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Books About Dragons

Dragons. Draconic monsters have long been a part of our mythology, having appeared in numerous civilizations and historical periods. Among these mythological creatures are the Greek Hydra, the Egyptian Apep, and the Chinese Dragon. Just a few examples of how these amazing species have appeared in literature all throughout the world. There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that people have a deep affection for dragons. These scaly mythical animals, as well as the novels that narrate their stories, are irresistible. As long as you didn’t have a dragon period as a child, you’re in luck. Find some of the best dragon books for adults.

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter

Zulu history and mythology inspired this tale, which follows the Omehi people, who have been engaged in a nearly two-century long conflict. Some Omehi have the power to control dragons, while others can turn into otherworldly creatures. The only exception is Tau, a youngster with little apparent talent. What matters is that he has one goal that will lead him on a dangerous journey: retribution.

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik

I’ve never seen dragons depicted so well in a fantasy novel, and Naomi Novik brings her expertise in character development and setting to this realm. In the midst of seizing a French ship, Captain Will Laurence discovers a dragon egg, which he eventually hatches. This is the beginning of a series. The best part is that if you enjoyed the first book, there are eight more to look forward to.

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

In this engrossing tale of the British aristocracy, author Zen Cho creates a fantastical parallel past. A former slave who is now one of England’s top sorcerers, Zacharias Wythe, is the protagonist of this novel. In spite of the great hatred from the majority of those around him, he nevertheless does what is right for England by going to Fairyland to find out why magic is dwindling there. What he discovers there is far more of a mystery (and a storyline) than he could have possibly imagined.

Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton

While this novel isn’t as as unique as some others on this list, it is unique in that all the characters are dragons. A dragon’s custom is to consume the deceased, as well as the weakest members of the family, after the death of a family member. A patriarch’s death leaves his progeny scrambling to understand the ramifications of his passing and avoid death in the process.

This is “a nostalgic Victorian book in which all of the characters are dragons who eat one other,” as the author describes it. Children assemble to consume the corpse of a deceased dragon father as part of their inheritance rituals. A power battle breaks out when a lusty son-in-law sneaks a second helping of Daddy’s favorite food into the house.

Tooth and Claw is a charming fantasy homage to Anthony Trollope’s writings, with strong echoes of politics and romance.

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

This gripping novel, written in the style of a memoir by one of the world’s foremost dragon experts, follows Lady Trent as she tries to bring the study of dragons into harmony with contemporary science and technology. Overall, this book perfectly captures the spirit of all the real-life female scientists who risked their lives and reputations in order to discover what they loved the most.. Anyone who knows me knows that if dragons were real, I’d be an obsessive student. (Of course, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some new information that shows my assumptions incorrect.)

Phoenix Extravagant by Yoon Ha Lee

Let’s all take a moment to admire this stunning cover. Incredibly beautiful, and the pages within continue to live up to the excitement created by the book’s cover art. Early reviews of this book, which isn’t due out until October 20, 2020, have already gotten a lot of people talking. Yoon Ha Lee is one of my favorite authors, and I am eagerly anticipating the release of her new book. Sneak peek: a military job for a morally gray artist, and a philosophical mechanical dragon unlike any other.

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

When you’re in the mood for an 800+ page epic fantasy, you can’t help but read it. I’d recommend The Priory of the Orange Tree if that’s what you’re feeling right now. As a result, you won’t even realize it’s the length of two standard-sized books, a story of political intrigue, dragonriders, and murder plots.

Songs of Insurrection by J.C. Kang

In addition to the stunning cover, the tale itself is also impressive. This book is a cross between a spy thriller, an epic fantasy, and a romance novel. Songs are powerful in today’s environment. However, Princess Kaiya has the ability to be more than a figurehead and is unable to convince the court of this (and a weak one at that). But Kaiya, whose strength and self-awareness only grow with each passing day, isn’t going to stand for it.

Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen

Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen

Imaginarium Geographica is handed to three Oxford students in 1917 by a professor who has just passed away. Mythical realms have been targeted by dark forces because of the book’s location information. Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams are revealed to be our protagonists in a well-known twist, and their travels take them to a hidden actual world where dragons do exist.

Temeraire (His Majesty’s Dragon) by Naomi Novik

Captain Will Lawrence of the King’s Navy captures a ship containing a rare dragon’s egg during the Napoleonic Wars. Lawrence abandons his naval career to join Britain’s great fleet of dragon-borne ‘aviators,’ after the hatchling within makes an impression on him.

The Temeraire trilogy by Naomi Novik builds a rich and interesting alternate history revolving around a cast of colorful dragons and other mythical creatures.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

For many fantasy dragon fans, Tolkien’s classic novel was their first introduction to the creatures.

Smaug, the dragon, hides a vast stockpile of gold riches he took from the kingdom of the dwarves more than 150 years ago, deep in the lonely mountain. The dwarves (together with a wizard and a little burglar) seek to reclaim the riches that has become him Middle Earth’s biggest gold hoarder.

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