11 Best Christian Books For Men Update 05/2022

Christian Books For Men

Is it hard to find a book for men? The thing that really pushes and encourages me? In the Christian market, it often seems like it’s impossible to find materials that will help men grow in their faith. Ones with a lot of meaty content and interesting challenges. Look no further. Our Top 10 Christian Books for Men are below. They will push and grow you.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but we’ve found that many of our readers have found these books to be interesting and useful.

Daily Strength for Men: A 365-Day Devotional

Daily Strength for Men A 365-Day Devotional

This devotional, which is aimed at men, is designed to make people think and make them challenge themselves. What’s more, Bolinger has chosen verses and passages from the Old Testament, which is often overlooked in the Bible, for the whole of this devotional. There have been a lot of good things said about the book on Amazon. It has been a hit with men of all ages.

Daily Strength for Men: A Devotional for Every Day of the Year

“At work and at home, men have to deal with things that question their faith. Daily Strength for Men gives men who want to get strength from God’s word a daily dose of wisdom.”

Why Men Hate Going to Church

When most of us look at our church congregations, we may notice that there are more women than men. So why aren’t there more men in our churches, let alone men who are in charge of them? This is why.

It’s because men don’t like Church.

David Murrow’s book talks about why men might not be going to church as often as they should. Then, he shows us how to get more men to join our groups.

Sports Shorts: 52 Stories of Faith from All-Star Believers

Need to get your sports fix? Del Duduit is the one for you. He has written devotionals about different sports teams, like the Buckeyes, Bengals, Hoosiers, and many more.

Sports Shorts: 52 Stories of Faith from People Who Are All-Stars.

As a devotional, this book tells young athletes that everyone has problems and that no matter what happens in life, you can still serve God and be happy.

Wild at Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul

Men were made by God to be passionate and full of life. But at some point, we lose sight of our goals. Of the things that used to get us going. The book Wild at Heart encourages men to find their passion again. God made men to be “dangerous men living in a big story,” the book says.

Getting to the bottom of a man’s soul in Wild at Heart: Expanded Edition

You can use this book to get over old wounds and rediscover the “wildness” men were born with.

MANdentity: Healing the Wounded Man

MANdentity Healing the Wounded Man

Men are often on the road to recovery from something, and this is a fact. A person can be addicted to drugs, have trauma, be angry, and the list goes on and on. So, what does biblical healing look like for men who are good? This book looks at this subject from a clinical and pastoral point of view.

Heal the Wounded Man: MANdentity

“I was only five pages into the book, but I was able to connect with every word I read. If people could see even a glimmer of hope for their brokenness by reading the book’s introduction, they’d want to embrace the power they have inside of them and no longer be enslaved by fear.” – A 5-star review on Amazon

How God Makes Men: Ten Epic Stories. Ten Proven Principles. One Huge Promise for Your Life.

Men are under attack from all sides these days. In today’s world, it’s hard to live out your faith in a real way. It’s also hard to do so as a biblical man without many good examples to look at. In How God Makes Men, we learn what it looks like to accept God’s promise to be a biblical man and live that way.

ten epic stories about how God makes men: There are ten proven rules. It’s one of the most important promises you’ll ever make.

“Don’t settle for anything less. Become God’s man with Patrick. Learn how to get through hard times and use God’s power in every area of your life.”

Disciplines of a Godly Man

Those who want to be godly are called to do so. But what does that look like in real life? And how can we clear up the confusion that the world likes to throw at men when it comes to what a disciplined life is like? Disciplines of a Godly Man talks about this and more.

Disciplines of a man who is holy

“A group of men at my church read this book together, and it hit us right in the heart. We were all moved by it. This book will really make you think about your faith. – If you want to be a good person in the church, you need to be a good person. That’s why R. Kent Hughes wrote this book.” The Amazon review had a -5 star

The Single Dad Detour: Directions for Fathering After Divorce

The Single Dad Detour is one of the best guides for how to be a good father after you and your partner split up. A lot of people who read the book either know someone who is going through a divorce or are going through a divorce. Very well-written and very practical on every level.

The Single Dad Detour: How to be a Father after a Divorce.

Dads share real, practical advice from one father to another in this book. There aren’t any unachievable standards for perfect fatherhood here, and there aren’t any twisty religious mysteries here.

Waking the Dead: The Secret to a Heart Fully Alive

Waking the Dead The Secret to a Heart Fully Alive

It is what Jesus told us to do, and he will make us live again. In Christianity, this is a promise that is very important. So, how does this look? “It’s a must-have guide,” Eldredge says. “It shows us what that looks like in the lives of people who believe.”

How to Have a Heart Full of Life: Wake the Dead

“You can’t live without this book. I read it at least once a year. I can’t say enough good things about it. I won’t give you a quick summary of the whole book, but it’s mostly about how to move toward the kind of like Jesus taught and lived, and important truths that have been mostly ignored in the church. Get this book now.” The Amazon review had a -5 star

Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness

In Seven Men, New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas tells the stories of seven well-known, but not well-known, Christian men in short, well-written stories. Each of them shows a commitment to live by certain virtues in the truth of the gospel.

How Seven Men Became So Great

If you want to know what it looks like to be a godly father, coach, brother, etc., this is the book to buy. Metaxas is very good at showing the lives of seven men and how they overcame problems, which makes the reader want to live more deeply.

Why Not Read With Others?

Many of these books aren’t just good for you to read on your own. They’re also good for groups. Guys can pass them around or read them together in a study group. Think about the guys at your church who might be interested in one of these books. Few things are better than finding a book you love, except when you share it with someone else who will love it, too.

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