9 Best Speed Reading Books Update 05/2022

Speed Reading Books

People who want to learn how to read quickly have to put in a lot of time, patience, and practice at first. Furthermore, studying effective reading methods is important to improve concentration, motivation, and confidence in reading.

Software, courses, or classes can help you reach your goals, but there are many more ways to do so. Another way to improve your reading skills is to read books that will help you become a better reader. Ironically, this is a way that is often overlooked. These are some of the best speed reading books that teach readers how to read faster. They are made up of strategies that help people learn how to read faster.

Best Speed Reading Books 2022

How to Be a Super Reader by Ron Cole

How to Be a Super Reader by Ron Cole

This book (go to the bookstore) sums up Ron Cole’s 14 years of teaching reading. Learners felt like they were losing time each week, but Cole could not figure out where this time was going. Cole knew that a lot of this time was spent reading, so he came up with a plan to help people read faster and still remember what they read.

If you want to learn how to read faster, “Be a Super Reader” is a good book for you. In this book, you’ll learn how to improve your reading speed, whether you’re learning English as a second language or have trouble with books in general.

Do some things before you read this book. For example, it’s a good idea to figure out your own learning style first so that you can go through the book more quickly. There will be drills and exercises in this book, because it is a quick one. The main thing to remember is that you should learn how to read chunks of words. Following these steps, you could save up to 10 hours a week of reading!

With the book, you also get access to some of the best offline methods and resources. Some of the material can be changed to meet your needs and preferences, and the book also gives you access to some of them.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump

Breakthrough Rapid Reading is written by Peter Kump, who used to be the National Director of Education for Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics and now works for a different company. This alone is enough proof to at least give this book a try.

The book talks about ways to read quickly that have been used for more than 40 years. Chapter by chapter, Kump says that if you read this book and practice his techniques after each chapter, you will be able to read up to eight times faster than you used to.

A good thing about this book is that it places a lot of emphasis on doing things for yourself. Any skill can only get better with practice, and accelerated reading is no different from other skills. The sections for specific skills and practice allow for specific practice before moving on to the next skill, so that you can get better at each one first.

The reviews of this book don’t agree with each other! They say that after reading and practicing the techniques in this speed reading book, many people say that their reading speeds have gone up a lot. The review score was

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading

This book is written by Abby Marks Beale, who is a well-known expert on reading performance. She is also the founder of The Corporate Educator. She is known for her content-heavy training courses that are mostly based on adult learning principles and speedy learning, but she also does a lot of other things.

The guide has proven step-by-step instructions and methods that are easy for people to follow. You will learn how to control your reading speed over time by doing the timed reading exercises, keeping track of your progress, and figuring out your overall reading speed. Readers will also be able to figure out when and how to slow down their reading pace for a certain piece of text.

The strategies are very simple and easy to use. In the end, they will make it easier for you to understand and quickly read things like articles, books, and professional journals. The book has a lot of other things that every reader should know.

This book has been named one of the best speed reading books of 2019. It has great advice for doctors, lawyers, students, teachers, and working people of all kinds.

The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan

The Speed Reading Book by Tony Buzan

A big part of this book is working to improve all aspects of reading, like speed, comprehension, and quality (visit bookstore). Buzan, the person who came up with the note-taking method Mind Maps, also has a lot of work done on the brain and learning. “Mind Set” is a book series that talks about the brain and learning in the present day. This book is part of that series.

This book talks about the history of fast reading and how history is linked to the brain and learning. This is different from other books about the same subject. The Speed Reading Book goes on to explain what you can do with this book.

Some of these are that you will think more quickly and creatively, take better notes, become a better test taker, save time, and study more efficiently, for example. Background knowledge and practice exercises will help you reach any of your reading goals, no matter what they are. 

Guide To Speed Reading, Nathan Armstrong

Nathan Armstrong is a big fan of reading and writing, so he wrote a book called The Comprehensive Guide To Speed Reading. According to personal reading experience, the author helps people improve their speed by using accelerated learning techniques and well-thought out strategies.

Each chapter tells you how to speed up your reading. If you read this, you will learn the difference between “words per minute” and “effective words per minute.” Learn how to read books by skimming and scanning, so you only read the important parts and don’t have to read the whole thing.

Readers also learn about the history of fast reading and how the mind works when it is used to read quickly. Other chapters have exercises and solutions that can help you fix problems with reading or widen your eyes.

This speed reading book is a good choice for both students and professionals, as well as anyone who wants to read more and learn faster.

10 Days To Faster Reading – Princeton Language Institute

Another book by Abby Marks Beale is written with help from the Princeton Language Institute, which is based in Princeton. The institute knows that slow reading can hurt people’s adult education and their long-term career goals. They worked together with Abby to come up with a very quick solution. At its heart, this book says that it can help you improve your reading skills in just 10 days.

It has a lot of quizzes that can help you figure out how good you are at reading right now. The book also shows you how to break bad reading habits, improve your concentration level, cut down on how long you read, and improve your ability to see things in the background. It also talks about how to scan and skim content and remember information for a long time. It also has a lot of special techniques that have been proven to help people read faster.

Students, people who are very busy, and people who love to read can all improve their speed in just 10 days. In Abby’s online course, you will get this book for free if you decide to sign up. Visit her website to learn more. The rating is:

Super Reading Secrets by Howard Stephen Berg

Super Reading Secrets by Howard Stephen Berg

This book is written by the person who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest reader. It shows how he did it.

He was able to read 80 pages per minute by reading this book. You can see how he did it and use some of his tips and strategies when you read, too. As long as this book was written twenty years ago, a lot of the same things still work today.

After you learn more about a reading skill or technique, there are exercises you can do to try out what you have learned. As long as you can read, you can understand the scenario’s content. They cover things that people do every day, like balancing a checkbook. Reading any non-fiction text is one of the most common types of reading

In general, Super Reading Secrets is very easy to follow and will help you reach your goal of reading faster and more quickly.

Triple Your Reading Speed by Wade E. Cutler

To triple your reading speed, you should go to the store. Cutler says that if you improve your skills and practice the examples he gives to his readers, your reading speed will go up.

This book is written in a way that encourages you to learn on your own and work on your reading skills at your own pace, focusing on the Accelerated Method. People of all ages learned this method in the 1960s and 1970s.

This book talks about how many things go into learning how to read. There is a lot of attention paid to practicing reading, just like you would practice any other skill. Many reviewers of this book said that the more they practiced the skills they learned in the book, the more they saw a big difference.

You will get more from this book if you put in a lot of time and effort into learning how to do things. This book has been around for a long time.

Photoreading by Paul R. Scheele

Photoreading doesn’t sound like something that can be easily done just by thinking about the title of this book (go to the store). As you get better at photoreading, you will be able to go faster than one page per second.

There is also a claim that your reading comprehension will not be lost while you get faster. Is it too good to be true? Try it for yourself and see how your reading speed changes.

People who work in human development know that Scheele talks about the process of “photoreading,” which is taking a mental picture of what is going on in your head. This method allows you to process the information without thinking about it, and connect it to information you already know in your brain. This knowledge is then useful to the reader, and it will help you reach your reading goals in the long run. This book is also one of the more controversial speed reading books out there.

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