10 Best Sites Like Humble Bundle For Books Update 05/2022

In addition to selling games and other software, Humble Bundle also donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. Indeed, this is a brilliant idea that benefits both game developers and charitable organizations at the same time. All products are available in bundles, as indicated by the name. As a result, more people will buy them. Humble Bundle gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to paying for your purchases. When you buy something, they let you decide how much you want to pay for it. You can even divide the sum between the creators, the charity, and the corporation itself to decide who receives what. They have more than a million clients and have given more than $128 million to charity.

So why do we need Humble Bundle and other sites like it? As is obvious, this is an excellent method of making a donation. A variety of other sites, such as those that sell games, ebooks, and music, also permit this functionality.
As a result, we should also pay attention to those websites.
As a result, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten sites that are similar to modest bundle. To learn more, continue reading.

Sites like humble bundle

List of the best websites that are similar to the modest bundle is here.

Indie Gala

First up on our list is Indie Gala, which offers bundles for a very reasonable price.

Only bundles of games are available for purchase from this store. The more you purchase, the less you spend. You can also purchase individual games, but they are generally more expensive than the bundles. Every time you go to Indie Games, you’ll find some form of deal or freebie. Earnings are split with charitable organizations.

One Play

Unlike Humble Bundle, OnePlay allows you to download and enjoy premium content at a low cost. There are no advertising in any of the games you can access on this website because they are all paid games. Here you’ll find games for Android and Windows.

This site also carries a wide selection of inexpensive video games. On a regular basis, this website is updated with brand new games to play.


Amazingly low prices may be found on this website. All of the above are included in the packages they sell. You may find both bundles and single games on this site, just as on other sites.

This website’s unique feature is that it also produces its own games, which can be purchased on Steam. Deals, on the other hand, don’t stay forever, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for them.

Story Bundle

This is the thirtieth alternative to Humble Bundle on our list. Book bundles can be found on this website. Bundles of six to nine novels are the most common. Single books are also available here. These folks give back to the community in the same way that Humble Bundle does. Most of the books on this website were written by well-known independent authors.
Using a simple calculation, you can also select how much to pay for the books.


Fanatical, formerly known as Bundle Stars, is a well-known name in the gaming industry. For most gamers, they are the first place to go for gaming packages. They provide a substantial portion of their profits to charitable causes.

Since its inception, Fanatical has sold around 30 million titles on Steam. When compared to other websites, the bundles that they offer include a greater number of games. On this website, you may save up to 99% off regular prices.

Lazy Guys Bundle

This website, which focuses solely on games, is always offering a discount. Typically, bundles come with roughly 10 games, however this number can change from time to time. Using a mechanism similar to Humble Bundle, you can choose your own price. A low price is extremely likely to be found, so keep your eyes peeled. As a result, you don’t have to wait for anything because their work method is very swift.


One more fantastic site in the vein of Humble Bundle.
There are a lot of other websites like Itch.io, but this one stands out. Games from big developers like Ubisoft and EA, as well as from indie developers that have produced their own games, can be found here. All sellers are free to set their own pricing, conduct their own sales, and design their own pages. Both commercial and unpaid content can be found on this website.

Green Man Gaming

You can find everything you need here.

The best games at the best pricing may be found right here. You can keep track of your purchases, read user reviews, and engage in debates on a wide range of gaming topics on our Humble Bundle Alternative. Green Man Gaming helps up-and-coming game developers establish themselves in a crowded market.

Bundle In a box

The user interface of Bundle in a Box is well-known and highly regarded.

You can narrow your search even more by selecting a game’s genre from the drop-down menu on this site. In addition, this is a great place to try out new games because each game is accompanied by a user review from a prior purchaser. As a result, there is virtually no possibility that you will be dissatisfied after spending money on a game that you have never heard of.

Gamers Gate

For both Mac and PC gamers, Gamers Gate gives easy and economical access to games. There is no third-party engagement required for gamers to access the games through them. It’s possible to choose from more than 6000 distinct games made for all types of creators, from small-time to massively popular ones. A “blue coin” feature is also available on this site, which you may use for various purposes, such as rating and purchasing games.


We all know that donating to charity and supporting a worthy cause is crucial. However, it’s possible that we can’t do it directly or actively. You can not only donate to a good cause openly through these websites, but you can also purchase fantastic items for a very low price thanks to them. Aside from being one of a kind, these websites are performing exceptionally well.

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