice and science-based information about what to eat when you’re pregnant are found in this book, which is full of the best information. Take a look at it in my shop or get the Kindle version on Amazon.

Have you tried my free pregnancy meal planner and nutrition checklist? They can help you get the extra micronutrients you need to stay healthy during pregnancy. Here, you can get it for free.

While these next books aren’t for pregnancy, I’ve still included them here in my 10 best pregnancy books for first time mums in 2021, because I think they are excellent parenting books for once your baby is born.

You might also find that you have more time to read them when you are pregnant!

Oh Crap potty training, everything modern parents need to know to do it once and do it right, Jamie Glowacki

This book not only has a great title, but it is also easy to read and has a step-by-step guide to potty training. From my own experience, even though I worked as a pediatrician for 10 years, I found this book useful for my own kids.

Postpartum Nutrition A Expert’s Guide to Eating After a Baby, Dr Harriet Holme

To help new moms learn how to eat for their health, I wrote my second book. Take a look at it in my shop or get the Kindle version on Amazon. Dr. Preeya Alexander wrote the foreword for this book.

I think Harriet has done a great job of explaining what the body needs after giving birth. She gives you the nuts and bolts so that you can make smart decisions about your diet and food. If you’re a mother, this is a great guide. I just wish I had read it sooner!

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did), Philippa Perry

How your childhood may have an effect on your adult life and the way you raise your own children.

How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen, A Survival Guide to Life with Children Ages 2-7, Joanna Faber and Julie King

As a parent, it’s so important to know how to get your kids to listen and communicate well, even if you don’t have any toddlers or even a baby. I’ve found this book to be very useful. It has helped me deal with stubborn toddlers who didn’t want to listen to me.

The Whole-Brain Child, 12 proven strategies to nurture your child’s developing mind, Dr Daniel Siegel and Dr Tina Bryson

Another book written by people who know. This book explains how children’s brains work, so you can use age-appropriate ways to help them grow and deal with the challenges of parenting.

Hurrah for Gin A book for perfectly Imperfect parents, Katie Kirby

A collection of Katie’s stick drawings that show so much life and emotion. Light relief from parenting and an honest look at parenting. reassuring people that no one else is a perfect parent except you

How to Grow a Baby and Push it Out, Clemmie Hooper

Clemmie Hooper, a midwife, might have had to close her Instagram account after making the worst mistake in the world, but her book is full of useful information. It was written in a more conversational tone, like when you were talking to a friend.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations:

To be honest, I’m only a few chapters into this one, so it’s at the bottom of this list. One thing I don’t like about this book is how biased it is. It’s also more afraid of vaccines than any other book that I’ve read. Take it all with a grain of salt, of course. I find this interesting.

The Whole Brain Child

Not too far into this book, but I’m sure it will be very high on my list of favorite parenting books. Talks about how emotional kids are and how we can’t expect them to act like rational adults. We have to teach them how to balance the emotional side of their brain with the logical, rational side! This is a video that talks about how emotional kids are. No, that makes sense!

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