9 Best Romance Books For Adults Update 05/2022

Can’t wait for the summer heat to start. These nine steamy romance novels are for people who need their temperature to go up. They’re also very sexy and very adult. A tall glass of water, and get ready to sweat!

26 Hours in Paris By Demi Alex

Kathryn Taylor, a magazine writer, is flying from New York to Paris for work. It’s a short trip for work that she expects to be productive, even if it’s boring. When she left the Frenchman long ago, she didn’t think she’d run into him again. She also didn’t think that Marko Renard would try to get her to stay with him. Let her go once. He’s not going to do that again.

During Kathryn’s short trip to Paris, Marko wants to show her that she can be with him in the city of love by spoiling her. But it will take more than a meal in the Eiffel Tower to get her to agree.

A Man and a Woman By Robin Schone

It doesn’t matter how old Megan is; she just wants to have sex with a man for one more time. She is 48 years old. Whoever the stranger is turns out to be Muhamed, who has spent most of his life away from his home country.

Now that he’s 53, he hasn’t had sex before, which leads Megan to his door. The two of them can finally fulfill each other’s wildest dreams, even if it’s just for a few hours at the most.

All Caught Up By Sophia Shaw

For her elite Miami matchmaking service, Jasmine Croft has become known as the “Queen of Love.” Her own. She doesn’t have time for things like this.

Isn’t that when a new client comes in? Robert Rankin is a handsome widower and a popular crime writer. He just needs a woman to go with him to his brother’s wedding. So, who does Jasmine send to the party, then? Her, of course!

The Red By Tiffany Reisz

Mona Lisa St. James promised her mother on her deathbed that she would do everything she could to keep her favorite art gallery open. The Red gallery is struggling.

There’s nothing else Mona can do. Then a mysterious stranger comes up with a deal: He will save the gallery and make sure it stays safe for years to come, but only if Mona gives up her independence for a year and not one day less. Mona is surprised when she agrees to everything he wants, which opens up a whole new world of sexual exploration for her own sexual exploration as well. A year might not be enough.

A Gentleman in the Streets By Alisha Rai

They were stepsiblings for a short time. But even when the family bond was broken, they never lost their desire for each other.

It’s now that Jacob is the guardian of his younger siblings, and Akira is one of the richest people in the world. Jacob has no time for anything else. It’s hard for him to say no to Akira’s provocations and unrepentant sexuality. She opens up a new world to him where he can act on dreams he never thought he could do.

Theirs for the Night By Katee Robert

Katee Robert writes a lot of erotic novels. They’re very different from other books, and they’re sure to make anyone hot and bothered. During Meg Sanders’ birthday party, she decides to have a good time. Theirs for the Night is a short story about her. Theo and Galen, two men who look like they could be from a movie, come into the picture. They want to spend one night with her in a fantasy world. To her surprise, a prince and his bodyguard are sleeping next to her. They are in hiding from the dangers of their home country.

Theo has to fight to save his family and birthright, while Galen has to fight to keep Theo safe from harm. Meg shouldn’t be in their lives, no matter how much they love her. They are Robert’s first Twisted Hearts book. Theirs for the Night is the first one.

A Lesson in Thorns By Sierra Simone

When Poe Markham takes the job as a librarian at Thornchapel, her plans aren’t all good. It’s interesting to work at a huge, abandoned house with a lot of history. But her main goal is to solve the mystery of what happened to her mother there over a decade ago.

To avoid Auden Guest, the owner of Thornchapel, all she has to do is stay away from him. Yet, he’s also very attractive, and so is his rival, St. Sebastian. Together, the three of them start unraveling into things that aren’t even words.

The Earl I Ruined By Scarlett Peckham

When Lady Constance Stonewell writes a gossip column about the Earl of Apthorp’s sexual proclivities and repeats what she thinks is a scurrilous rumor, she ends up ruining his whole life. Because Julian Haywood is the most boring person she’s ever met, how could she have known that he had so many secrets?

In a situation where her friend’s political aspirations are at risk, she does the right thing and agrees to get married to the dullard. She thinks it will be the worst thing she’ll ever go through. In fact, Julian has a lot more going on than meets the eye. He has a dark secret from his past. Constance may think that she’s the most powerful person between the two of them, but she has a lot to learn.

All Things Burn By Jodie Slaughter

Halle Temple is a good person, a hard worker, and a dedicated woman who lives to help people who are in need. She is also a good friend. Then, she meets a man who is willing to go to great lengths to get her. They won’t listen to reason or the law, so Halle takes a risk and hires a hitman.

Callum Byrne has made a lot of money by being the bad guy for hire. He doesn’t care if he steals, hurts, or even kills people for money if the price is right. Halle is just a job for him, but there’s something about her that makes him question his black and white morality, even as her case gets more complicated.

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