6 Best Books About Biting Update 05/2022

Children’s books can be a great way to help your toddler or young child stop biting, or you can use them to teach good manners in preparation for day care or preschool. As long as you show kids characters they can relate to, you can help them break their habit of biting for good. Despite being comprised of the Terrible Twos and/or Threes, I am quite fond of the toddler age. It’s really amazing to see how kids learn at that age and how they learn to piece things together. The saying goes that kids are sponges, and it’s right on the money. They learn a lot those first five years; but, I think that their brains are especially spongy at that age. All parents and caregivers can agree on one thing, though. Books about biting for toddlers are very important because this is also the time when kids start to bite.

This isn’t to say kids or people don’t bite after they grow out of this age bracket, but this is where it really begins. And for some reason, toddler teeth are as sharp as velociraptor teeth, and that hurts. It’s a lot. Still, I get why they do it. It’s kind of like a toddler screaming into a pillow or punching a wall. It’s a way to get frustration or anger out. These two other things only hurt the person who is angry. Biting doesn’t hurt the person who is being bitten, but the person who is being bitten. So, when the behavior is found out, there is a quick effort to stop it. There was a big problem with the toddlers when I worked as a teacher. I quickly found out what the problem was

Great Books About Biting

Not many book authors like to talk about biting. However, there are some great children’s books on the subject, from board books to early readers.

Teeth Are Not for Biting

Elizabeth Verdick wrote a board book called “Teeth Are Not for Biting.” It has simple text and bright pictures. This book tells your child that biting hurts other people and is not the right thing to do. When someone bites someone, it recognizes some of the feelings that might be behind it, and it suggests other, more gentle ways for kids to show how they feel.

As a bonus, parents and caregivers will find advice on how to deal with a biter in the book, too. A lot of people who write reviews on Barnes and Noble say that the book has won a lot of awards, like the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award and the SNAP (Special Needs Adaptable Product Award).

No Biting!

I love Karen Katz’s book, “No Biting!,” because it is so cute. It shows toddlers that there are better things to do than bite when they’re angry. Every time you open the flap, it looks like the frustrated child will bite his teeth and let off some steam. However, there are other ways in which the child will deal with his feelings.

The book’s tone is lighthearted, and one editor says that it can be a good way to give toddlers things to do instead of bite.

No More Biting for Billy Goat!

No more biting for Billy Goat! is a book written by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams about Billy Goat’s first day of school. Billy Goat is having a hard time fitting in. Out of anger, he bites a few of his new, would-be friends. Thanks to Ducky, Billy Goat can see that his teeth are for eating, not biting, and Ducky tells him that he should stop. Reviewers say that teachers will like the way the book shows Billy Goat as angry instead of bad, and the gentle way the book corrects him for biting.

It’s Billy Goat’s first day at school, and he’s a little nervous. He wants to play with his classmate, but he doesn’t know how. Then he gets angry and bites, which doesn’t make other kids want to play with him. Ducky, on the other hand, is willing to give him some advice and help so that everyone can play together. In this story, one of the main reasons young people are likely to bite is shown. This is another story that may be a good fit for your kids to read.

No Biting, Louise

It’s called “No Biting, Louise” by Margie Palatini and Matthew Reinhart. It tells the story of Louise, an alligator who gets very excited and likes to bite everything and everyone. Even grandma gets a little chomp out of her when she tells Louise and other people that this is just a stage. As a read-aloud for preschool and early elementary schools, the book is written at a slightly higher level than most books.

As hard as Louise tries, she doesn’t want to break her promise to her mom. She still wants to use her teeth, which makes it hard for her. if your child likes books with a story behind them, this one is for them.

Little Dinos Don’t Bite by Michael Dahl and Adam Michael Record

Little Dino has found his teeth and is now using them on everything, even his dinosaur friends. He needs to learn how to use his teeth the right way. If you’re not sure about the title, think about it: “Don’t they?” Dinosaurs and kids go together. So, they’re always a good choice when talking about what is and isn’t good behavior.

People Don’t Bite People by Lisa Wheeler and Molly Idle

Makes fun of your sister no matter how mean she is. Biting isn’t a good idea for her, even if she’s being a jerk! It is also a very colorful book, so that will also be a good way to get little readers interested and keep them reading. I love picture books that rhyme, and this one does, too. I think this is one thing that will keep a child interested.

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