8 Best Animal Books For Free Update 05/2022

Every living thing on Earth has an important job in its ecosystem. With our collection of animal books in PDF format, we want to show how important the Kingdom Animalia is in the world around us. We could not live without them. The answer is a clear no. You can read about this in our animal books. Human life would be in real danger if some species went away.

Animals are important living things that help keep the environment in balance. There are many different kinds of animals in the Kingdom Animalia, and humans can join in on the fun as well! There are three types of animals that help keep humans alive: scavengers (they eat decomposing bodies to keep harmful microorganisms from spreading too much), the most important of which are hyenas and vultures. Earthworms are one of the organisms that break down organic energy into inorganic energy. And pollinators, which help plants make seeds and fruits, with the bee being the most important. The three main groups of animals are based on how they look, how they eat, and how they reproduce, but there are a lot more. When you think about a dog, for example, you think about its structure, how it feeds, and how it reproduces (reproduction). In the history of humanity, there is a time (the Neolithic) when humans became more sedentary and needed to keep animals for food, transportation, and business.

Since then, animal husbandry has progressed slowly, and animals have been used for many different things. Today, they are a source of food, a friend, and a source of textiles, oils, and skins. In addition, a lot of vaccines and medicines are tested on animals before they are used on humans. As a group, these last two jobs have been criticized by groups that fight for the environment, which includes the protection of animals. Animal Kingdom food chains are known to be very fragile, and any changes to them could endanger the survival of the animals. Today, pets like cats and dogs are great friends and are used as therapy for many important physical and mental health problems. For example, they help people who have depression or anxiety get better. They also help people with some neurological conditions like autism and Alzheimer’s get better. Don’t forget to check out our animal books in this section.

Animal Anatomy Books

If you want to learn about how animals look and how they work, you can study animal anatomy, which is also called vet anatomy. The first step in an animal’s anatomy is to look at the parts that make it up and make it a living thing. Comparative anatomy is a type of veterinary anatomy that looks at the different animal species to see how they are different and how they are the same.

These studies are done because humans want to learn more about how different species have changed over time. At the moment, there is still a lot of research and practice being done on the subject, with a picture of the organs and other things that make up different animal species.

Animal Husbandry Books

Animal husbandry is an economic activity that has been around for a long time. It means raising animals for their use. Meat, milk, eggs, hides, wool, and honey are some of the products that come from livestock. It all depends on what kind of livestock you have.

A lot of people eat meat made from beef and dairy cows, sheep, and pigs around the world. Then again, in some parts of the world, goats and horses are more important than chickens and bees, as well as cuniculture, poultry, and other types of farming. Agriculture and animal husbandry go hand in hand because on a farm, the two can work together. Here, the animals give off a lot of manure that is used as fertilizer. The plants also give the animals what they eat.

Cats Books

Cats are really cool animals. They have been the only members of the felidae family that have been willing to live with humans. This has made them unique in the animal kingdom, and it has led to a unique friendship. Because we accept their rules in exchange for the great love they show us, the friendship that binds us together is strong.

A cat is a member of the Felis catus species, which means they are cats, like lions, tigers, and cougars, and more. They are carnivores, which means that in order to live, they must hunt and eat their prey. It was already known that the ancient Egyptians had a thing for cats, because they were the ones who first domesticated them. It was a revered animal and was part of the daily lives of the people who were in charge. There were even funerals for it.

Dog Books

People have had dogs as pets for about 10,000 years. They are mammals and quadrupeds, and they live with humans as pets. It is called Canis lupus familiaris in its scientific name.

There are many different types of dogs, and they all come from the same species of wolf. It is thought that the domestic dog came to live in places where there were people, which made it more used to humans and made it easier to be domesticated. It was used for hunting, defense, and protection, and later it was used for herding. It is now a popular pet or companion animal. It has changed its eating habits a lot because it has become more used to living in a human world. For example, the industrial food made for these animals includes other things like cereals and vegetables in addition to the protein that the animal needs.

Endangered Animals Books

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which has the most authority on the issue, about 5,200 species of animals are in danger of going extinct right now. Birds and reptiles are two of the groups that are most at risk of going extinct. Fish, on the other hand, are at risk for extinction.

It’s not easy to figure out why a species might be on the brink of extinction. In general, some of the biggest threats to each species are the destruction and fragmentation of their habitats, climate change, illegal hunting and trafficking, and the introduction of new species. Many resources and concrete actions are needed to keep a species from disappearing in order to keep it alive. Some of these would be to keep their habitats together, for example, by not cutting down trees; to prosecute and punish people who do this.

Horses Books

It is a horse, a mammal animal that is in the equidae family and is a horse. When it walks and stands on its toes, it is called a perissodactyl, which is a type of ungulate animal. It has an odd number of toes that end in hooves and its central toe has more development than the rest.

A lot of their food comes from plants, like grass or hay. Apples and carrots can also be part of their food group. Those horses that humans have been able to tame for different purposes are very useful in animal husbandry, sports, and for transportation in some rural areas. Horses can be domesticated. Even though they don’t live in the city, there are horses that live in the wild.

Veterinary Medicine Books

Veterinarian medicine is the branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of illnesses and conditions that affect all animals, whether they are domestic, wild, or used for food.

Veterinary medicine, like human medicine, has been around for a long time. Animals are the main characters because they have a hard time telling humans when they are hurt. This is the main reason for the creation of veterinary medicine, as well as the fact that animals play a big role in the lives of humans. Over the years, veterinary medicine has been able to strengthen animals and give them the chance to be cured faster and more effectively thanks to new technology.

Zoology Books

It comes from the Greek word “zoology.” This word is used to describe the “science or study of animals.” The main goal of zoology is to look at the different animal species’ morphological and anatomical descriptions: how they reproduce, how they grow, how they act, and where they live. Aristotle was the first zoologist because he focused on taxonomy, which is the study and cataloging of many different species. Zoologists are the people who specialize in the study of all living and dead animal species, both living and dead. Some zoologists work in museums, where they take care of and describe zoological collections. Arachnology (spiders), herpetology (reptiles and amphibians), ichthyology (fish), ornithology (birds) and so on are some of the subspecialties in zoology that deal with different groups. Books that are free (PDF)

There are no more free books about animals left on this list, so this is the end. If you liked this book, we hope you already have the next one. If this list was helpful to you, don’t forget to share it on your main social networks. “Sharing is Caring” is a phrase to remember.

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