Mystic River By Dennis Lehane

This book is about three friends who grew up in the same neighborhood. Sean Devine, Jimmy Marcus, and Dave Boyle all had a similar childhood with lots of pain. The book starts out with their lives as adults. Dave has been kidnapped by two men because they think he knows where some money is buried that was taken from one of the kidnappers many years ago.


Even though each chapter was told from different perspectives it always came back to these three characters. I liked this because you got to know all these people individually before getting into all the drama between them. That made the book interesting because there were so many story lines going on at once but they were able to tie them together at the end perfectly without making anything seem redundant or unnecessary.

The setting in the book was in Boston. It started out in Somerville because that's where Dave grew up and then goes to Southie, which is where Sean lives, and then eventually ends up in Boston again when it comes to all the drama between Jimmy, Dave, Sean, and their friends. I liked how they made this story take place in a city that you don't read about too much when it comes to crime stories like this one. There are so many crime stories being written about New York or Los Angeles but very few about big cities on the east coast so this was refreshing to me.

I would give this book five stars because once I started reading I didn't want to until I finished it! It kept me interested from the beginning to when I finished it.

2 ratings