10 Best Books For Black Boys Update 05/2022

Books For Black Boys

You might have to look hard to find chapter books for Black boys. They’re not teenagers yet, so you can’t have them reading novels, but they’re not babies, so picture books won’t due either. Add in our desire for chapter books that are representative of our culture, and it’s just not easy. Chapter books for black boys that have black characters or are written by black authors are very hard to find. It’s even more difficult to find books for Black boys at all. With our teen son, we were able to do well. It was hard for us to find chapter books for middle-aged boys who looked like us to read. Check out the list at the end of this article. We looked on the internet, looked on Amazon, and found some interesting books. This is how we found them: Check out this list!

Ziggy & The Black Dinosaurs

Ziggy & The Black Dinosaurs

These books were a godsend. Before he was 8 years old, I was looking for chapter books for him. He loved them right away. Zip, the main character, is from Jamaica and likes to go on trips with his friends. Both of my boys, who are now 9 and 10, love this show. It’s a rare thing. In order to get this show, you’ll have to settle for a remake of it. It’s been changed to Clubhouse Mysteries.

Dr. Joe & What You Didn’t Know

This is a good book to read to your middle-aged son every now and then to give him some new ideas to think about. It’s not a book, but it has interesting facts about things like why scotch tape is called scotch tape and why people in Boston buy brown eggs. Use this book once or twice a month to add some fun facts to our days. Take a look at Dr. Joe and what you didn’t know.

Children of Blood & Bone

Everything you know about sci-fi, chapter books written by us is already out there. Children of Blood and Bone is one of the best. That’s not what they think. They don’t know that kids love this book, too. When our neighbor, who is also a homeschooling family, reads it with her boys, she says it’s great. We’re going to read it next school year.

The Seedbearing Prince

The Seedbearing Prince

It was while I was homeschooling my oldest son that I came across this ebook, which is a PDF (who is now 17-years-old). Because he likes sci-fi, he’ll like this book because it’s both adventure and futuristic (adventure + futuristic). It’s a story about a young man who grows up in a galaxy that’s a long way away. This is a book with a Black author who has written a lot of good books (to-date there are four books in this series). In this link, you can go to The Seedbearing Prince to see it.

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind

He read this book in two weeks last year. Because he loved it, This is a story that will make any boy who has a dream feel good. A smart African boy from Malawi named William doesn’t know how much he helps his family. That is what I love about this story. It shows STEM in a way that our kids can relate to. It talks not only about the value of knowing how things work from your own point of view, but also about how Black kids who are makers can help their communities. In the Spring, we’ll read the book again and do a project based on it and the video. This is what we’ll do. There is a link to The Boy Who Caught the Wind on this page.

The Kid Caramel Series

If you’re a Black boy, you should read this chapter book. It’s old, but it’s still good. It’s been around for a long time. I bought these books for my oldest son back in 2010, and I still have them. To this point, there have been four books in the series, and they never go out of style. To solve crimes in New York City, Kid Caramel is a kid detective who runs around the city. If you’re black, you should have this in your home. Check this out.

Public School Superhero

Public School Superhero

It’s another book that my son has read in the last two weeks. This is the second one. Getting rid of bullies is easy for Kenny Wright because he knows how to do it. He uses his skills at chess to help him get through school. They both read this book in a flash. It’s here.

Forty Acres & Maybe A Mule

We have a tradition in our family of reading that makes me so happy to write about.

It’s the third book on this list that both of my boys have read. This is another coming-of-age story, but this time it’s about a young boy who’s just come off the farm. Before so many promises are broken, Pascal doesn’t know that his life as a sharecropper with his family isn’t as happy as it looks. It’s here.

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

People know Filthy McNasty and Josh Bell for two things: their sick beats and their skills on the court. When he and his twin brother Jordan go to the gym, they play basketball and do all of their other things together.

Then, when Jordan starts dating a girl, things start to get better. Now, the twins no longer get along so well. This year, they’re having a good basketball season. Josh feels like he’s losing out.

Josh’s poetry is used to tell this story, and it’s very exciting. I think the words might jump off the page. In this book, kids ages 10 and up, as well as those who love sports, will enjoy it a lot. As a non-athlete, I was totally sucked in!

Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Ghost is a fast runner. In the beginning, he and his mother were forced to flee from his abusive father. He hasn’t stopped running since then. In the last few years, he’s been running from trouble and running from the things that bother him.

After running on the track, he has now earned a spot on an elite team. This team could take him as far as the Junior Olympic Games. When his life looked bad, he made some bad decisions. To be successful, he’ll have to run away from his past and the consequences of those decisions. Can he reach his goal, or will he get into trouble again?

A book called Ghost is the first in a series about a middle school track team. It’s a good book for kids ages 10 and up.

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