15 Best Preschool Books About Friendship Update 05/2022

For National Friendship Day on August 2nd, get together with old pals or make some new ones and reflect on all the fun times, arguments, and hugs you’ve shared. True friends don’t care if they’re across the globe or across the galaxy from each other. These books on friendship for kids ages 0 to 9 are a great way to honor the friendships you have in your life.

Bob and Otto(opens in new window) By Robert O. Bruel (author) and Nick Bruel (illustrator)

Bob and Otto are two of the most distinct of buddies. Otto is a ground-eating earthworm, and Bob is a tree-climbing caterpillar. This is a big moment in Bob’s life, and these two pals aren’t quite sure how their friendship will fare in the face of so much upheaval.

Enemy Pie(opens in new window) By Derek Munson (author) and Tara Calahan King (illustrator)

The new neighbor down the street is a constant threat to a young boy’s well-being. New friendships can be formed through forced play dates and delectable cuisine. Keep your current pals close and your potential new friends even closer by maintaining a close social circle.

Friends Are the Best!(opens in new window) By Maggie Testa (author) and Jason Fruchter (illustrator)

This book is based on the television show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and features the characters of Daniel Tiger and Prince Wednesday. What it means to be a true friend is also discussed when Daniel and Wednesday go through their old images. The show’s audience will have a blast exchanging stories with the characters about their own life experiences.

Frog and Toad are Friends(opens in new window) By Arnold Lobel

In spite of their differences, Toad and Frog would not have had as many experiences had they not met. It doesn’t matter whether you’re little or tall or green or blue or have large eyes or eat big flies—all that matters is that you care about each other, and this collection of five stories focuses on friends just being friends.

George and Martha(opens in new window) By James Marshall

Short stories about George and Martha, a pair of hippopotamuses who live together, are featured in this anthology. “How to inform Martha that George doesn’t like her pea soup,” and other amusing but relatable problems are addressed by the two roommates. Cartoony illustrations and amusing stories are enough to keep readers turning the page.

How to Lose All Your Friends(opens in new window) By Nancy Carlson

If you want to keep your friends, this book is a good resource. It advises against not smiling, not sharing, and in general showing disrespect to those who love you. For those who like to study visually, this book’s basic text and accompanying graphics make it an excellent resource for students of all ages.

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster(opens in new window) By Mo Willems

In part, Leonardo’s monstrosity is due to his inability to effectively frighten others. In order to scare a young boy, Leonardo practices being a monster after numerous attempts and failures. Leonardo only understands how lonely he is when he achieves his goal of becoming a monster and is able to spend time with someone else.

Little Blue and Little Yellow(opens in new window) By Leo Lionni

When they hug, these two colorful circles lose each other behind the new green one. Colors can be learned in a fun and easy way by reading this narrative about losing and regaining friends.

Little Blue Truck(opens in new window) By Alice Schertle (author) and Jill McElmurry (illustrator)

In the countryside, Blue, a small pick-up, meets ducks, pigs, and horses while traveling. It’s a tale of teamwork and friendship, no matter how muddy things get, as Blue gets stranded in the mud while helping a dump truck out.

My Friend Bear(opens in new window) By Jez Alborough

Eddie, the big, fluffy bear from Where’s My Teddy?, returns in a new story by the same author. In spite of having discovered his bear, the young man still craves companionship from another human being. Consequently, Eddie sets out to find a companion who isn’t stuffed.

My Friend is Sad(opens in new window) By Mo Willems

Gerald and Piggie are polar opposites; Gerald is apprehensive and Piggie is a happy go lucky kind of guy. But when Gerald becomes down in the dumps, it’s up to Piggie to lift his spirits with even more outlandish outfits and antics!

My Friends(opens in new window) By Taro Gomi

Animals around her teach a young girl how to be a good friend as she explores her surroundings. Animals from all walks of life come out of the woodwork to impart their wisdom on the young girl. Younger children will appreciate the book’s easy-to-understand language and vibrant picture style.

The Giving Tree(opens in new window) By Shel Silverstein

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read this Shel Silverstein classic; it’s still worth your time. When a small boy and the tree who loves him grow up together, the story follows. He grows up and demands more and more from the tree, who offers as much as she can. No matter how old the reader is, this book will bring a smile to their face and a tug to their heart.

The Rainbow Fish(opens in new window) By Marcus Pfister (author) and J Alison James (translator)

The Rainbow Fish is a colorful and heartwarming tale from the annals of literature. When a wise octopus tells out that the fish never helps anyone but himself, the dazzling Rainbow Fish is perplexed as to why people avoid him. The illustrations in this lesson on sharing and self-worth are sure to enthrall young readers.

The Selfish Crocodile(opens in new window)

By Faustin Charles and Michael Terry

Crocodiles don’t get along well with people who threaten to eat them, as this crocodile has discovered. A painful toothache, however, makes him realize that his seclusion isn’t worth the suffering, and that becoming friends with someone who is prepared to forgive and aid him will take a lot of effort.

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