6 Best Spanish Books For Beginners Update 05/2022

Are you getting a little bored on your way to learn Spanish?
Can’t stand the thought of having to read another boring text again. Do you wish you could speed up the learning process so you could get to the fun parts faster?
Then, maybe a lot of reading is the answer. Today, we’re going to talk about the 6 best Spanish books for beginners and why you should read while you learn.

Spanish Short Stories For Beginners by Olly Richards

For someone who wants to start learning the language through reading, short stories are a great way to do it. That’s why I’ve made you a book of them! These short stories are both fun and interesting, but they also have a wide range of vocabulary and grammar that should help you improve your Spanish.

These books are great if you want to spend a few hours learning Spanish in a fun and easy way. They have interesting stories, a glossary, and a quiz at the end of each story. There are two volumes, so you’ll have a lot of interesting things to read! Besides the beginner stories, I also have a set of intermediate stories that you can read after you finish them. You can buy the books on Amazon. In fact, I love writing short stories for you so much that I’ve also made 101 Conversations in Simple Spanish for you to read. By hearing how real Spanish sounds on the street, this book will help you improve your spoken Spanish. It will show you how real Spanish sounds. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to sound like a textbook, then go check out this site.

Short Stories In Spanish: New Penguin Parallel Text

In this book, there are a lot of short stories from Penguin. If you want to read eight short stories by famous Latino authors like Fuentes, Molinas, Marquez, and Cortázar, then this book is for you! Normally, stories by these authors would be too hard for people who were just starting out. There are two ways to read this book: You can read both of them at the same time, or you can read one at a time and read both at the same time.

You can start reading these well-known stories as a beginner as long as you have a little time. It’s also a good way to save time by not having to look up words in a dictionary. Try Jorge Luis Borges’ short story El Hacedor if you like the idea of short stories and are up for even more of a challenge. It’s a little easier to read these stories because each one is less than 1,000 words long.

El Principito by Antoine de Saint-Exupy

You probably already know about this little book. Not at all. The Little Prince wasn’t written in Spanish in the beginning, of course.

It’s still a good book for people who are learning Spanish. This is because the story isn’t very complicated and you’re likely already familiar with it. Even though it’s for kids, the language isn’t always simple. The first time you learn Spanish, you’ll have a hard time with this book. It’s not something you’ll be able to read on the first day. It’s also great if you’ve been studying for a few months and have a good base vocabulary. This wonderful book could be a great choice for you, though!

The “Clásicos Adaptados” Series

Okay, so this isn’t just one single Spanish book. It’s a bunch of them!
The Clásicos Adaptados series includes some of the most well-known works of Spanish literature that have been made easier for beginners to read. In Leyendas, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer wrote about people who lived in the 1800s. It was written by Miguel de Cervantes and illustrated by Benito Pérez-Galdós. The book is called El Retablo de las Maravillas.

People who are learning Spanish and want to read a book that is easy for them to read should read the books in this series. A yellow stripe on one side is all that you need to look for. People who want to learn Spanish can start with these simple books. There are two places where you can buy this book: on Amazon or at the European Bookshop.

First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book by Ángel Flores

Like the penguin short stories book above, this collection is for students who are just beginning to learn Spanish.

Easy-to-read adaptations of classic Spanish stories and other material are shown to you in this book. The stories and other material are shown in English on the next page. The materials in this book are written by well-known Spanish writers from around the world, and they try to give you an idea of how Spanish-speaking people and cultures live around the world as you read.

El Hombre Del Sombrero

The last book in this series is the only one that’s made for people who want to start learning Spanish with stories on Day 1. All of the other books on this list are good for people who are just starting to learn Spanish, but they do require that you already know some Spanish to use them. They might not be able to speak right away unless you’ve been learning the language for a few weeks. If you’ve never learned any Spanish before, you can start El Hombre Del Sombrero right now. Even if you haven’t, it’s written in a way that makes it easy for you to start right away.

It’s the book that I use to teach you Spanish as a beginner through the power of story. It’s all here. If you’re completely new to the language, this story will help you start reading and understanding Spanish on the very first day. If you’ve been learning Spanish for a while, this is a great story to help you review all of the Spanish you need to get to the intermediate level. At the same time, you can enjoy a great story!

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