Questions About Books Update 05/2022

Reading is a hobby that has been around for a long time. The art of using words to make people think of pictures, tell stories, and inspire them with memorable characters is one that will never die. A good book is still something that many people enjoy, whether they read it on their Kindle app or in paperback form. As well as many stores, we can order almost any book we want from the internet or download a book in a matter of seconds now. In any kind of social situation, these are the most fun things to ask about books. And if you want to answer your favorite question in the comments below this post, feel free!

Isn’t it likely that you and your friends love to talk about books? To start interesting conversations about your hobby, here are some questions you can ask your friends or people you meet for the first time.


When did you read your first book?

During childhood, did someone read to you?

In this question, we want to know: 3. Who is your favorite book character ever?

  1. Who’s your favorite author ever? It was their favorite book.

If so, how?

  1. What kind of music do you like?
  2. Are there any genres that you don’t like, or do not like?
  3. Who would you love to meet?

If so, how did it go? Where?

In this question, do you like paperback books or ebooks? Why?

If so, how did you find out?

  1. What book or series do you hope and pray will one day become a movie or TV show?
  2. Do you think there are any movies that were better than the original?
  3. Has a book you like been made into a movie or TV show, and you didn’t like how it turned out.

Prose or story?

  1. What makes you want to read a book? It’s the cover. Blurb? Recommendation from other people?

Have you read any of the old books? What did you think?

Has a book ever made you scream or make you have bad dreams?

  1. Do you think there are any books that are very popular but that you don’t like?

Are there any books that aren’t good but are your favorite?


What’s your favorite cover?

  1. Do you like reading old books or new ones?

This is the 23rd question. What was your favorite book when you were young?

When do you read a book?

  1. Would you like to read more books?

The following question: 26. Do you like to write reviews on Amazon or Goodreads?

  1. Do you think books are better or worse now?
  2. How often do you find new books? Physical books? Online? Is social media a good thing?

I haven’t, but I’ve thought about it.

  1. Do you like to read at home? Couch-sitting at home On a train? Bed?

I’d like to meet a dead author.

  1. Think about what you like best. Is that author the best in that field?

Is a book’s cover important? Would you be put off by a bad cover?

  1. Do you like certain types of stories? For example, there are orphans, love triangles, and villains.

Books that you haven’t been able to finish? Because: Why not?

It’s number 36. What are some of your favorite quotes from a book?

Yes, I read books in school. Can you remember?

Books that you can’t get tired of: 38.

It’s number 39. What’s the last book you read?

How many books have you bought? Online or at a store: Did you buy it that way, too? Ebook or paperback: Which one should I choose, and which is better?

Is it better to put your books on a shelf or keep them in a virtual library?

  1. Do you like short stories, novellas, or novels?
  1. What book should I read?
  1. When did you last go to the library?
  1. Have you ever had a crush on a character in a book that you read about?

It’s number 46. Has reading made you laugh out loud?

This question is: 47. Has a book ever made you cry?

Is this something you’re good at? Have you been shocked by any stories?

I like to have a snack or drink next to me while I’m reading.

It’s number 50. What book will you be reading next?

What if you and a friend both like to read, but you haven’t recently read the same books? With these 50 interesting and thought-provoking questions, you’ll be able to start lively discussions with your fellow bookworms in no time at all.

Best Questions About Reading Books

When did you start reading?

What are you reading now?

The last book you read was:

The next book you’ll read:

If so, how many times? There was a title. How often have you read it?

Is there a book you’ve ever read that was a long time?

Were you ever in a hurry to finish a book?

Is there a book that has made you laugh the most?

Were you ever sad while reading a book?

Were you ever scared while reading a book?

When did you laugh out loud?

Has reading a book made you cry?

It was a book you just couldn’t finish. Is this true? If so, what book and why?

How do you decide which books to read?

Do you like reading old books or new ones?

One book at a time, or several at once?

Fun Questions for Readers About Favorite Things

Fun Questions for Readers to Answer About Their Favorite Things

What is your favorite book ever?

Who is your favorite author ever?

What is your favorite genre to read?

In a book, who has been your favorite character for a very long time?

What are your favorite things about books?

When you were younger, what was your favorite book?

Where do you like to read the most?

Cover: What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite book quote?

When did you read your favorite book?

People like to eat snacks while they’re reading. What is your favorite?


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