9 Best Books About Domestic Violence Update 05/2022

Domestic abuse is a very bad crime that not only hurts the person who is abused, but also our whole society as a whole. Some of the violence could be sexual or psychological, but it could also be financial, physical, or sexual. It could have a negative effect on the present generation but also last for generations to come. It doesn’t matter what your cultural, ethnic, or socioeconomic background is. It has spread across centuries and time zones. That said, the awareness and tools needed to fight this aren’t quite up to snuff. If you want to better understand and identify the consequences and mechanics of domestic violence, here are five books about it to help you do so.

Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris

A lot of people who know Jack and Grace want to be like them. There are many things that make her look good. He has a lot of money and is a real beauty. He is an attorney who fights against people who abuse people. This makes him look even more like the ideal husband everyone wants. Grace only realizes that she has married a sociopath when they are on their honeymoon in Thailand. If she doesn’t get out of this mess soon, he will be terrorizing her for the rest of her life. Now, she isn’t just worried about herself. She is also worried about her sister, Millie, who Jack might torture for his own pleasure.

When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife by Meena Kandasamy

Strong voice: In the year 2014, Kandasamy’s first book was called “The Gypsy Goddess,” and it took the literary world by storm. In When I Hit You, she tells the story of a young woman who was abused by her husband, a Marxist revolutionary. She then talks about how a man can abuse a woman for a long time. He slowly takes away her power, makes fun of her at every chance, and separates her from everyone who cares for her. You can’t help but hope after reading this beautiful book, which makes you feel like you can fight against the odds.

In the Dream House: A Memoir by Carmen Maria Machado

A very detailed look at abuse in a lesbian relationship is what this memoir is all about. Machado, despite her ex-threats, girlfriend’s finally has the courage to write about how she was abused by her Harvard-educated ex-lover. When she was at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she met her abuser, who was also there. As soon as the person who took her breath away did, she was sucked into a web of cruelty, denial, and sweetness that made her question what she thought she knew.

Into the Darkest Corner By Elizabeth Haynes

This book is a very detailed look at domestic violence and how victims have to deal with the effects of it for years after the abuse is over. The diary entries that make up the book’s structure give it its shape, and the timelines move back and forth between the past and now. Catherine is swept off her feet by Lee, and that’s not a surprise because of his looks and charm. But beneath the surface of his charm, there is a darker side that no one is willing to believe. The way he acts and the way he wants to control every part of Catherine’s life is so heart-wrenching. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since her body has healed, she is still haunted by the monster that was unleashed on her. One phone call is all it takes to throw her off course.

A Woman Is No Man By Etaf Rum

First, Rum tells the story of a Palestinian woman who is married to a man in the United States and hopes for a better life. When Isra married Adam, she dreamed of finally getting the love she had always been without. Her future wasn’t even close to being clear to her at all. Adam would abuse her both physically and emotionally. After she gives birth to three daughters, Adam’s family prefers boys over girls. When her mother died, her daughter, Deya, is now on a quest to find out who her mother was, how she died, and why she died.

Healing the Trauma of Abuse by Mary Ellen Copeland MS MA

This book boosts self-esteem, self-image, and healing. Women who want to heal both their minds and bodies will find help in this book. The book also helps women work through the process of identifying their traumatic experience as abuse, which is often kept hidden and not talked about. The best thing about the workbook is that it comes with assignments that can be done between therapy sessions, which will help improve treatment even more.

Don’t Hit My Mommy! by Alicia Lieberman

This is a wide-ranging and easy-to-read book for people who work with young children who have been traumatized. While the book was written for people who help people, it also talked about how to work with people who abuse and hurt people to help them think about how their actions affect other people. This book helps people change their families and break the cycle of violence by reading it.

Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden

People who have been abused at home will be inspired by the true story of a young artist named Ruth, who was the daughter of a violent narcissist who also abused her, as well as an enabling mother and abusive siblings who keep the cycle of violence going. In the middle of everything is a terrible secret that has been hidden for years. As a result of being blocked at every turn by men who want to keep their power over her, Ruth has a lot of strength and inner vision that help her fight back. People who work with people who were abused as children read this book to help them as adults.

Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft

Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men is a book that tries to help people understand the abuser. Gaslighting, manipulation, or other forms of control can make people think they deserve to be abused. This is one of the sad things that keep people from getting help. There are other books out there that try to help people deal with their abusers. This one tries to focus on them. Lundy Bancroft’s book helps women understand how abuse works and how to be strong enough to leave abusive situations.

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