6 Best Selling Genre Of Books Update 05/2022

How do you know what book to write? First, choose the right genre. Besides, there are so many different types of movies and TV shows. It can be a little hard to deal with. Don’t worry; we’ll take care of you! We have the literary genres that are popular now. You can try them out right now!

What Is a Genre?

First, let’s talk about what a genre is. A genre is a group of books that your book fits into. This will show up in the main theme and storyline of your book. It helps people figure out what books they might like. The hero doesn’t fall in love with the man of her dreams in this book. A person who is interested in crime books is not going to be happy if the book is more about how the detective and a witness interact with each other than how they work together to solve the crime.

Now, you can have different elements from different genres in your book. Think about it this way: You can have some crime or mystery or sci-fi in your book even if you choose romance as a genre. You can certainly do it! But the main theme and the thing that will be most important will be the romance. The same is true for every genre.

What Genres Sell the Most Books Right Now?

When we made this list, we also took into account subgenres, which are different types of music. You can look at them to see if the book you want to write fits into any of these groups.

Romance – Contemporary and Historical

How contemporary should a contemporary romance be? - Hannah Fielding

Romance has always been one of the best-selling book genres, and it has been for a very long time now, too. As a matter of fact, it has never dropped out of the top five best-selling book genres. Romance books are grouped together because they usually have a happy or at least emotionally satisfying ending. In these books, the reader goes on a journey with the characters and gets to know their love stories. There are a lot of different types of romance that are always competing for the top spot. There are two main types of romance: contemporary and historical.

It is a romance that takes place in the present day. After World War II, anything set after that time would be fine. Because it is more recent, you can look into the themes and ideas of recent events. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks are two of them. On the other hand, a historical romance is set at some point before the year 1945. These books’ plots depend on a good picture of the time in which they are set. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole are two books that come to mind when you think of these two books.

Crime and Thriller

A lot of people like to read crime/thriller and romance books, according to what other people say. Everyone wants to be the best. Because of how they make you feel. When people read romance, they feel warm and fuzzy inside. When they read thrillers, they get to see the dark side of life. People who read books like Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn or anything by Lee Child want this kind of thing.

The term “page turner” usually refers to a book that is in this group. If the book is written well, people can read through these books more quickly than most other books. Everyone wants to know who did it.

Religious and Self-help

These types of books have a huge following, both as ebooks and as printed copies. People love them both ways. People are more interested in improving their own lives than ever before. Religious books are like self-help books, but they are based on religious ideas. So, of course, the people who read your article will be people who follow the religion you are writing about.

To write a book in this type of genre, think about what people would find useful. A lot of things are available at this place. You can choose what you want to do based on what you know and what you want to do. Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero are all in this group. They all teach you how to think like a monk.

Children’s Books – Humor

LOL! Funny Children's Books Your Family Needs NOW! - Happily Ever Elephants

People love both print and ebook versions of children’s books. Children read more books than adults do. This is because it is fun for them to get lost in an imaginary world, and they enjoy it. They will enjoy reading anything that makes them feel like they are on a journey or that they can come up with new ideas. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 are the best age group for books. Books for younger kids are still very popular. Knowing what kids like will help you write a children’s book that will be a hit with your young readers.

In the last few years, a lot of people have been adding humor to kids’ books. The book will be a hit with both kids and their parents, who will read it as well. Having a funny part really draws the child in. People like Roald Dahl’s book The BFG because it shows this kind of thing in action. But who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Fantasy and Sci-fi – Young Adult

Readers of this type of book are very loyal to it. It’s not just young adult books that are the most popular, though. There are many subgenres. They mostly happen in other worlds or this world, but with a twist.

About half of the books on the top 20 best-selling books of all time are from this type of book. This type of book is very popular. Think of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe when you think of this. It’s not good news if you think you’ll have to compete with these big names in your field. About 48 percent of all books sold in this genre were either self-published or Amazon-published.

Best Young Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror of 2020 | Tor.com

Bonus Tip: Strong Female Lead

There has been a big rise in the number of people looking for books with a strong female lead. There is a lot of attention going to books that have strong heroines in them. You can find this in all types of genre or field of work, and we’re ready for it!

Adults and kids are both looking for someone to look up to. There haven’t been many strong female leads in movies and TV shows in the past, so it makes sense that people want more representation.

Final Thoughts

You can boost your book sales by choosing the right genre. There is a lot more to it than just choosing the most popular literary genre. People should be able to get what they want from what you write.

Choose a genre you know you can write well in. This way, you can build a group of fans who always enjoy your books. As long as your book fits into one of these categories, that’s a great thing for you! You don’t have to start over if it doesn’t. You should write something you would be proud of and enjoy reading.

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