10 Best Websites That Read Books Aloud To You For Free Update 05/2022

Websites That Read Books Aloud To You For Free

Looking for free kids’ books on the internet? Take a look at these websites, which are always adding new books for kids.

It’s possible that Hollywood and Disney are putting their own spin on the TV shows and movies. That’s not true, though. You can get free children’s books online that have classic stories in them.

When kids read online books for kids, they get a glimpse of what’s going on outside their own world. Stories keep making kids dream of great adventures, brave princes, and beautiful princesses. Ogres and monsters that heroes have to fight to keep the world safe are also talked about in this part of the text

Try these ten websites with online stories for kids with your kids by your side to see if they like them.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online

Do you act out the stories when you tell them? Isn’t that what the actors from the Screen Actors Guild do?

How about Elijah Wood or Chris Pine? These actors read aloud children’s books in their own voices, and your kids can watch the videos for free.

StorylineOnline is a children’s story site that has won awards. Like all good websites for kids, this one lets you do things. The free and wonderful project is made possible by the help of SAG.

You should also check out these websites for kids’ arts and crafts. They might be able to make art based on the stories they hear.

Mrs. P’s Magic Library

Kathy Kinney plays Mrs. P., who is a very old woman. To read aloud, she takes a book for kids and sits down on her couch. Kathy Kinney has a lovely voice that most kids between the ages of 3 and 6 can enjoy. There are a few for 9 and 11-year-olds, too.

You can look at the videos and use the drop-down filters to choose the ones you want to watch.

Children can read along with each story, which is good for people who are learning to read and people who are learning English.


The best way to get your child to fall asleep is to play a good audio story for them. Storynory could be your download source because it has a huge library of free audio stories and poems for kids that you can listen to and download.

It’s up to you: You can choose from fairytales and classics, Bible stories, educational stories, and a lot of new ones, too.

Storynory can also be found on iTunes in the section for kids and families, where you can find it. Because they’re fun, they can help your kids go to sleep.

International Children’s Digital Library

International Children's Digital Library

The book website for kids has a single goal: to make children’s literature from all over the world available for free. The site is well-organized, and you can search for free children’s books by country or use one of the many other ways to look for stories on the site.

The site can speak a lot of different languages from around the world. Award Winning Books is a good place to look for some of the best online stories for kids who like to read.

To save your favorite books and set the language you prefer, you can sign up for free. You can also save pages of books you want to read again and bookmark them.

Read.gov (Library of Congress)

There is no other library in the world bigger than the Library of Congress. With its huge digital library, you don’t have to go to any of its 21 reading rooms to read free kids’ books.

It was set up to encourage people of all ages to read for a long time and be good at it.

In part because of page-turning technology, you can choose from a lot of old children’s books. The site encourages people of all ages to read books and find out how wonderful they are. Make sure to follow it up with author webcasts, writing contests, and a huge list of books to choose from.


Online, StoryPlace is a branch of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in the state of North Carolina. If you can’t go to the library, the website lets you look for kids’ books online and play games and interactive activities.

Preschoolers will love the literacy resources because they are made in all their bright colors. The online books for kids are animated and interactive. “Theme” is what each story is about, and there are activities and books to read to go with it.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl

This site was made by Oxford University Press to help kids learn through books and stories. It is also for parents who want to find all kinds of kids’ books online and other things to do with them.

But first, go to the library. There, you’ll find more than 150 free ebooks for kids to help them read.

There are also free teaching resources on the site, like storytelling videos, eBooks, downloadable worksheets, and teaching notes that you can print out and use.

Free Kids Books

Free Kids Books is a simple website with a lot of free books for kids of different ages. It has a lot of different books for different ages. All ages can choose from a wide range of options. You can read them online or download the books in PDF format for free so your child can read them as many times as you want. You can do this as many times as you want.

She built this site on her own when she wasn’t flying a plane. Because there are a few sponsored ads, don’t let them bother you at all!

Open Library

One of the things The Internet Archive does is have a library called Open Library. In this collection, there are more than 22,000+ books. You can look through them and find a few good ones for yourself. In a way, it’s like going back in time when you look at and read these pages. Many of them were taken from the original editions.

Use your email and password from the Internet Archive to get into Open Library and find all the great things. Just one of the websites that give away old books to people who don’t have money to buy them.


Kids can read more easily on MagicBlox, which is a fun site with lots of color. In their library, there are a lot of ebooks for kids who are between the ages of 1 and 13.

From well-known publishers to new authors you may not have heard of yet, the library has a wide range of books to choose from. The smart search and filter feature makes it easy to find books. You can choose a category, reading level, book features, and even the language you want to use to find what you want to read.

MagicBlox isn’t free, but you can start reading today with a LadyBug Access Pass, which gives you a free book every month. You can get a LadyBug Access Pass for free. Want to help your child read more? Sign up for one of the membership plans on the site, then come back here.

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