24 Best Thanksgiving Books For Preschoolers Update 05/2022

Make sure your little turkey has a lot of Thanksgiving books for preschoolers in his book basket now. You can choose from more than 20 here.

It will be hard to choose which Thanksgiving book to read first if you have a lot of them. These books will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving preschool projects.

Thanksgiving Books for Preschoolers

Add some great preschool Thanksgiving books to your book basket. Most of these books can be found in your local library or at a used book store near you. There are images below that show how to order them on Amazon if you can’t find them in stores.

Five Silly Turkeys

Young children will enjoy this silly counting book full of Thanksgiving turkeys doing very silly things. Among these Thanksgiving turkeys, you won’t find any normal ones. They’ve done everything from dancing on a dance floor to being chased by a bee to tanning in the sun. This shiny fabric-tabbed book is a great gift for the holidays. It’s sure to be eaten up quickly.

A Plump and Perky Turkey

Turkeys in Squawk Valley no longer jump into pots because they are too smart for that. So the people of the town come up with a good idea. It’s a turkey-themed arts and crafts fair, and they want a model for an artist. Peter the Turkey, who is proud of his well-stuffed body, takes the bait, but he doesn’t fall for it.

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims

Ten little Pilgrim boys and girls and ten little Wampanoag boys and girls are getting ready for the harvest feast. This is how it looks: Young Pilgrims hunt ducks and geese and dig up turnips and carrots in Plymouth, which was a colonial city in the 1620s. Somewhere nearby, Wampanoag children dig for clams and fish for cod. They also hunt for nuts, fruits, and berries. Finally, it’s time to eat. You can eat turkey with cornbread, cranberry stuffing, pumpkin, Indian pudding, and a lot of other tasty things. In the beginning, everyone thanks each other. Then it’s time to eat and celebrate!

I Love to Gobble You Up!

The only thing I’d do to you if kisses were gobbles would be to eat you. Sandra Magsamen’s first Thanksgiving book has a very silly turkey in it, so say hello! This book is made of sturdy board book pages and soft, felt turkey feathers. It’s a great book to read to your kids as you give thanks this Thanksgiving season.

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but where do you start? People enjoy small things and big ones in their lives. When you can share them with your family, it’s even better!

The Littlest Pilgrim

A Thanksgiving story about the value of friendship!

Biscuit is Thankful

It’s a good thing Biscuit has his bone, biscuits, and a lot of other things to be grateful for. It’s a cute dog. Woof!

My First Thanksgiving

Simple words and bright pictures by Tomie dePaola perfectly capture the excitement and happiness of this special time of the year. It will be fun for young people to learn more about the traditional celebrations of the day.

My Thanksgiving Prayer

As a child thanks and praises God for the big and small things that make life good, a child in my Thanksgiving Prayer oversized board book is shown.

Happy Thanksgiving, Curious George

Today is Thanksgiving, and George can’t wait! Every part of the holiday is great for him, from the parade with music, jugglers, and big balloons to the delicious turkey that everyone eats together at the dinner table. But even on Thanksgiving, the curious monkey manages to get into some trouble! With the short poems in this board book, you can follow George as he goes through Thanksgiving. The fun, tabbed pages are great for little hands.

Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet.

Grandma’s secret stuffing, green beans, and real cranberry sauce are on the table. There is also a huge turkey. Desserts, too, right? People almost don’t know how many there are.

Bear Says Thanks

This is the perfect way to say “thank you.” Bear has come up with a nice big meal. Friends of Bear show up one by one with different platters of food to share when he hosts a party. There’s only one problem: Bear doesn’t have any food in his pantry. What should he do?

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Almost everyone’s favorite time of year is almost here. It’s full of fun, family time, and food. Follow along as the feast is made, cousins are met, and everyone gathers around the table for some extra holiday fun.

T is for Turkey

Tanya Lee Stone has a new shaped alphabet book for kids that talks about Thanksgiving. This is a play that shows the real story of the first Thanksgiving. You can join in on the fun. Rhyming couplets that go from A to Z help kids celebrate everything from harvest to Pilgrims to Turkey, with words that rhyme.

What is Thanksgiving?

Here’s a fun way to learn more about what Thanksgiving is all about. It comes in a new, smaller size. There are a lot of things Michelle Medlock Adams talks about in her warm and funny Thanksgiving text. She then says that it’s really about giving thanks to God, who gives us all these things.

Corduroy’s Thanksgiving

Corduroy is having a fun Thanksgiving dinner for all of his friends. Afterward, they eat. It’s not over yet. Corduroy and his friends each say what they are grateful for, then.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s a time to give thanks. Most of all, it is a time to spend with family and friends. It has turkey and pumpkin pie.

Vector illustration of happy thanksgiving day background.

Give Thanks to the Lord

“The table is a beautiful sight.” A lot of people like the food. I enjoy each and every bite. I’m so full of love tonight.

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

I know a woman who ate a Thanksgiving pie that was too dry.

With that, the party starts! After the pie, the old woman eats a whole squash, all of the salad, and the whole turkey! Mother and Father are shocked to see the old lady getting fatter and fatter. The two kids are happy to see her getting bigger and bigger. As a surprise and a little bit of fun, the old lady adds a little something to the holiday fun.

Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving

This is something that even the coolest cat wouldn’t be able to handle. That isn’t true when Pete the Cat is on stage. He makes learning about the first Thanksgiving fun.

Just a Special Thanksgiving

From the school play to a surprise dinner for everyone in Critterville, join Little Critter and his family this Thanksgiving as they give thanks.

The First Thanksgiving

During the first Thanksgiving, Nancy Davis tells how the Pilgrims came to America and learned to plant crops from Native Americans. Then, they had a Thanksgiving feast with their new friends.

10 Fat Turkeys

Whether you’re a girl or boy, you’ll love this silly story about ten turkeys who do silly things like swing from vines and strut on boars.

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

Pilgrims and history aren’t the only things that make Thanksgiving a great holiday. It also has turkey, of course.

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