12 Best Sewing Books For Beginners Update 05/2022

Sewing Books For Beginners

To learn how to sew, reading books is a great option. As well as step-by-by-step photos to guide you, they also feature in-depth textual instructions you may use at any moment. Being taught to sew by your mother or grandmother is excellent, but it’s helpful to have a reliable guide in case you get lost in the weeds. For those who’ve just bought their first sewing machine and are anxious to get started, books are an excellent resource.

Among the many beginning sewing books on the market, we’ve narrowed it down to the best to help you get started.

The Best Sewing Books For Beginners

First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

First Time Sewing The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Among the top sewing books for beginners, First Time Sewing is one of the best since it provides step-by-step directions for even the most basic sewing chores and helps you get started on enjoyable, uncomplicated projects that you’ll like. This book is amazing because it covers both machine sewing and hand sewing.

You’ll learn how to make cushions, aprons, shorts, and pants, all with step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you through the process. The book includes five easy-to-follow tasks that will teach you about seams and hems. In addition, you’ll learn how to use a pattern and how to balance tension.

Your sewing profession will benefit greatly from the knowledge gained from this book.

Sewing 101: Master Basic Skills and Techniques

Sewing 101 has been revised and updated with the novice sewer in mind. Step-by-step instructions and images for all of the fundamentals of machine sewing may be found in this handy resource. This book is for those who are eager to get started on their own projects. The best method to learn new sewing abilities is to work on interesting projects, starting with simple chores and progressing to more challenging ones.

You’ll find two distinct sets of instructions here: one for making home decor/accessories, and the other for making clothing. You can learn to sew from the comfort of your own home thanks to this thorough guide, which includes online tutorials.

Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time

From fundamental stitches to constructing patterns, backtacking, producing darts, and employing patterns, Stitch by Stich is an entertaining, easy-to-follow guide to sewing. To get you started, we’ve included 11 beginner sewing projects that include an A-line skirt and a hipster belt as well as an A-line skirt with cap sleeves and a piped cushion.

A bonus CD and PDF designs for all of the clothing projects are also included in this book, which is aimed at sewers of all skill levels. Because the designs are so fresh and exciting, this is one of our top picks for sewing books for beginners.

The Sewing Machine Classroom

In order to get the most out of your sewing machine, check out the Sewing Machine Classroom. Author Charlene Phillips teaches you how to stitch like a pro, from the basics all the way up to more complex skills. Repairing and maintaining a sewing machine, as well as selecting appropriate thread and fabric are all topics covered in this course.

This is more of a reference book than a project book, but it’s one that every seamstress should own.

Singer Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

Singer Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

The Singer Complete Photo Guide to Sewing is a great book for visual learners. There are 1100 photographs in this guide that cover every area of home décor and fashion sewing, which is a massive 352 pages long

Tailoring, fashion sewing, and completing several jobs are all covered in this book’s advice on selecting the correct tools and using conventional and serger machines and sergers. Simple sewing tasks, such as tablecloths, clothing, and window coverings, are also included, with step-by-step directions. As a reader, I can see myself coming back to this book time and again.

Idiot’s Guide: Sewing

It’s your one-stop shop for anything from repairing a hem to sewing quilts to reupholstering chairs with Idiot’s Guide: Sewing’s easy-to-follow directions and tips. This is a beginner’s guide with illustrated, full-color instructions so that you can see exactly how each method is done.

A sewing practice project is included in each class, allowing you to put your newly acquired abilities to action. You’ll learn how to prepare fabrics, decipher patterns, create finishes, and more as you continue through the course.

The Sewing Book: An Encyclopedic Resource of Step-by-Step Techniques

Alison Smith wrote The Sewing Book, which is an encyclopedia of sewing. This book covers every tool and method you’ll ever need to make clothes or home decor, and it also includes extensive images to help you better comprehend each operation. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of measuring, adjusting measurements, reading patterns, and sewing.

Sewing Books for Kids or Tweens

Trying to teach your youngster to sew? Here are four excellent children’s books that will aid in the process.

A Kid’s Guide to Sewing: Learn to Sew with Sophie and Her Friends

A Kid’s Guide to Sewing Learn to Sew with Sophie and Her Friends

Sophie Kerr, an 11-year-old girl, wrote A Kid’s Guide to Sewing with the assistance of her parents Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. Using the book, children may learn how to use a sewing machine, select the correct cloth, and utilize basic sewing equipment.

A wide variety of crafts, accessories, and garments are all covered in this collection of 16 simple sewing projects for kids. This is a book that may “grow” with your child as their skills and knowledge develop.

Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing

Kids who have already learned hand sewing will benefit most from Sewing School 2, the sequel to the popular Sewing School series.

Children as young as seven will enjoy the 20 projects in this book, which include a zippy pouch, wall pockets, a microphone, and more.

My First Sewing Machine: Fashion School

This is the book you need if your youngster is more interested in fashion sewing than anything else. This book teaches children how to thread their sewing machine and the fundamentals of sewing in general. To top it all off, they’ll learn how to repurpose their old clothing into new designs.

See and Sew: A Sewing Book for Children 

Fun for youngsters who don’t have access to a sewing machine, See and Sew is an excellent book for beginners. A kitten purse, a sock doll, a strawberry potholder, and more are just some of the interesting crafts that kids may make while learning the principles of sewing

16 simple sewing projects are featured, along with step-by-step directions. These activities are easy enough for even the youngest of students to grasp while yet providing them with a sense of success. This book is one of our favorites.

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