15 Best Realistic Fiction Books For 7th Graders Update 05/2022

These realistic fiction books for 6th and 7th graders are very interesting. Middle schoolers are sure to enjoy these books because they cover a wide range of topics, like humanity, friendship, acceptance, and so on. They all have the same main idea: compassion!

Realistic Fiction Books For Grades 6-8 (Middle School)

Explore the middle grade books for kids who are 6th to 8th graders below.


Posted. Cell phones have been banned at Branton Middle School, so Frost and his friends came up with a new way to communicate: sticky notes. Even though most of the notes are friendly and funny, a few of them are mean. When Rose comes to school, the sticky note war gets even worse. You can easily relate to the bullying, broken friendships, social media, and so on that are in this book. It was not me.

Theo’s photography project is vandalized at school for no reason. His teacher in 7th grade decides to help solve the crime. They are called into the school for a meeting. The students, even though they were at first very different from each other, start to connect when they start talking. The story is sharp and funny, and it’s sure to be a hit with middle-graders.

Sara and the Search for Normal

There are a lot of things that Sara is looking for. Seventh-grader Sara has a lot of mental health problems and has a hard time making friends. She wants to be like other kids and have a normal life like they do as well. There is a big change in Sara’s life when she joins a therapy group every week. There, she meets Erin. A lot of things happen together. They start going to a lot of things like movie theaters or party places, as well. The way things are going now, they’re almost like they were.

There aren’t many books about mental health problems in middle graders, but there are some. This book does a good job of teaching and making kids aware. It also talks about how mental health problems can affect a child’s family. One of the best books every child should read. It will help them understand and accept people who have mental health problems.

Name Tags and Other Sixth-Grade Disasters

Name Tags, and Other Sixth-Grade Mishaps She moves to a new place after her parents split up, and she starts sixth grade at a new school. Three weirdos were sitting next to her. Lizbeth didn’t like the three people at first, but she ended up becoming friends with them all in the long run.

This story talks about a lot of things that middle-schoolers deal with today, but it doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be preachy. It’s a good book for people who don’t like to read.

Maybe He Just Likes You

Maybe he likes you. Mila is a typical seventh-grader. She has a lot of friends and has a lot of problems in her life. Things were going well until a group of boys started ignoring her and acting in a way that wasn’t right, which made things even worse. It became normal to hug people you didn’t want to hug, stand too close to them, and make awkward comments.

Her best friend doesn’t understand what’s going on. She doesn’t want to talk about it because she doesn’t like the male school counselor. Unfortunately, this book is very important for kids in middle school. It’s a must-read for them. While many girls can relate to Mila, boys can learn how to behave in the right way.


Restart. Chase falls off the roof and forgets everything. As soon as he starts going back to school, students act in a mixed way when they see him. In some places, people are happy with him. In other places, they don’t like him. Chase wants to know what he was and did in school now. In the end, he learns more about himself and decides what kind of person he wants to be. A story that tells kids to start over and try to make things right.

Project Mulberry

Take a look at Julia Song, who is from Korea and lives in the United States. Julia and her friend Patrick work together to win the state project competition, and they want to do it together. Her mother comes up with the idea of raising silkworms for the project, but Julia isn’t sure.

This book talks about a lot of different things. It talks about the ethics of killing silkworms, animal cruelty in fashion, racism, and peer pressure. It’s a good book to read aloud to middle-schoolers, and it’s sure to start a lot of talk.

Up for Air

Take a breather! When Annabelle was 13, read her story. She is very good at swimming, but she has a hard time with everything else at school. Over the summer, Annabelle is asked to join a new team. This changes things and she makes new friends. However, good times don’t last long. So now, she has to figure out who her real friends are and how important they are to her. She is on her own.

365 Days to Alaska

We’ll be there in 365 days. In this book, Rigel Harman, an 11-year-old girl, lives in the wilderness of Alaska with her family. They don’t have a lot of modern conveniences, but she likes spending time outside.

That’s when her parents split up, and Rigel ends up living there with her mother. In the beginning, she doesn’t like being there. She starts to think about when she can move back to Alaska with her father. Finally, Rigel adapts. You can find out how he does it by reading the story

My Storied Year

It was a very long time. Find out about Dragon Stewart, a seventh-grader at Piney Woods Middle School who has a hard time reading and writing. He hates going to school. Dragon’s mother gets sick and can’t take care of him, so things get even worse for him.

However, his teachers and the assistant principal at his school are very supportive and willing to help him out. Slowly, with a lot of help and compassion, Dragon comes out of his shell and starts to believe in his true self. This is a heartfelt book about personal problems and how to come out on top.

Just As Long As We’re Together

Take a look at this fictional storybook and you’ll see how it looks at the old and new friendship. Stephanie and Rachel have been friends for a long time. That didn’t stop Stepahine from making a new friend at the start of seventh grade. She met Alison, who had just moved in.

How would Rachel feel about this friendship? This book has a lot in common with other middle-grade books about family problems, adolescence, and so on. It’s also very real. It ends with a lovely message about friendship.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Bruno’s father is a soldier. After he moves, the whole family moves to a new place. Bruno doesn’t have anyone to play with in this new place. In the neighborhood, he meets another boy and they become friends. He turned out to be a prisoner, which is as weird as it can be for things to happen.

The powerful story of a young girl’s friendship with a boy during the Holocaust is heart-warming. The illustrations are beautiful. This international best-seller has sold millions of copies around the world.

The Blackbird Girls

This story tells how a friendship grows out of sorrow and through hard times. Valentina and Oksana, two girls, have always thought of each other as enemies. Because of this, both of their fathers died in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and both of them died. In no time at all, they were on a train together going to stay with Valentina’s grandmother.

It’s not easy for them to adapt to their new life. As time went on, they became friends. This is a hard time, and they need to help each other out. In this story, there is a lot of talk about friendship and survival in hard times.

A Good Kind of Trouble

It’s hard for Shayla, who is 12, to get through her seventh grade without having to do anything. Every girl her age wants to stay out of trouble, keep her friends together, learn to run track or follow the rules, and so on. There is a big change in things when her sister Hana joins Black Lives Matter. In the end, Shayla realizes that some rules are unfair and should be broken.

This modern middle-grade book talks about how to stand up for what is right. A great realistic fiction book for middle schoolers when they start to learn about some painful and unfair things in the world. One that encourages people to be brave. Another one that encourages people to stand up for what’s right ( in the right way). This one is important for today’s kids to read.

Out of My Mind

Two years ago, this book was on the New York Times best-seller list, and it kept getting better.

It tells the story of Melody, an 11-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and can’t walk. In this case, she can’t walk, talk, or write. Melody has a photographic memory and doesn’t forget anything at all. Those who know her think she is mentally ill because she can’t speak.

Melody, on the other hand, wants to show off her skills and show people that they’re wrong. Finally, with courage and some help from technology, Melody shows people that she has a lot to say. The author does a good job of telling Melody’s frustrations and emotions. This book, which is based on real events, teaches kids about disability, tolerance, and acceptance.

Shouting at the Rain

If your child liked the book Fish in a Tree, this is a good follow-up from the same author. Delsie was left by her mother when she was just a little girl. When she was raised by her grandmother, that means she has a family that isn’t the norm. It gets worse when her best friend leaves her for a girl who is “cooler.”

Soon, Delsie makes a new friend, Ronan, who is also sad about the things he’s lost. Then, with the help of some very good neighbors, she learns about what family is all about. Family is a group of people who love and help you. People can see themselves in the story.


The books on this list are some of the best realistic fiction books for kids. Though we love them all, the ones below are our favorite.

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