17 Best Baby Books For Grandparents Update 05/2022

Sit down, snuggle up, and enjoy your time here! Reading to Nana or Gramps is the best way to feel better. To read to your grandchildren, here are the best books for each age group.

Age Baby to 1: Grandma Wishes

You might not have known, but there is a special Grandma Star that only grandmothers can ask for help from. In this cute story, there are bright and fun pictures of woodland animals that are sure to make a baby fall in love with them. Children learn about the love that comes from Grandma and how much she hopes for them in the years to come. A tech-savvy grandma found out how to stay in touch with her grandchildren who live far away.

Age Baby to 1: Grandpa’s Wish List

Follow Grandpa Badger as he makes a list of all the things he wants for his new great-grandson. In this strong and sturdy board book, there are a lot of bright and fun pictures that babies will enjoy. That’s something Grandpa will love, too. Take a look at how much fun it is to read children’s books with grown-up eyes.

Age Baby to 1: Look Look!

Babies love looking through this board book because of its high contrast images, which are great for stimulating their imagination and making them want to learn. Photos in black and white with red words, like “smile,” “children,” and other things that make people happy and excited.

Age 2 to 3: Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa

This is a story about a little Llama’s first night away from home. It has beautiful illustrations and characters you know and love. Gram and Grandpa show that an overnight trip is full of comfort and love, as well as all the things that little people need to feel safe and safe.

Age 2 to 3: Grandpa and Me

They love to “lift the flaps” in this book series because it lets them see new pictures. There is an interactive story about making a pizza with Grandpa that you and your grandchild will both enjoy very much! In case your grandchild likes hearing stories on their own, here’s a list of free audiobooks for kids they’ll enjoy.

Age 2 to 3: Grandma Loves You

Get ready for cute bunnies, turtledoves, and beautiful watercolor art. This rhyming story about a Grandmother’s love for her new little grand-bunny will make your heart melt.

Age 4 to 5: The Hello, Goodbye Window

Return to this beautiful story about Nanna and Poppy’s “magic” kitchen window over and over again, because it’s so lovely. Their grandchild gets to see the world through the window in this beautiful picture book that kids love.

Age 4 to 5: Just Grandma, Grandpa, and Me

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter books are beloved by kids because of their adorable and unique illustrations. With each of his grandparents, the Little Critter has a good time on a fun day out.

Age 4 to 5: Grandpa’s Little One

He wrote a story about a grandfather who loves his granddaughter. Billy Crystal did a good job. Birthday party adventures are shown in vivid pictures. Crystal’s sweet words are sure to make you smile and make you cry at the same time.

Age 6 to 7: How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa

This adorable boxed set comes with two of our favorite babysitting guides, one for each grandparent. Having a costume parade is one way to keep your grandmother from getting bored: There are also ideas for snacks for grandpa, like “olives served on your fingers.” So many fun things are in these books that can be done while the parents are away. Scientists have found that grandparents who babysit live longer because they are more likely to stay healthy.

Age 6 to 7: You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You

If you have grandkids who are just learning how to read on their own, this book is a good choice for them. It comes from the Very Short Stories To Read Together series, so it’s great for them. Because the words in the book are colored, you and your grandchild can read the last lines together. You can take turns reading the last lines. Cute pictures and fun rhymes can help kids become more interested in reading by making them want to read.

Age 6 to 7: Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers

Meet red-headed Katie. She has two Scottish grandmothers who are as different as can be, but they both love her. On the mainland, one is very classy. On her island farm, the other likes to do a lot of work. With her charming illustrations, Katie will help close the gap in this series that is sure to be a hit.

Age 8 to 9: Charlotte’s Web

This childhood book is great for the grandchild who wants to read a book with you chapter by chapter. This is what Wilbur thinks. Charlotte, a beautiful and wise spider, comes along and changes his life for good. It’s a story that kids love because it’s both sweet and heartbreaking. These 11 early reading habits make young kids love books.

Age 8 to 9: The Secret Garden

With this interactive version of The Secret Garden, you can go back to a favorite book. It’s a sweet story about three kids who connect over a hidden nature sanctuary that helps them heal. The art and graphics are very appealing! During your visit, you can see the huge English mansion where Mary is sent after she’s left alone. In the middle of the night, she hears strange, faraway cries. Finding the source will start a new adventure and help her heal.

Age 8 to 9: Grandpa’s Great Escape

David Williams’ books are very good. They show the adventures and bravery of grandparents. Make sure you also check out Gangsta Granny, as well. A meanie runs an old people’s home in this story, and Jack’s grandpa starts to forget things. It’s time for Jack to help his Grandpa get out of the Twilight Tower. Perfect for the grandchild who wants to read about action.

Age 10 to 11: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As Charlie is getting older, Grandpa Joe finally gets out of bed and joins him. Willy Wonka runs a candy factory that Charlie and Grandpa Joe will tour with Charlie. To get to Wonka’s factory, they go inside and meet the very wise Oompa-Loompas and a lot of naughty kids, as well as all the joys, trials, and tests that it has to offer. If you have a curious or adventurous grandchild, you’ll love this book.

Age 10 to 11: Anne of Green Gables

This book is still popular and well-loved, in part because of the Netflix series. It’s likely that your grandchild will be able to connect with Anne, who is optimistic and brave. To a set of foster parents, there is a brother and sister, and they were hoping to find someone who would be able to work on their farm. She is sent there. Anne isn’t the kind of child anyone can send away.

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