8 Best Mystery Series Books Update 05/2022

Best Mystery Series Books

The best thing for mystery fans is when they find a new book or movie series to read. So many great mystery book series out there that it’s easy to forget about some truly great examples. Hidden gems that any mystery fan will love. Do not worry if you’re running out of great mysteries to read. We have a lot for you! Here are some of the best new shows you might have missed.

The Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith

The Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith

So if you were a fan of the Harry Potter books, this is a good place to look for some adult mystery thrills. A lot more than that, though, J.K. Rowling has made a great character in Cormoran Strike, who can be seen as the grown-up version of Harry Potter. Strike is an amazing person who is smart, talented, and cool under pressure. He also has inner demons that come from his time in Afghanistan (which also claimed one leg). It’s clear that Rowling is having a good time when he writes about people who are rich, famous, and powerful.

The Children’s House series by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

As a fan of Nordic noir, you have to check out Yrsa Sigurdardottir. She is sometimes called Iceland’s Queen of Crime. The Children’s House series is about a new detective, Huldar, and the cases he brings to Freyja, a child psychologist who has a lot of experience working with traumatized kids. It’s hard for Freyja to trust the police, but she also wants to protect the kids. The relationship between these two characters is electric, and Sigurdardottir’s knowledge of child psychology (she’s also an award-winning children’s book author) makes these mysteries very interesting to read.

The Wyndham & Banerjee Mysteries by Abir Mukherjee

Historical crime fiction can get lost in the setting, spending more time reliving the past than writing a good mystery. That’s not the case with the Sam Wyndham mystery book series. When Wyndham is sent to Calcutta for a new start, he teams up with a local sergeant and investigates brutal crimes that have ties to politics or history, like when a woman is raped. Wyndham is a very interesting character. He is a man who is looking for peace after a horrible experience, and his relationship with Bannerjee is magical. This is one of the best mystery series out there right now. Add in the lush, well-imagined setting with its boiling politics and tensions between the Raj and a country that wants independence, and you have one of the best series out there.

The Nora Watts series by Sheena Kamal

The Nora Watts series by Sheena Kamal

New series: If Lisbeth Salander is your ideal female detective, then this is the show for you. In Nora Watts, Kamal has created a detective with a bleak outlook who nonetheless uses her world-class investigating skills to make the world a slightly better place one case at a time. After putting her child up for adoption, a call comes in from the people who took her daughter. They say that the girl is missing, and Watts must go back into her own horrifying past to save her daughter for good again! Gillian Flynn fans will love Watts, a character who is both beautiful and flawed, and who comes to life in a series that is just right for them.

The Claire DeWitt Mysteries by Sara Gran

In her Claire DeWitt novels, Sara Gran kind of changed the mystery genre. She has a troubled past and a bloodhound’s sense for finding clues, but this is a unique and exciting series because of the specifics that make it stand out. After one of her partners went missing, DeWitt took a darker path that led her to drugs and a view of the world that was filled with magical realism. DeWitt used to work with three female detectives in New York City who were all fans of a nearly mystical French detective’s process. This series is great because it makes detecting seem like a religion and a magical ritual. Claire is one of the best new characters of the last few years.

The Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King

The Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King

As it turns out, everything that makes King the “king of horror” also works well in the mystery genre, too. When a man called Mr. Mercedes ran down a group of people with a Mercedes, Bill Hodges was called in to help find him. In his detective novels, King adds a little bit of horror to them. His killer is scary, and the heroes (like Holly Gibney, a breakout character who has also been used in King’s The Outsider) seem to be outmatched and doomed at every turn, only being saved by their guts and strength. With each new book in the series, King gradually introduces more overt supernatural elements. This doesn’t mean he loses the mystery that makes this a modern classic.

The Hawthorne series by Anthony Horowitz

In this series, Horowitz plays meta-games that make your head spin, and he changes the detective novel in the process. It starts with Anthony Horowitz being asked by a former policeman who worked as a consultant on a TV show that he used to write about. Daniel Hawthorne, a former detective, still works as a contractor on premeditated murder cases that cops call “stickers.” He wants Horowitz to follow him around on these cases, write them up as true crime books, and they both get a cut of the money. There is a lot of magic and mystery in the relationship between Horowitz and Hawthorne, but he doesn’t like Hawthorne very much. For people who like a little bit of razzle-dazzle in their mysteries, this is the right series for you.

The Aaron Falk series by Jane Harper

Harper’s Aaron Falk series is great for mystery fans who like their stories to simmer for a long time. It’s a complex, lived-in story with real people and places. It’s like he wears his dark past around like a coat, which makes everything he does seem heavy. In Harper’s fiction, she is very good at giving the reader a sense of where the story is taking place. Harper started writing fiction after taking an online writing class. As the book goes on, Falk’s surroundings become more and more real. Every twist and turn feels natural. This is a series for people who like to stay and think about things for a long time.

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