20 Books Like The Silent Patient Update 05/2022

The Silent patient is one of the most intriguing psychological thrillers to hit the shelves in recent times. Alex Michaelides’ debut novel that tells the story of a well-known artist’s brutal act and the forensic psychotherapist’s determination to uncover the motivation behind her actions it became a quick New York Times bestseller and received the award for Best Mystery & Thriller in the 2019 Goodreads Choice Awards. If that wasn’t enough for you, The Silent Patient set to be released on the silver screen thanks to Brad Pitt’s producer company Plan B Entertainment.

We compiled an alphabetical list of books similar to The Silent Patient that will satisfy your craving for suspense. These are 20 gripping and thrilling tales that lovers who read The Silent Patient are sure to love.

The Whisper Man By Alex North

The Whisper Man By Alex North

Secure your windows. Alex North’s harrowing tale will put chills down your spine, much as The Silent Patient. Following the passing of his spouse, Tom Kennedy moves with his son Jake to the city of Featherbank. Tom hopes to get a new start but there’s a shadow lurking right around the corner. Featherbank was one time the home of serial murderer Frank Carter, nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” because the young victims he lured from their homes by whispering into their windows in the night. Carter was arrested several years ago however, is the blood-soaked nightmare of the town truly done? There’s not long until the boy is missing… And Jake starts to hear whispers in the night.

The Wife Between Us, by Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks

A large part of the excitement The Silent Patient offers lies in the way Michaelides tricks the reader making assumptions against your own. Pekkanen and Greer’s thriller of 2018 The Wife Between Us is another masterclass in deceit. Vanessa is in love with her ex-husband Richard’s partner, the sweet and flawless schoolteacher Nellie. Nellie seems to be a more youthful version of Vanessa like Richard who is a bit shrewd and secretive, is taking her place. Vanessa begins to follow Nellie while Nellie teases her about the dark secrets of her past. There’s a plot twist when you read a novel such as this, but Pekkanen and Greer make a complicated puzzle with a fantastic resolution that’ll remind you in all the best ways of the Silent Patient.

Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

The Silent patient is built on two pillars: shocking surprises and characters whose motives are in the shadows for the majority of the plot. Flynn is a modern master of the thriller that is twisty, employs the same techniques to create Sharp Objects. Camille Preaker is damaged and living in denial for the majority of her personal life. As she returns to her hometown to take a call by her journalist, she has to face her past and the relationship with her gruesome mother, as well as her older half sister, Amma. However, Flynn effectively distracts readers with the obvious terrors that are out to the public. It’s only when Camille starts to unravel the layers of the past, that the actual details of her story–and the villain who is at the root of it all are discovered.

The Guest List By Lucy Foley

Alex Michaelides loved Lucy Foley’s The Guest List – in fact, he stated, “It gave me the same waves of happiness I get from curling up with a classic Christie.” Foley uses alternating narration to tell her hilariously clever story, which has all the elements a reader would need in a murder-mystery: tragic wedding, a remote setting, an Agatha Christie-like group of suspects, and one dead body. Similar to The Silent Patient, it keeps you guessing the real motive behind the murder until the final page.

Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn

It’s likely that you’ve been watching that HBO version of Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams. We highly suggest you pick up the debut book by Gillian Flynn to enjoy an unforgettable reading experience. Sharp Objects is the story of Camille Preaker, a journalist who has to confront her complicated family history as well as deep psychological issues when she is forced to return to her home town to investigate an investigation into a murder. Much like The Silent Patient, Sharp Objects is a story with twists and twists which will have you engaged for hours into the night. The characters are mysterious and the setting of a small town is the perfect setting for this captivating tale.

Night Film By Marisha Pessl

Marisha Pessl’s best-selling novel Night Film is a haunting thriller about a journalist’s obsession with a baffling death. If Ashley Cordova, the daughter of a mysterious filmmaker who is a cult, found dead in a disused warehouse, authorities consider that it was a suicide. However, the journalist Scott McGrath is convinced that something more sinister happened to the family of Cordova, which is believed to be cursed. What actually has happened to Ashley and why has her father not been seen publicly in thirty years? Fans who are enticed by the captivating The Silent Patient story will be enticed by the idea of love the mystery of Pessl’s dark and thrilling literary world.

Behind Closed Doors, by B. A. Paris

One thing about The Silent Patient people find fascinating is the way it presents an idea of reality, and then gradually presents the reasons to question it. B.A. Paris’ Behind Closed Doors is similar to Behind Closed Doors. Jack and Grace seem to be a perfect couple, have an elegant, luxurious life style. They’re committed to one their partner and seldom seen apart. However, a good thriller will use your preconceptions against you while you go through the book. As the story progresses, details start to build up which suggest that not everything is as it appears. If you are a fan of the method by which Michaelides slowly exposes the dark underlying theme of his novel This is the perfect to read.

Shutter Island By Dennis Lehane

Like The Silent Patient, Shutter Island delves into the deepest reaches of human psychology. Who is trustworthy? Who’s in charge? In this eerie thriller, Dennis Lehane explores such issues in a manner that will frighten and shock. Lehane has been awarded as an writer famous for his novels such as Mystic River, and Gone, Baby, Gone Both of them were made into movies that were successful. Shutter Island is the most terrifying of his stories.

Defending Jacob By William Landay

William Landay’s novel Defending Jacob that has recently been made into an Emmy-nominated series it is the ideal legal thriller for those who love The Silent Patient’s ever-shifting tale of innocence and guilt. The story is centered around Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney who is dealing with a shocking case that strikes right in the middle of. He is convinced that the innocence of the accused. This is logical, considering that the suspect is his child, Jacob. However, doubts begin to creep in when evidence of a blatant violation is revealed. Then Andy along with his partner, Laurie, are forced to consider what lengths they’re willing go in defense of their child.

The Woman in Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware

The Woman in Cabin 10 By Ruth Ware

Similar to Alex Michaelides, Ruth Ware is a well-known thriller writer with cleverly constructed tales that have been compared with Agatha Christie’s most engrossing novels. Check out The Woman in Cabin 10 the immediate New York Times bestseller, and it’s clear the reason. The story is about Lo Blacklock, a travel writer on a luxury trip across the North Sea. It seems like a dream job, but a lot of trouble are in the future. The weather soon turns dangerous and Blacklock is witness to a woman being carried into the water. Her desperate efforts to get help are met with dismay since all the guests on board are found. Then Blacklock must determine the truth about whether she was simply a frightening dream or a terrifying nightmare.

The Widow By Fiona Barton

The Widow is similar to The Silent Patient, The Widow follows a womannamed Jean who has to confront the dark aspects of her life after the aftermath of her husband’s passing. In The Widow, Jean has also been silent, not speaking about her real thoughts, about her marriage and about the crimes committed by her husband. Unsettling marital secrets surface out of the shadows in this gripping novel about the falsehoods we believe and the truths we hold to be.

I See You By Clare Mackintosh

Clare Mackintosh’s I See You is full of enthralling twists and turns that make it the perfect book for readers of The Silent Patient. When she is perusing the local newspaper during her commute to work, Zoe Walker is shocked to see herself on an advertisement for dating websites. Then she’s racing to find out the reason she was chosen and also why the other women in these ads seem to be targeted by a vicious predator.

The Guest List, by Lucy Foley

The Guest List is a different thriller that gets its inspiration from classic mysteries. Similar to The Silent Patient, the primary source for Lucy Foley’s novel also comes from Agatha Christie. The obvious parallel is with Christie’s masterpiece And Then There Were None However, Foley blends the traditional concept of a group of witnesses to a murder at a remote location with a story told from different perspectives. This adds an additional edge of mystery as each person has their own story and motives. In the same way, Foley conveys the suffocating solitude felt by the characters who live in an area that is surrounded by fog, isolated by weatherand devoid of reliable cell phone signal. The gradual, slow-burning revelation of what’s happening keeps you turning pages.

Night Film, by Marisha Pessl

in Night Film, a washed-up reporter who is investigating a murder linked to a famous underground filmmaker slowly uncovers an even darker and larger universe. The legends surrounding the work of Stanislas Cordova and his films, which are said to have a strange effect on the viewer, is intriguing. However, for every bit of information gathered there is a price to pay in terms of your confidence about what’s real and what’s not diminishes. It’s interesting that Pessl does not employ an untrustworthy narrator in her tale. Reality is the very nature itself that gradually gets insecure.

Come Closer By Sara Gran

The similarities in Come Closer and The Silent Patient are apparent. Both are amazing psychological thrillers, but they also depict women who are in blissful marriages who suddenly fall apart. in Come Closer, that woman is Amanda who is an architect who begins acting in bizarre and disturbing ways, such as hearing voices, experiencing unsettling dreams and even burning her husband’s body with a cigarettes. Are they coming to an end or has something taken over her from the inside?

Behind Her Eyes By Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes, which has recently been adapted into an Netflix new series that is bound to delight those who loved The Silent Patient, as it follows a similar storyline that is full of unexpected events. The story is told through Louise who is a single mother who is entangled in the chaotic domestic life of her boss, David as well as his spouse, Adele. Don’t get caught up in the muck and don’t do it, because the plot takes you for an exciting journey – since this isn’t your usual love triangle plot.

Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell

Then She Was Gone By Lisa Jewell

A decade ago Laurel Mack’s eldest daughter disappeared without trace. The disappearance shocked families like the Mack family and haunts Laurel until today. In the present, Laurel is working to put the pieces back together and restore her broken life. An encounter with a stranger at an eatery promises a new start, but that is until Laurel is introduced to the man’s daughter and a young girl who recalls her lost girl. in Then She Was Gone, Lisa Jewell masterfully examines a family searching for answers. She unravels details of the mystery in complex and unexpected ways that are similar to the quest for real story the Silent Patient. The Silent Patient.

Behind Closed Doors By B.A. Paris

Many thrillers include”behind” or “behind” in the title We believe there’s a motive behind it We, as human beings, are curious about what’s going on in the shadows, far beyond what we are able to observe. The Silent Patient solves the mystery surrounding a domestic crime; B.A. The Paris’s Behind Closed Doors peeks inside an intimate relationship that has secrets to cover up. Jack and Grace are the perfect couple or is their appearance are deceiving?


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