10 Best Shifter Romance Books Update 05/2022

Best Shifter Romance Books

Take a peek at the infinite list of novels in the category on Amazon to see how popular paranormal shifter romance is. It’s not always easy to navigate and discover the greatest reading options. As a result, we’ve enlisted the help of Leia Stone, a USA Today bestselling author of over 40 urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels recognized for her sassy kick-butt heroines and seductive love interests. Her Matefinder series has been optioned for cinema, and she has sold over two million volumes. On a scale of 1 to 5, Leia created a spicy scale to assess these top 10 shifter romance titles.

Darkest Moon (Shadow Guild Wolf Queen Series Book One) By Linsey Hall

Darkest Moon (Shadow Guild Wolf Queen Series Book One) By Linsey Hall

Eve was born to be the alpha’s mate, but who cares! She hides in plain sight in the town she loves after fleeing at the age of fifteen, and only meets the alpha on rare occasions. He’s lethal, powerful, and seductive, but if she reveals her actual self, he’ll realize she’s a monster. She’s suspected of murder one night when she’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, with her would-be-mate pointing the finger. Eve has only one chance to establish her innocence and apprehend the killer, or she will be killed under shifter law.

I adore a slow-burning romance! -Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Leia Stone

Wolf Girl (Book One in Wolf Girl Series) By Leia Stone

Demi is magically bound and forced to attend school with witches and vampires in order to disguise her true nature after her family was expelled from Werewolf City before she was born. Until she meets Sawyer, the alpha’s son, by happenstance, and is whisked away to the Werewolf version of The Bachelor. During the Alpha’s mating season, all females must be present. There’s only one problem when Sawyer lets go of her cuffs and sees what she’s become: neither of them knows what creature she’s become.

Rejected (Shadow Beast Shifters series book one) By Jaymin Eve

Mera is deemed an outcast and a traitor for her father’s attack on the alpha. She flees the cruelty and finds some serenity for a while. They finally track her down and drag her back in time for her first shift. When her partner rejects her, she unwittingly summons the shadow beast, the shifter god, and the devil himself to her world by touching the shadow realm.

From the first page, you’ll be drawn into this seductive dark universe.

– Princess Leia Stone

Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks Series Book 1) By McKenzie Hunter

Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks Series Book 1) By McKenzie Hunter

Skylar has two objectives: live a simple life and hope that no one notices her transformation into a wolf. For the most part, her pack has left her alone, until vampires invade and her pack thrusts her into the limelight, claiming her as their secret weapon. Overnight, she went from being a nobody to being at the top of the supernaturals’ most wanted list. A bounty has been placed on her head by the vampires, and the pack and she are at odds. In the end, it’s possible that the enemy they’re attempting to eliminate is her.

Five out of five stars for action!

-Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Leia Stone

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series Book One) By Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson is a shapeshifter who was raised by werewolves but will never be one of them. Now she works as a mechanic in a one-woman shop until her past catches up with her in the shape of a freshly turned werewolf teen boy. Mercy enlists the help of her next-door neighbor, Adam Hauptman, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack. Her generosity has unintended effects, and she’ll have to seek assistance from the werewolves who abandoned her, whom she once thought family.

Mercy and Adam are one of my all-time favorite shifter pairings.

– Princess Leia Stone

Shifter Wars: Supernatural Battle (Wolf Dens Book One) By Kelly St. Clare

Andie goes looking for explanations after her mother leaves her with a big debt, only to discover she has walked into a world she didn’t know existed. She quickly finds herself in the arms of a man she has never met, safe and secure. A man with unnaturally large eyes…

This will be devoured in one sitting! -Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Leia Stone

Blood Heir (Kate Daniels World Book One) By Ilona Andrews

Blood Heir (Kate Daniels World Book One) By Ilona Andrews

Aurelia’s stakes are high; she left Atlanta eight years ago, and now she’s back under a new name, with new powers, and hell-bent on protecting her family. All she needs to do now is solve a few murders and prevent a prophecy from coming true. I mean, what’s the big deal? Wrong. An old flame reappears, posing a threat to her entire existence.

If you don’t have an Ilona Andrews novel in your collection, you’re missing out. Everything they write is fantastic, and the Kate Daniels series is no exception. – Princess Leia Stone

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls Book One) By C.C. Hunter

Kylie Galen attends the wrong party, and the experience affects her life forever. Her mother sends her to Shadow Falls, a summer camp for disturbed teenagers, but it quickly becomes evident that her fellow campers aren’t “troubled.” Kylie is claimed to be one of them by a band of supernaturals, who claim she was brought to Shadow Falls for a reason. Despite her skepticism about everything, Kylie begins to realize that Shadow Falls is exactly where she belongs…

This book will have you on the edge of your seat, begging you to read more. All of the elements of romance, intrigue, and magic are combined in this delectable package. -Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Leia Stone

Forged Wolf (Smoky Mountain Pack Book One) By Lucia Ashta

Zasha has fought her entire life until the day her father dies and she is no longer able to. Zasha is ambushed by four mages one night who use evil magic to transform her into a wolf, however altered wolves have an expiration date. With her life on the line, she’s scooped up by a Smoky Mountain Pack Beta who appears to be hell-bent on keeping her alive.

The chemistry here is off the charts since Zasha is such a badass!

– Princess Leia Stone

Warrior Fae Trapped (DDVN book Seven can be read without reading previous books.) By K.F. Breene

Charity has had a difficult life. She believes that once she receives a scholarship to a California institution, all of her problems would be solved. Until she’s whisked away to a gathering that quickly devolves into a vampire-turning bash. She is compelled to use magic she didn’t know she had to escape while she is there.

She finds herself imprisoned between two magical beings: a clever older vampire who wants to use her for her blood ties and possibly bind her to the bed, and a seductive alpha shifter who would protect her at all costs.

-Leia Stone A spectacular voyage of adventure, humor, and romance!

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