11 Best Chick Lit Books Update 05/2022

Best Chick Lit Books

You don’t have to be a feminist to enjoy a good book about a woman and her actions. Every now and then, you want to be a guy who kills everyone and saves the girl of his dreams. Girls, on the other hand, often put themselves in the shoes of their favorite heroines and go on adventures in a completely different way. Some of the best chick lit books for 2021 and their plots are below.

If I Never Met You, by Mhairi McFarlane

If I Never Met You, by Mhairi McFarlane

How do you know if the love you’re making is real? For more than 10 years, Laurie has been in a relationship with the same person. Her boyfriend decides to break it off and move on. That doesn’t mean, though. They work for the same company. This isn’t all: He also gets a new girlfriend, and she starts having babies right away.

Laurie needs someone to show that she’s moving on so that she doesn’t look like she’s stuck. In spite of how bad she still feels, she wants to show that she has come back to her feet. In a broken elevator with one of the men at work, things could go either way.

He needs a good girlfriend, but he doesn’t believe in love, so he needs a good one. A good person will make her look like she has moved on. She knows that. People think it’s a good idea, and they decide to have a good relationship with each other. Will it?

Love Your Life, by Sophie Kinsella

Ava likes to be in love with people. A person who doesn’t believe in apps or standards for how people should look does not believe in real love. Before moving to Italy, she had a bad breakup. She decided to leave her love life behind and focus on writing instead.

She can’t use her real name at this writing retreat, so she goes by Aria. She meets a man who she thinks is perfect, but she also knows that his name isn’t real. There are times when the two spend time together and visit the Italian coast, but things don’t always go as planned.

During their trip, the two of them don’t seem to be the same people they thought. They have to go back to the real world in London. Two completely different words make two completely different people. No, they don’t work together. Is it going to work?

Beach Read, by Emily Henry

People who write this book have different ideas and visions, which is what it’s all about, As you know, Augustus is a fan of happy endings. January is all about atrocities and sad stories. These two people are very different from each other, but there is one thing they have in common.

The two have to live next to each other for the next three months. It’s bad for both of them because they have blocked up their bodies. Until one day, when they decide to come up with a few new tasks.

Augustus has to write a dark story, and January has to write a happy one. This is how it works: They both finish their books, but not before having a very interesting friendship. After a while, January sees that her life could be different, so things take a different turn.

You Deserve Each Other, by Sarah Bogle

There are a lot of good chick lit books for 2021 if you like dark comedies. This is one of the best. In fact, Naomi and Nicholas have been together for a long time, and they both come from very well-known families. It’s only three months away, but they’re getting ready for a big wedding.

It turns out that she doesn’t want to marry him at all. She is sad when she learns that whoever breaks up with her will have to pay a lot of money for the wedding. Nicholas, on the other hand, is in the exact same situation as the other people.

It turns into a game of pranks and sabotage stories to get the other to break up with them. There’s nothing to lose, except for the wedding bill, so they decide to finally be who they are.

Love Her Or Lose Her, by Tessa Bailey

Love Her Or Lose Her, by Tessa Bailey

This is the kind of book that would be great for a Netflix romantic comedy, and it’s likely that it will at some point soon. They are high school sweethearts who are still in love. It tells their story. People aren’t going the right way, and Rosie isn’t happy about it.

In a decade, her ex-soldier partner has changed. As long as her friends know about it, they’ll help make sure she wants more out of life. She decides to follow her dreams and open a restaurant. She also goes to a marriage boot camp to make her marriage better.

The couple ends up in an exotic place with a hippie who smokes pot. Before this, Rosie didn’t think her partner would change. He talks about how he feels, chills on a pillow, and interacts with nature. The two of them are getting back together, but Rosie finds out that Dominic has a secret.

The Two Lives Of Lydia Bird, by Josie Silver

This is the kind of book that will answer a lot of questions in a warm and cozy way. Everyone thinks about what ifs at some point, but especially when things are important in life. Well, this book is likely to be able to answer most of these questions in a good way.

Lydia and Freddie have been together for a very long time, and they are still together. Lydia turns 28 and things seem to be going well until then. Freddie dies in a car accident, and it wrecks her life. In this situation, all she wants to do right now is hide inside the house and stay away from everyone. She knows that Freddie would be happy for her to enjoy her life.

Is there anything that would have happened if Freddie had been alive at the same time? Weird things start to happen in the middle of the day. Lydia meets Freddie right before the accident, and they fall in love. In her second life, she can travel between the two worlds, but it’s hard for her to settle down.

The Heir Affair, by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Rebekah Porter is getting ready for the best day of her life. The Prince of Wales, Prince Nicholas, is in love with her, too. When a secret comes out, things get crazy. In the end, the wedding turns into a nightmare. It is a disaster that affects not only the couple, but also most of the people who were there.

The Queen and the rest of the people go bananas, too, when they see this. The two decide to leave public life and hide for a while, but they know they’ll have to return to London at some point. Finally, they do. While they were able to work things out between them, the past comes back to haunt them.

In this case, things seem even worse, as more family secrets are about to come out and ruin her new life as a princess. Couples have to save more than just their relationship. They also have to deal with a lot of other things.

How Lulu Lost Her Mind, by Rachel Gibson

Figure: Lou Ann Hunter’s mother is a person. She has been married five times, but she has also been kicked out of three care homes because she asked too much of the men who lived there. It’s even more difficult for her because she also has Alzheimer’s, which makes it more difficult for her All she wants to do is spend the last years of her life at her family home in Louisiana.

Lou Ann, on the other hand, is a love expert who has made a lot of money by teaching people about love and sex. Despite seeing her mother have a lot of drama and relationships that didn’t work out, she has done well. But now, her mother needs a full-time caretaker, and Lou Ann decides to help out, because her mother is getting old.

She learns after they meet again that nothing works. Besides the nurse who lives there, a handyman in the area helps her out as well, However, problems keep coming one after the other. Will she be able to get it out?

The Jetsetters, by Amanda Ward

The Jetsetters, by Amanda Ward

People are competing to be the best jet setter. Charlotte Perkins, who is 70 years old, joins because she wants to try. She comes up with a sexy essay and everyone likes it, which makes her happy. This is the only thing she wants. She wants to be reunited with her three long-lost children: an actress, a venture capitalist, and a stressed-out mother. They don’t seem to be living the lives they asked for.

Her goal is to bring back the years when she took care of them. A single mother, she was very important to her kids. When she wins, her family packs up and goes on the trip of a lifetime. They go from sunny Greece to Italy and Spain. However, the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Many old secrets come back to life, and old memories from the past also come back to life. The family has to face all the demons that separate them. You end up with four adults who don’t know where their lives are going.

Last Tang Standing, by Lauren Ho

For Andrea Tang, there isn’t anything that doesn’t work out for her. Her job is perfect, and she keeps going up in the world. When she goes out with her friends, she always goes to the best nightclubs in Singapore. She has a lot of good friends who she always goes out with. In her conservative family, she’s about to become the first person who hasn’t been married. But she doesn’t really need a man to make her life better.

Love comes when you least expect it, but Andrea finds it the right way. She meets a charming entrepreneur who seems to live the same way she does. Her life with Eric Deng is shown to her, and she decides to give him a chance. He’s the perfect person for her future plans, and her family will accept him, so she decides to try him.

Even though someone else has different plans, things don’t go in the right direction. In her work place, Suresh Aditparan is always messing with her relationship. When her family sees him, they don’t think he’s the right person for her. But he would do anything to get her. In the long run, who will win?

How To Save A Life, by Lisa Steinke and Liz Fenton

Not at all. You might have seen a few movies based on this story. This book could be one of the best chick lit books for 2021 if you want a love story. Mia broke up with Dom about 10 years ago. Dom is single now. If he thinks he’s in charge of her, he isn’t. In the end, he runs into her.

Because he thinks he has a second chance, he asks her out and she agrees. They decide to start over and see if it works this time. Mia dies on the first date. Make a wish: Dom wants to be able to save her. Next morning, he wakes up and finds out she is alive.

When he changes something about the same day over and over again, she still dies in a bad way. Getting Mia to live is Dom’s job. In order for him to see her live, he might have to watch her die a lot. But he is willing to do anything he can.

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