15 Best Books For 5 Year Olds Update 05/2022

Does your child start school in the fall? There are a lot of things you might be worried about, like their reading level or whether they’ll stop doing that sacred thing before bed.

It’s possible for kids to get frustrated and lose their interest in reading because kindergarten is the start of a more demanding reading class. A way to fight that? With a lot of love and the right children’s books, you’ll raise a real bookworm with no problems. You’ll raise a bonafide bookworm with no issue

The Best Books for 5-Year-Olds of 2022

List of great books for 5-year-olds:

The Day the Crayons Quit

Favorite for Emotional Intelligence
This book is great for when your child is angry or feels like they don’t belong. The story is about the crayons in a little boy’s crayon box, and it shows how they look. They didn’t like how they were being treated, so they all stopped working and did something else. It’s a favorite because of its funny storyline and the implicit message that it’s important to tell people how you feel when you’re angry. It also shows the importance of working together.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Learning Self-Confidence
If your child is shy, this is a sweet title for them. He gets sad and doubtful when other animals make fun of him because he isn’t good at dancing. Finally, he comes up with a dance that everyone is amazed by.

This is a good title to use to talk about bullying and self-love at the same time. We chose this book because of that, and because it has a lot of rhyming words to keep kids interested.

Ice Cream Soup

Great Choice for Budding Chefs

This level one book is good for your 5-year-old if they’re learning to read on their own. People in the story want to make an ice cream cake but add too many ingredients, which makes soup.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

All Things Truck
If your child likes trucks, this is a good book for them, especially when they’re going to bed. Each truck in the story finishes their work for the day and says good night, and the story names the real construction trucks. If your child is a fan of construction and trucks, this book is likely to be the one they choose over and over again.

Bob Books, Set One

First-Time Independent Readers
These books are good because there are five sets of books for people who are just learning to read. This is a good set for 5-year-olds and other people who aren’t very good at reading because it only talks about four letters in each book. In the beginning, your child should be able to read set one alone. Then they can move on to the next one. In the box, you’ll get 12 short and simple stories for your child to read. This will help them build their confidence as they read.

Curious George Curious About Phonics

For Curious Kids

Curious George is a well-known character in children’s books that everyone loves. There are phonics readers that make it possible for your monkey to read Curious George on their own without help.

It has some words that your child might not know, like “pancake,” but doesn’t overwhelm them. The challenge words are also shown in the artwork to help your child recognize them, as well as words like “and,” “the,” and “them.” In this set, there are 12 books with George adventures and a parent guide to help you remember what you read.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Kindergarten Classroom Staple

Take a look inside any kindergarten classroom, and you’ll be sure to see this title on the wall. As a young child, this is a great way to teach them about cause and effect. This is a book that should be on every child’s bookshelf. When you give the hungry mouse new things, he keeps coming back for more. This story is a little weird. I still remember this one from when I was a child.

The Story of Ferdinand

Teaching a Lesson
A young bull named Ferdinand is not like the other bulls in his pen. He is very different from the other bulls. While most people are rough and rowdy, Ferdinand would rather sit down and smell the flowers than get in a fight. In this way, kids learn not to take things too seriously and to enjoy the things around them.

You should always be true to yourself, even if other people think it’s weird. Each page only has a few sentences on it, so it’s very easy to read and understand. It’s easy to understand the unique illustrations, but there’s still room for your imagination to run wild with ideas.

There’s a Bear on My Chair

Goofy Playtime

The rhyming words in this story will keep your child interested. The text is also bigger and some words are more important than others, to help the reader.

Following a mouse, a bear is on his chair. There’s no place for the mouse to sit. He sees the mouse in his house when he goes home.

Me and My Dragon

For the Dragon Tamer

If your child likes dragons, this title might be very important. The story is about a boy and his dragon, and it is all about them. The boy goes on to explain why dragons are good pets and how to choose the right one. We like this book because it has a different story line and illustrations that help back it up. A lot of text isn’t on each page, which makes it good for new readers. Taking care of someone or something, even if that person or thing is a dragon!

The Rainbow Fish

Swim & Share
People who are 5 years old often have problems with sharing. This is a good book for you to read to your child right now. This is the story of the most beautiful fish in the sea.

In this case, his weakness comes from being a bit of a jerk. He doesn’t want to share his beautiful scales with other fish. In the end, he learns that sharing can be fun, and he is happier as a result. The beautiful, watery illustrations and the moral of the story should keep your child interested while they think about how they can share or not share.

Dragons Love Tacos

Silliest Story

This is a silly story that is sure to keep your 5-year-attention, old’s especially if they’re a big fan of dragons. They talk about how much dragons love tacos in the story that they are telling. As soon as we read about what happens when they eat salsa, we think it’s a little weird. We love this book because it is so fun. It’s also simple to understand, which helps you learn how to predict what will happen next.

The Little Engine That Could

Plenty of Encouragement

Maybe your child is having a hard time reading. It’s time to tell you about the little engine. This has been a favorite for a long time because the train’s problems are similar to our own. It’s sweet and relatable, and it’s a good story. People who read this book will be encouraged and told to keep going, and they’ll be able to do anything they want.

Pete the Cat Phonics Box

Great for Rocking Out

Pete is a big hit with kids, and this phonics set is sure to keep your child interested and excited about reading. In this box, there are 12 mini-books that show short and long vowel sounds and a lot of common words to look for.

It’s Hard to be Five

Learning Self-Control 

As a parent, you know that this age can be hard. This book is a good way to teach your child to be more self-control. It’s also a lot of fun. It makes fun of the story with silly rhymes, and the illustrations make it even more fun. Our favorite thing about this book is that it helps your child understand how they feel about certain things, and it makes them feel better to know that these feelings are normal and that we all have them, too.

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