21 Best Sticker Books For Adults Update 05/2022

sticker book for adult

Do you like to make art, but you don’t have the talent or skills to do so? This is the right place because I’ll show you these great sticker by number books for adults that I’ve just found.

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t know that sticker by number books were out there until a few weeks ago. And they are so cool!

It’s a cheap and easy way to make beautiful modern art without having to have any special skills or talent.

What is a sticker by number?

Sticker by number is a way to make art or pictures with colored stickers.

The sticker by number books have pages with colored stickers and pages with blank pictures. As a whole, the task isn’t that hard. To make the pictures, you have to peel off the stickers and put them in the right place with the right number.

Sticker by number is a lot like painting by number, but it’s a lot easier and faster to make than painting. However, it does need a lot of attention and precision. Removing and moving stickers to another place could damage the whole sheet.

Each one has a different level of difficulty and a different number of stickers. Also, there are Extreme stickering puzzles that are more difficult to make because they don’t have numbers on the pieces. You have to figure it out from a picture.

You can also paint by number. I have a lot of great paint by number kits for adults. It’s here.

Where to get a sticker by number book online?

For both kids and adults, many stores have sticker by number books that can be used to make art.

There are a lot of places where you can buy these great paint by sticker books:





There are a lot of Barnes and Noble.

Look for sticker by number books in stores in your area, but be aware that you may not be able to find them (Walmart, Target, etc.). I’ve seen some of them only sell these kinds of books online.

Sticker by Number book brands

You can choose from a lot of different sticker books to paint with. Brain Games has the most sticker by number books for adults, and they have the most of them. Also, Workman Publishing and Thunder Bay Press have a lot of sticker books for grown-ups to choose from.

Crayola and Mellisa & Doug also make sticker by number books for kids, but only for them.

Paint by Sticker: Dogs

Paint by Sticker Dogs

This sticker book lets you make your favorite dog. They look great when you peel and stick them together to make 12 great portraits. Then you can frame them to add some color to your walls. It’s great for people who love dogs!

Sticker by Number: Cats

These sticker by number books are so cool! You can make cute cat pictures with them. I’ve found three really good activity books. Choose one or all of them if you like cats.

28 pictures of cats in the style of the theme.

These are 12 of the best pictures I’ve seen in a long

12 different shapes.

Paint by Sticker: Travel

With this activity book, you can make 12 beautiful vintage posters in the style of Art Deco. These stylish posters add a little color to any traveler’s walls.

Paint by Sticker: Masterpieces

It’s fun to re-create famous paintings like Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus, and more in a modern way. You can paint by sticking stickers on 12 famous artworks in this book. It will keep you busy for a very long time!

Sticker by Number: Stress-free

Sticker by Number Stress-free

You’ll be glued to this mosaic sticker book for a long time because it has 28 beautiful designs. It’s time to take the colorful works of art you made out and put them in frames. Then you can put them on your walls for a little color.

Color by Number: Bible

With this sticker activity book, you can make beautiful, colorful Bible scenes (28). They are great for Bible study groups to do at home or at church. The mosaics look a lot like the beautiful stained glass in churches.

Extreme Stickering: Unicorn

They are more difficult than sticker by number books because they don’t have a specific order to them. With this great book, you can make 15 sticker posters with magical unicorns.

Sticker by Number Books: Nature

This beautiful sticker book has more than 40 nature-themed pictures. You can make flowers, animals, and other fun and colorful designs with this tool. When you’re done peeling and sticking, remove the pages, and make a great gallery out of them.

Animetrics (Sticker by Number Geometric Puzzles)

Animetrics (Sticker by Number Geometric Puzzles)

This sticker by number book is my favorite one, and I like it the best. They would look great framed and hanging on a gallery wall. You can make 12 amazing animal portraits that would look great when you frame them and hang them on the wall.

Color by Number: Calming Creatures

Create 12 beautiful animal images with this calming and creative sticker set: it’s the best way to unwind after a long day.

Sticker By Number: Ocean Treasures

Are you into water or the ocean? Or do you have a home on the beach? With this book, you can make 12 beautiful ocean-themed pictures for your home. The pink octopus is the one I like the best.

Paint by Stickers: Music Icons

With this cool sticker art kit, you can quickly make 10 portraits of famous musicians (like Prince, Elvis, The Beatles, Beyonce, Madonna, and more). Peel off the stickers and stick them where you want them to be to make colorful pictures of your favorite stars.

Friends Sticker Art Puzzles

Friends Sticker Art Puzzles

Friends is one of my favorite shows. This sticker book is just for you. You can stick and peel 15 stickering puzzles that show famous scenes from the TV show you love.

Sticker by Number: Under the Sea

Did you like the Ocean Treasures sticker book that you used to paint? Well, there are 28 more sea-themed images that range from easy to hard.

Sticker by Number America

There are a lot of things you can paint by stickers in this book that are American-themed. You can make 28 beautiful pieces of art, including symbols, classic American foods, scenes, landscapes, and more.

Marvel Sticker Art Puzzles

This sticker-by-number book lets you make your favorite Marvel hero. When you’re done with more than 1500 stickers, you’ll have a lot of vintage Marvel book cover posters to put on your wall.

Sticker by Number: Dream Big

Sticker by Number Dream Big

This sticker book lets you make 10 fun and inspiring designs. It will look great on your walls thanks to the beautiful and colorful pictures that you will love. This sticker by number book would also be fun for teenagers and young people to read.

Sticker by Number: Birds

I love birds, too! These easy-to-use sticker books let you make beautiful, colorful birds. Choose your favorites, peel, and stick them together to make beautiful art that you can frame and put on your own or in a gallery wall.

42 pictures with birds in them.

Images of 28 birds are on this page.

These are some of the best bird art.

Bob Ross Sticker by Number Puzzles

Do you remember Bob Ross and his simple and fun painting method? Now, you can make 15 of his paintings yourself. As soon as you’re done peeling and sticking, you’ll have beautiful sticker art posters that you can put on your walls!

Sticker by Number: Animals

No, I don’t like them very much. These sticker by number books for adults let you make modern, colorful, geometric animal portraits that look like they were drawn by a modern artist. There are three sticker books made by Brain Game that I had to list because they are all great and have a lot of different animals, from pets to exotic animals and even a unicorn.

Twenty-eight animal pictures are shown.

These are some of the best animal pictures I’ve ever seen.

13 animal-themed art pieces.

Christmas Sticker by Number for Adults

People spend a lot of time at home during the holidays. Do you need something to do with all of your time? Grab this sticker book for adults and use it to make 28 Christmas-themed images, like this one. A relaxing and fun thing to do.

Final thoughts about the paint by stickers books for adults

For a creative activity that doesn’t cost a ton and doesn’t need any special skills or talents, you should try sticker by number.

Their cost is low and they’re very easy to make. They also look good. The sticker books are, in fact, kits. Everyone needs them. They have stickers and picture pages that match them. You don’t need to buy any other tools or supplies. This is all you need.

You can take them on a trip to keep yourself busy while you’re on the road.

The best part? Then you will have a lot of beautiful, colorful, geometric sticker posters and art that you can frame and put on your walls.

No, I haven’t tried sticker by number books yet. How would you describe your favorite?

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