10 Best Thriller Books For Teens Update 05/2022

The mystery thriller genre is one that we want you to try, so in this installment of our never-ending quest to persuade you that every genre is fantastic, we’re going to persuade you to give it a shot!

There is SO MUCH to adore about these books. I couldn’t put them down. Whether you’re seeking for suspense, excitement, or a surprising twist in a novel, mystery thrillers contain everything you’re looking for and more. These stories are full of twists and turns, secrets worth uncovering, and, of course, high-stakes drama, so get ready to be entertained. Turning the pages of this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to see how it all ends. Moreover, if you can predict and solve a mystery before it’s disclosed in a book, it’s safe to claim that it’s one of the most fulfilling experiences anyone has ever experienced. Try one of these novels, or check out our recommendations, and see what you think.


Author Lamar Giles has made a name for himself in the young adult mystery category by writing well-crafted stories. Although we’d highly recommend any of his novels in general, there’s no better place to begin our list than with his debut novel. My real name isn’t Nick Pearson, as you may have guessed. I shouldn’t tell you where I’m from or why my family and I moved to Stepton, Virginia, since it would be inappropriate. I shouldn’t reveal my my identity to you, nor should I reveal the color of my hair, eyes, or skin. As for my friend Eli Cruz and the massive conspiracy he was about to uncover before his death—which occurred shortly after I got to town—I should probably keep that information to myself. About how I was forced to choose between solving his murder with the help of his attractive sister, Reya, and “keeping low-key” as the Program has instructed me. About how relocating to Stepon altered the course of my life. But I intend to do so.

One of Us is Lying

Because it has taken the YA world by storm, you’ve undoubtedly seen or at the very least heard something about this book. Not only did Karen McManus achieve New York Times Bestselling author status with her debut novel, but the work has also recently been optioned for adaptation as an E! television series. If you pay close attention, you might be able to solve the problem. Bayview High School’s detention hall is filled with five students on a Monday afternoon. Bronwyn, the brain, is a Yale alumna who follows the rules to the letter. Addy, the beauty, is the picture-perfect homecoming princess, and she deserves to be celebrated. Nate, the criminal, has already been sentenced to probation for his involvement in dealing. Cooper, the athlete, is an all-star baseball pitcher for the New York Mets. And Simon, the outsider, is the founder of Bayview High’s infamous gossip app, which has gained widespread attention. Simon, on the other hand, never makes it out of that classroom. Simon passes away before the end of his incarceration. And, according to investigators, his death was not the result of a natural cause. He passed away on Monday. His objective was to post juicy disclosures about all four of his high-profile classmates on Tuesday, which would make all four of them suspects in his murder, as he had previously stated. Isn’t it true that everyone has a secret? How far you are willing to go to defend them is what is truly important.

A Study in Charlotte

Is it possible to write a modern-day Sherlock Holmes novel, but with a female investigator as the prodigal? It comes from a genuine Sherlockian, no less. There’s nothing more to say! Jamie Watson does not want a rugby scholarship to Sherringford, a Connecticut prep school that is only an hour away from his estranged father’s residence. However, that is not the only complication to consider: Her residence in Sherringford also happens to be that of Charlotte Holmes, the famed detective’s great, great, great-great-great-granddaughter, who has inherited not just her grandfather’s intelligence but also his explosive temperament. Their relationship has been strained from the moment they first met, and they appear more destined to be rivals than any other kind of relationship. However, when a Sherringford student dies under dubious circumstances that seem to have been lifted straight from the most horrifying of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Jamie finds himself unable to maintain his distance any longer. Jamie and Charlotte are being falsely accused of murder, and it is only Charlotte who has the power to clear their names.

I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers, the first book in a mystery thriller trilogy by comic book enthusiast Barry Lyga, is a pulse-pounding mainstay of the genre and a must-read for fans of the genre. It’s important to remember that you could be Jasper and that things could be a million times worse than they are now the next time your parents embarrass you. Jasper “Jazz” Dent is a likeable teenager who has a lot of potential. One could describe him as a charmer. Despite this, he is the son of the world’s most famed serial killer, and for Dear Old Dad, Take Your Son to Work Day was celebrated all year long. Jazz has experienced crime scenes from the perspective of the criminal, which is something that police officers wish they could do. In Lobo’s Nod, the bodies are piling up like a mountain. Jazz decides to assist the police in their search for a new serial killer in an effort to clear his name. Jazz, on the other hand, has a secret: could he be more like his father than anyone realizes?

We Were Liars

Now, the plot of We Were Liars has been left purposefully unclear to avoid spoilers. We’re not going to disclose anything else to maintain the air of surprise, but trust us when we say that you won’t want to miss this opportunity. A lovely and illustrious lineage of people. A secluded island to relax on. A smart but troubled young lady; a passionate but political young man. The Liars are a group of four pals whose friendship quickly devolves into destructive behavior. There has been a revolution. It was an accident. It’s a closely guarded secret. Lies on top of lies Love at first sight. This is the truth.

This Darkness Mine

Mindy McGinnes is a writer who we will read anything she writes. Anything, even if it’s something as simple as her grocery list. No matter whatsoever genre she chooses to write in, the author has proven time and time again that she is more than capable of handling it. Sasha Stone is well aware of her position. She has worked tirelessly throughout her life to ensure that her route to becoming a famous pianist at Oberlin Conservatory is as smooth as possible. But then there’s a fork in the road in the form of Isaac Harver, and things start to get interesting. When he walks by, her body shifts toward him, her skin longs for his touch despite the fact that she has never experienced it, and she savors the fragrance of him. What is it about him that he knows her so well—perhaps too well—and she doesn’t know him at all? She learns that her orderly life began by putting an end to another’s: the life of the twin sister she absorbed while still in the womb. Nonetheless, this explanation does not adequately explain the gaps in her practice routine or the recurring memories of things she has no recollection of doing with Isaac. Sasha’s life—and her heart—become increasingly entwined with Isaac as she loses her long-cherished sense of control. After learning that her heart may not be hers alone, Sasha must determine what she is willing to do—and who she is willing to hurt—in order to regain control of her life.


According to reports, this is the first novel of Tiffany D. Jackson’s promising writing career. In spite of the gloomy subject matter, she manages to hold the reader’s attention by focusing on the mystery at the heart of the story. Mary B. Addison was responsible for the death of an infant. Allegedly. During her first interview with detectives, she didn’t say much, and the media filled in the only blanks that mattered: she said she was pregnant. While in the care of a black mother who attended church regularly and her nine-year-old daughter, a white infant had died. Mary was found guilty by the public, and the jury confirmed the verdict. But did she actually do it? She wouldn’t say anything. Mary had spent six years in baby jail before being placed in a group home for the abused. Even if the house is technically “home,” no place where you are afraid for your life can be considered a safe haven. Ted, whom she meets while on assignment at a nursing home, serves as her home away from home. Previously, there was no reason for her to clarify the situation, but now she has Ted—and their unborn child—to consider. When the state attempts to take her child, Mary must find the strength to speak up and confront the demons of her past. And her fate is in the hands of the one person she has the greatest amount of distrust for: her mother. No one is aware of the true identity of Momma. But who really understands who Mary is in her heart and soul?

This is Our Story

We have to admit that the cover of this book is quite eerie. Author Ashley Elston did not begin her writing career as an author, but we are delighted that she has ended up in this position. Kate Marino’s senior year job at the district attorney’s office isn’t exactly spectacular; it’s more of an excuse to leave school early that will look good on college applications rather than anything else. Afterwards, the District Attorney presents her supervisor, Mr. Stone, with the most significant case that her small town of Belle Terre has ever seen: the River Point Boys. A group of five boys goes on a camping trip. Only four people return. Despite the fact that the boys’ toxicology testing came back negative the morning of the accident, the district attorney wants the case dismissed. He owes his political position to the wealth and influence of their families. Kate will not allow this to happen. The more she investigates alongside Stone, the aged prosecutor who is reliant on Kate to see and hear things that he is unable to, the more she learns that nothing about the case—or the boys—is what it appears. It becomes evident as Kate draws perilously close to the truth that the early morning tragedy may not have been an accident at all—and if Kate fails to identify the genuine perpetrator, the lives of many others, including her own, could be put in jeopardy.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Probably the most well-known Stephanie Perkins work is the Anna and the French Kiss series, which is comprised of swoon-worthy romantic contemporary novels. With her second project, you could say she shifted gears a little bit in order to deliver this awesome and bloody thriller to the public. Students at Osborne High School are dying one by one in a sequence of violent killings that are becoming increasingly hideous in their execution. As the terror draws closer and the hunt for the assailant intensifies, the dark secrets that have been hidden among them must be confronted for the first time.

100 Hours

With the first novel in her 100 Hours series, seasoned author Rachel Vincent had us completely enthralled. Honestly, we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t so intense that it made us think twice about taking a vacation to an island destination anytime soon. Maddie is fed up with her cousin Genesis’ entitled and shallow entourage, and she is ready to throw in the towel. Genesis is fed up with Miami’s regular social scene, which includes velvet ropes, petty power plays, and backstabbing boyfriends, among other things. While Maddie longs for family time over spring break, Genesis is looking for something different, such as a last-minute trip to a remote Colombian beach. However, there is a cost to paradise. Generations of diva-lovers are abducted and held for ransom deep within the forest, dragged from their tents under the cover of darkness. Genesis, Maddie, and their pals are among those abducted and imprisoned for ransom. Everyone, with the exception of Genesis, believes that everything is completely random. She is well aware that they were singled out for a reason. And the reason for this is her. As the minutes and hours tick away, there is only one thing that is certain: if the Miami captives are unable to stop their kidnappers’ plot, no one will survive.

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