15 Best Science Books For 5th Graders Update 05/2022

Sci-fi fans, come together! For some reason, science fiction books for 5th graders seem to be hard to find. I don’t know why. For kids in the 10-12 age range, there aren’t many science fiction books. The classics like The Giver and Ender’s Game are the only ones (with the exception of licensed-character superhero books). They say this is a bad thing for young people everywhere. If you can’t get excited about virtual reality and spaceships when you’re 11 years old, you’re missing out on a big part of your life.

It was a good idea for me to gather some of our favorite science fiction books and graphic novels for kids in 5th grade because my son is a big fan of science fiction. These books, of course, can be read by kids who are a year or two older or younger. I hope your kids enjoy these books as much as my daughter and I did. This list of science fiction books for kids is sure to keep them entertained from start to finish, no matter how action-packed or emotional they are. These science fiction books will keep your fifth-grader reading for days. They range from stories about the end of the world to adventures in outer space. Please let me know if you want to save this post for later! Pin this picture to your Pinterest account!

Science Fiction Books for 5th Graders

Explorer Academy series by Trudi Trueit

Here is the first science fiction book for 5th graders that we’ve chosen. It’s from National Geographic and it’s full of fun and adventure! You’ll find puzzles, codes, augmented reality, friendship, secrets, and more in this series, which is set at a special school for kids who are good at a lot of things. This well-known series is great for kids who love science. There’s even a section that talks about the real science behind the science in the story.

Dan Unmasked by Chris Negron


I loved this heartfelt book about baseball, comics, and friendship. It was a baseball accident that put Dan’s best friend, Nate, in the hospital. Dan and some other kids make a comic that they hope will help Nate come out of his coma. The comic Dan is making comes to life. He thinks it’s the key to help Nate get home. This book is full of friendship and heart. It will keep comic book fans and baseball fans reading.

Sanity & Tallulah series by Molly Brooks

Graphic novel fans will enjoy this story about two young scientists who go on a trip to outer space. Sanity is very good at science, so when she makes a three-headed kitten, she and Tallulah are very excited. That is, until the kitten goes missing and starts to wreck their space station home. The girls will have to think quickly to catch the pet and save their home. This series will keep young sci-fi fans on their toes all the time!

The Firefly Code by Megan Frazer Blakemore

Yes, I remember it. This series is like that one, but for kids who are a little younger. This book is about a group of friends, a perfect girl, and a secret. It’s set in a utopian community, and it’s about a secret. The first time Mori and her friends meet Ilana, they think she’s the best. Maybe it’s even too good. When the kids find out that Ilana has a secret, they have to decide what they believe, what makes people human, and what makes someone a friend, among other things. Second, The Daybreak Bond, takes the kids on a trip outside their perfect home and shows them the world outside.

The Last Kids on Earth series by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

There are so many people I’m recommending this show to. In this series, there are a lot of action-packed illustrations that will keep science-fiction fans and people who have seen the end of the world excited. That it’s now a Netflix show makes it even more fun to watch When Jack, with the help of his geeky friends, manages to stay alive and keep his treehouse safe from bad things, it’s called “Jack-O-Lantern.” This series is for comic book and video game fans of all ages. It’s full of thrills, chills, and laugh-out-loud jokes.

HiLo: Out of This World Boxed Set by Jeff Winick

It was a series that my kids and I ate up as soon as each book came out. A boy named HiLo comes down from space and lands on Earth, but he doesn’t know how. But, he can’t remember anything else about his past. He has superpowers that make him able to do things that other people cannot. With the help of his new friends, D.J. and Gina, HiLo will have to deal with going to school, mutant robots, and friendship in order to make it through the day. This comic book series is a lot of fun to read. A lot of kids will keep reading these books.

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

This book is called “Wall-E meets Hatchet,” and that’s a good way to describe it. She has no idea where she came from or how she got there when she ends up on a deserted island. Slowly, Roz gets to know the animals on the island and learns how to stay alive. Soon, the island starts to feel like home to her. That is, until her past comes back to haunt her. In 5th grade, kids will love this sci-fi series. With a lot of pictures, humor, and heart, this book is great for kids who love technology and nature.

Bloom by Kenneth Oppel

This book was talked about even before it came out. It’s about alien plants taking over Earth. They start out as tiny seeds that raindrops carry. Overnight, they grow into huge plants that release toxic pollen and eat animals and people. Only three teenagers seem to be able to fight off the alien plants that have taken over. It’s up to Anaya, Petra, and Seth to figure out why they’re immune to the plants before they destroy their whole world.

Eventown by Corey Ann Haydu

It looks like Kathleen Benner Duble’s book The Root of Magic. An old man and an old woman are in the movie. It’s about a young girl and a new town. In Eventown, her mom will start a new job. Elodee is very excited. In this strange new town, all of the houses look the same and everything looks like it should. She likes it. If you want to be perfect, you have to pay for it. It doesn’t take long for Elodee to figure this out. In this insightful and heartfelt book, kids who like stories about utopian societies will find it very interesting and moving.

Glitch by Laura Martin

It’s a science-fiction and history book for 5th graders that will keep them reading for hours. Regan and Elliot are Glitchers, people who travel back and forth in time to keep history as it is. Both of them are also long-term foes. In order to save the world and the future, the kids will have to put their differences aside and work together. They say this is the author’s best book yet.

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich by Ibi Zoboi

If you like Dan Unmasked, the second book on this list, you’ll like this one, too. It’s a real story with science-fiction elements that appear in comics. When Ebony-Grace moves from her rural home in Alabama to live with her father in Harlem, she feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. She goes into a fantasy world where superheroes and comic book characters are real and live. This heartfelt book is great for kids who have had to adapt to a new place. It’s partly told through comics.

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Getting killed on the moon! When the top scientist at the Moon Base Alpha dies, everyone says it was an accident. Dash thinks there was something more sinister going on, though. Children can’t go on the moon, so Dash is stuck inside the moon base and bored to death. : So he starts to look into the strange death of the scientist. If you’re a fan of humor and action, your kids will love this science-fiction twist on the classic mystery book!

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Make sure to read this book if you want to read science fiction books for 5th graders. For humans, there is only one place left to go: a city called Ember. We learn about Lina and her friend Doon when the lights in the city start to go out. They find an old message that could be a way to save the city. To be successful, the kids will have to figure out the message and follow the clues before the darkness comes in for good.

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

There is a mix of science fiction and Korean mythology inside this book about a trip to the stars. He is accused of leaving his job in the Space Forces to look for a legendary pearl. Min thinks it must be wrong. As a way to clear his name, Min runs away from home and goes to look for the pearl and her brother. Along the way, she meets pirates and ghosts, and she’ll need to use her fox magic to help her in her quest. This book is great for kids who like Star Wars and Percy Jackson because it has a lot of action and a journey across the universe.

The Fellowship for Alien Detection by Kevin Emerson

A must-read for kids who like aliens: A kid-friendly episode of X-Files. It doesn’t matter where Haley and Dodger live in the country, they both love aliens and collect evidence of them. When both kids get grants from a mysterious foundation, they go on a road trip across the country in search of answers about missing people, missing time, and aliens. You’ve been warned that this book is scary.

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