9 Best Books About Camelot Update 05/2022

Books About Camelot

There aren’t many stories that have the power of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The story of magic, adventure, love, and betrayal in the Middle Ages has been told through the ages. It has inspired everything from hit movies and Broadway musicals to a kingdom’s worth of fantasy literature.

Are you ready to embark on your own epic literary journey through this magical world of your own? The following King Arthur books and Camelot books show the splendor and magic of King Arthur’s world, from sci-fi and fantasy to history books and new stories about the queens behind the throne. If you’re a fan of Merlin’s magic, Arthur’s adventures, or the forbidden love between Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot, you’re sure to find a book that’s right for you in the list below. Good knight, get dressed and go out there!

The Queens of Camelot By Sarah Zettel

The Queens of Camelot By Sarah Zettel

Sarah Zettel, an award-winning author, has written a four-part fantasy romance series about the legendary women of Camelot. Sorcery and passion are mixed with epic adventures in this series. New author Zettel draws on Arthurian legends from the past to make her own new story. She tells the stories of the women, maidens, and queens of the land, from the magical Elen and Lady Risa of the Morelands to High Queen Guinevere.

Merlin’s Booke By Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is a master at tapping into the magic of myth to make her stories enchanting. The multiple award-winning author is known as America’s modern-day Hans Christian Anderson, so it comes as no surprise that she can do this. In Merlin’s Booke, Yolen changes the Camelot legend to make King Arthur’s mysterious tutor and sage, the great magician Merlin, come to life. Yolen’s book is made up of short stories and poems that take you to the dark and enchanted world of King Arthur’s court. He captures the splendor and sorcery as well as new stories about its famous “shape-changer, Druid high priest, wizard extraordinaire.”

King Arthur’s Wars By Jim Storr

Check out the Arthurian saga to learn more about the ancient history that flows through it. Jim Storr, a lecturer and military history expert, has written a huge book about the Anglo-Saxon invasion of post-Roman Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. In this book, he looks for evidence and artifacts left behind by the Anglo-Saxon conquerors. King Arthur’s Wars is a well-researched book that includes maps and illustrations. It shows the military and political landscape of England in the Dark Ages and looks into the long-lasting effect of Camelot and King Arthur.

Arthur Rex By Thomas Berger

Arthur Rex By Thomas Berger

Famous author Thomas Berger is best known for his book “Little Big Man,” which is about the myths that people have about the American West. The book is very long and very sarcastic. He does this in Arthur Rex, a book about King Arthur and Camelot. New life is given to the warrior king’s well-known journey, from Arthur’s rise to his death in the battle with Modred. So, the New York Times Book Review calls it “splendid.” The book is about King Arthur, Queen Guinee, and the Knights of the Round Table, but it also has a new twist on the classic characters.

Parsival By Richard Monaco

Parsival, a member of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, was one of the men who went looking for the Holy Grail. Richard Monaco, who wrote this thrilling Arthurian story, based it on this story. Monaco is set in a world of myth and magic, but it’s written in a lean and modern way. It’s a gripping story of heroism and heartbreak that has a modern pulse.

Steel Magic By Andre Norton

He is the best in sci-fi and fantasy. The SFWA Grand Master wrote more than 100 books during her career. She often used myths to help her write great stories. Steel Magic is the first book in the author’s Magic Sequence series. It tells the story of three siblings who travel to the world of King Arthur and embark on a wonderful quest. During a search for a rumored lost lake, Sara and her brothers are surrounded by gray mist. When the mist finally clears, the siblings are transported back in time to the time of Camelot and King Arthur, when they lived. Sara and her brothers must find three magic talismans to save the world from the dark. If they don’t, they’ll be lost in time forever.

Brutus of Troy By Anthony Adolph

Brutus of Troy By Anthony Adolph

You will enjoy Anthony Adolph’s journey through the ages in search of Brutus of Troy, the mythical ancestor and mythical founder of Britain and the father of King Arthur. People say that Brutus went from Greece to Britain, where he defeated giants and became the first king of the island kingdom. This is how it is said. He built what would become London and started a royal bloodline that went from King Arthur to the ancestors of the Royal Family today. In this book, Adolph, a professional genealogist and broadcaster, looks at the long-running legend of Brutus of Troy through history and fiction. He shows how important it was for England to have a strong identity and how it inspired playwrights and poets from Shakespeare to Blake.

King and Raven By Cary James

We see Cary James leave the palace of Camelot and meet a peasant farmer named Micah of Greenfarm. He is better known as Raven. raven is a small animal that lives in the shadow of Camelot. He works in fields and has very little to do with King Arthur’s royal life. But when a group of Arthur’s knights come to Raven’s sister and rape and then kill her, everything changes. This is how it works: Raven swears a “oath of revenge.” He then goes on an elaborate mission to get into the high courts of Camelot and King Arthur’s inner circle in order to get revenge.

Merlin’s Mirror By Andre Norton

In this cosmic retelling of the King Arthur legend, Andre Norton goes back to Camelot and adds sci-fi flourishes and awe to the medieval story. Merlin, a star-born sorcerer who was touched by an alien intelligence, wants to restore lost technologies and restart humanity’s rise to the heavens. The Lady of the Lake receives signals from a space station. Arthur rises through the ranks to fulfill his celestial destiny. Merlin’s Mirror is a vivid depiction of the adventures of King Arthur.

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