7 Best Michael Connelly Books Update 05/2022

Author Michael Connelly has published more than 30 novels. He is the creator of the Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer novels, as well as the new Detective Renée Ballard series, which follows a new character. Michael Connelly’s works can be difficult to get into because of the several series he has written, not to mention the fact that many of his characters appear in multiple volumes. It’s easy to get lost in all of Michael Connelly’s best-selling series with this simple guide to the first book you should read.

If you want to read Connelly’s new 2019 book…

The Night Fire by Michael Connelly

As a rookie investigator, Harry Bosch was inspired by a mentor who instilled in him the importance of treating every case as if it were his own life. That mentor is now gone and his wife hands Bosch a murder book that Thompson brought with him when he left the LAPD twenty years earlier—the unsolved slaying of a troubled young man…

In order to find out what sparked Thompson’s interest in the murder, Bosch brings the murder book to Detective Renée Ballard. Ballad discovers discrepancies in the initial inquiry when she begins her inquiries, while also working her own cases on the midnight shift. If you want to start at the very beginning…

The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly’s debut novel, The Black Echo, introduces readers to Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, one of his most well-known characters. Mulholland Dam is the setting for this investigation after a body is discovered in a drainpipe. Upon arrival, Detective Harry Bosch is surprised to learn that the victim is a fellow Vietnam veteran. With just one option left, Bosch must decide whether or not he should pursue justice for his fallen comrade—or seek vengeance. If you like legal thrillers…

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

An attorney named Mickey Haller, who works out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car, is introduced to the reader in The Lincoln Lawyer He stands up for those criminals who are often overlooked because they can’t afford to pay a lot of money. An extremely high-paying client with an outstanding case comes his way, and Mickey is delighted until someone close to him is brutally murdered. There’s no way Mickey is going to be able to solve this case on his own; it will require all of his skills and resources to not only see justice served but also keep himself alive.

Visit this page to see all of Lincoln Lawyer’s episodes in chronological order. Harry Bosch’s Nine Dragons and The Crossing also include Mickey Haller. If you like to read about crime reporters…

The Poet by Michael Connelly

Death is Jack McAvoy’s area of expertise. To keep up with a serial killer who appears to be targeting cops who have lingering, unsolved cases, he’s been assigned to investigate. When the killer targets Jack’s brother, a homicide cop, he leaves a quote from Edgar Allen Poe as a clue. The hunt for the culprit then becomes personal for Jack. In a desperate rush to apprehend the killer before he strikes too close to home, Jack investigates the case, uncovering crimes across the country.

If you are in the mood for a standalone thriller…

Blood Work by Michael Connelly

While recovering after heart transplant surgery, former FBI agent and ex-detective Terry McCaleb receives an unwelcome surprise: The woman’s sister has asked him to solve her murder. As an act of benevolence to the woman whose heart he won, Terry investigates a suspicious death as a favor and discovers that the person responsible may be considerably more deadly than a random act of violence.

If you want to read the backstory of Renée Ballard…

The Late Show by Michael Connelly

Renée Ballard is a member of the Los Angeles Police Department’s “late show,” or overnight shift, in Hollywood. She may be the first to arrive at the site of a crime but will only see her cases through to the end if she is lucky. But then she comes across two cases that she is unable to turn over: the beating and abandonment of a prostitute and the murder of a nightclub hostess. When Ballard isn’t burning the candle at both ends, she’s facing a criminal who has her on his list of targets.

If you want to jump right in with Connelly’s newest series…

Dark Sacred Night by Michael Connelly

When Renée Ballard sees a stranger sifting through her files during her routine night shift, she knows something is wrong. It turns out that the invader is Harry Bosch, a famed cop who has become obsessed with a cold case. Rather than just handing over what he wants, Renée decides to look into the matter further. As they work together to discover the killer, a tenuous trust is developed between the two. They utilize their different talents to take down a criminal that neither could capture alone. The Night Fire, the sequel in the Ballard and Bosch series, is now available for purchase! The Night Fire’s first five chapters are available online for free.

The Crossing

The Crossing, the 18th book in Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch series, is at the top of our list. Nearly 54,000 people have rated and reviewed this book on Goodreads.Attorney Mickey Haller seeks the assistance of his half-brother, retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch. All evidence pointed to Haller’s client, a former gang member turned family guy, for the gruesome murder of a woman in her bed. The murder rap is solid, but Mickey is convinced that it’s a setup. 

Bosch is adamantly opposed to working for the defense after leaving the prosecution. He fears it will undermine everything he’s worked for as a homicide detective for the past three decades. On the other hand, Mickey has stated that he will not intervene in the outcome. Harry has the burden of proving his client’s guilt, and if he succeeds, the prosecution is required to turn over the evidence.Bosch grudgingly accepts the case, despite the fact that it goes against all of his instincts. What he needs to find out is in the prosecution’s file, which is riddled with flaws. Who did it if not Haller’s client?

Harry begins his investigation with the assistance of his former LAPD partner, Lucy Soto. His research soon takes him into the police department itself. That moment, he understands that the killer he’s been pursuing has also been following him, as well.

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