15 Best Top Books For Babies 0-2 Update 05/2022

In order to use the right search terms, we are calling these books “kids.” If you’re a little child, you probably aren’t reading to yourself. As far as I know, the best thing to do with this age group is find books that are not only fun for the kids but also funny or at least acceptable for the grownups. You can use this list to find a gift for your own child or for someone else’s.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Eric Carle

Small fingers have never been able to resist the tiny hole through which the very hungry caterpillar crawls or the delicious food he eats as he grows from a tiny caterpillar to a great big fat one. One pickle, one cup cake, and one slice of watermelon. This is the easiest book to read to the very young. All adults have to do is make a “pop” to make sure he turns into a beautiful butterfly.

There has been The Very Hungry Caterpillar in our lives for years. But sometimes it’s easy to forget the books that had such an impact on us when we were young! At home and at school, you’re likely to have read this book.

Dear Zoo: Rod Campbell

Dear Zoo is a perfect flap book because it makes you want to open the flap. When the flap is lifted, it completely fulfills your desire. Because an elephant is too big and too noisy, I’m not sure I’d trust a zoo to come up with the pet I want. Send back everything. But patience pays off. It turns out that in the end, they send exactly what was asked for.

The Baby’s Catalogue: Janet and Allan Ahlberg

There are a lot of things that babies and their families do all day long that I like to watch. Babies are feeding, sleeping, playing, and their mothers and fathers are working and resting. Their siblings are teasing and caring. Almost no words are used in this almost wordless picture book about a baby’s world.

Where’s Spot? Eric Hill

This flap book talks about the fun of a simple game of hide-and-seek. The bright pages show how the game can be fun. Is it time for dinner? Where is Spot? The parents aren’t angry that their son has gone missing, and the search is all fun and games.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: Michael Rosen

Big, bold illustrations by Helen Oxenbury go perfectly with the big, bold story. It shows the happiness and excitement of a family day out. With all of the things they need, the family sets off, splashing through water, slithering through mud, and swiping through long grass as they move from place to place. They’re not afraid. Or aren’t they? The double-quick, headlong trip home is also great, and so is the cozy ending.

Mr Gumpy’s Outing: John Burningham

On a hot, sunny day, Mr. Gumpy takes his animal friends for a trip on the river. They should not mess around, Mr. Gumpy tells them. Guess what? Things don’t go as planned. There are enough clues in the illustrations for young listeners to be able to predict the disaster and enjoy it. The book is well-paced and simple.

Owl Babies: Martin Waddell

This beautiful picture book, illustrated by Patrick Benson, has both absolute terror and absolute reassurance. As they deal with their fears while their mother is out hunting, the three baby owls take care of each other and look out for each other.

The Odd Egg: Emily Gravett

Duck has a good laugh at the simple and bold joke of The Odd Egg. Adults will enjoy this book the most, but kids will also enjoy the surprise when Duck’s egg finally cracks open. It’s mostly in pictures, but there are a few cut-down pages that add to the drama.

HUG: Jez Alborough

Using just one word from the title in all of the pictures could be a little too much. Besides, it isn’t. It is filled with real warmth because each picture tells the story of a loving relationship between different animal families. Monkey’s own search for his mother, and the very special hugs she gives him, are what make the story move along.

Handa’s Surprise, Walker: Eileen Browne

A lot of young people get a sense of conspiracy when they read about the fruit in the basket that Handa carries on her head while Handa doesn’t. They want to tell Handa what’s going on behind her in the best way possible.

The Poky Little Puppy

This book was my favorite when I was younger. I think I read The Poky Little Puppy the most before I went to school. There isn’t a very clear moral in this story, but I think kids are drawn to the mischievous puppy who keeps doing things he shouldn’t. Naughty! Adorable, but When teaching a child right from wrong, this book might not be the best choice. However, it might help kids learn to accept that they will make mistakes sometimes.

Intro to Physics for Babies

Physicists will learn a little bit about the rules of physics in this fun book. Get your child started on learning about the world around them early and have fun! You should buy this book for new parents who want to give their child a good start in life. It’s a little weird, but it’s also a great gift. There is a book called Intro to Physics for Babies.

Let’s Find Momo!

I don’t even remember how I first found out about this book series, but I fell in love with the idea. To find Momo!, the author takes pictures of his border collie as she hides in interesting places, and he shows them to his friends! For babies who like to look at real photos and love puppies, this board book is for them.

Little Blue Truck

One of the most popular books for kids right now is the Little Blue Truck series, which is about a little blue truck and his friends. It’s funny, surprising, and a good way to use your own unique voice. You know it’s going to be a hit for years to come because kids love the characters. The frog is their favorite. This book has a lot of good reviews because the art is fun and the story is original and funny.

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