20 Best Books For Little Boys Update 05/2022

Children often ask for the same book again and again. Is that true? You can’t figure out what makes that book that book. It happens all the time around here, but it’s hard to find books for boys. At least for me. Call it luck, but I found a lot of things I didn’t expect to like. Some of my five-year-old son’s favorite books are ones that I would never have thought would be big hits. His five-year-old self must have liked these books because he asks for them over and over again. Five-year-old boys are interesting, but I’m not one of them (obviously). There is a chance that with three sons, I won’t be able to fully understand them.

Sometimes, these books make me wonder what makes them so special. A boy at our poetry teatime has made me look everywhere for funny poetry that boys will like. When we read Roald Dahl’s poetry, we drink water from pretty tea cups while we laugh at some of it. My boys love it because it makes them want to write poetry right away. My seven-year-old daughter laughs right along with them, so these books are also good for girls. Or maybe that’s just what having a lot of brothers will do to a girl, too. As a side note, if your child wants to read the same books over and over again, it’s a good sign that they’re close to being ready to read. If you get tired of hearing the same thing over and over, don’t stop. They are making important connections while you are reading. Here are all the best books for boys that I’ve found this year. If you’re a mom with little boys and is having trouble finding good books, I hope this helps.

The Best Books for Little Boys

Moo! by David LaRochelle

Moo, a mischievous cow, takes the farmer’s car for a wild ride, but he doesn’t know how to drive. Will a bump in the road stop her? Board book: This one tells a lot of stories with just one world. Younger kids will love it!

Oh No! Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World

She makes the robot for her science fair project, and when it gets loose in her city, things get crazy. She quickly realizes that she didn’t put in any skills for stopping the destruction, so she doesn’t know how to stop it. People of all ages can enjoy this graphic novel that’s in picture form because it’s about a group of people.

Levi Strauss Gets a Bright Idea

They lose all their gold because their pockets aren’t big enough. Levi Strauss comes to the rescue! In this historical story, there is both fact and fiction. It tells the story of how the jeans we now wear every day came to be.

It’s Monday, Mrs. Jolly Bones!

There is one way Mrs. Jolly Bones does her housework. Her normal weekly chores start to look a little different when she has a pig, cow, chicken, and bunny with her when she does them. As a picture book, this one is very silly. It will make both parents and kids laugh out loud!

Warning! Do Not Open This Book

Do you want to read this book? There’s a chance you shouldn’t. Then again, you could! They go on a wild adventure with monkeys, toucans, and an alligator with very wide jaws. A silly thing will happen next, and young readers will want to keep turning the pages to find out what it is.

The Bear Who Wasn’t There

There are no pages in Bear’s book. Duck doesn’t seem to care at all. The rest of the animals give ideas about where Bear might be, but who will find him?

Green Pants

Green pants are Jameson’s favorite color, so he always wears them. As soon as his cousin asks him to be a part of her wedding, he is excited. He isn’t so excited when he learns that he has to wear black pants. Can Jameson figure out a way to be at his cousin’s wedding and stay true to himself?

The Power of Henry’s Imagination

Henry’s stuffed rabbit, Raspberry, has been taken. After Henry’s family looks for Raspberry and doesn’t find it, Henry’s grandfather tells him to use his imagination to find the bunny. A story about the power of friendship and love.

We Forgot Brock!

PHILIP AND BROCK ARE BEST FRIENDS. This is not your average friendship, though. Philip can only see Brock. Phil leaves Brock at the fair by accident. The friends miss each other so much. Yes, they will find each other.

Library Lion

Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very strict about the rules of the library. She doesn’t let anyone break them. When a lion comes to visit, no one knows what to do. The lions seem to fit right in with the rest of the group. When something bad happens, the lion is there to help you out. Maybe some rules aren’t meant to be kept.

Dirty Beasts

Poems by beloved author Roald Dahl feature mischievous and mysterious animals as the stars of the show in this book. Children and adults will both be happy with this collection of crazy people. They will make everyone laugh.

Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum

Gum has been around for a long time, but bubble gum didn’t come out until 1928. Dubble Bubble gum has been a big hit for many years, and this book has a lot of fun facts about its history.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

Little Wolf is fed up with eating the same thing for dinner over and over again for dinner. Boy is what he really wants. “Boy! Boy!” he yells as he walks home one day. There isn’t going to be a boy until then. This book is a new twist on a well-known story.

The Super Hungry Dinosaur

This is what Hal must do when a hungry T-rex comes up and threatens to eat him and his parents and their dog. If you are a dinosaur fan, this book will make you very happy!

The Little House

There’s a little house that lives in the country at first, but as time goes on, it moves to a busy city. Once she doesn’t like this new place, her way back home is found.

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Find a magic pebble and Sylvester will get what he wants for free! It turns out, though, that making a wish can have some surprising results. On the way home, Sylvester sees a lion and makes a wish. Sylvester is reunited with his family after overcoming a number of challenges.


When Honeyguide and Badger were together, they were always a great team. Honeyguide and Badger find the honeycomb. Badger breaks it open, and Honeyguide finds the honey. But when Badger keeps the honey for himself, Honeyguide decides to show Badger a thing or two.

Going Places

Rafael likes to follow the rules. There’s nothing Maya doesn’t think about.

During a go-cart build and race, Rafael learns that maybe thinking outside the box isn’t so bad after all.

There Are Monsters Everywhere

In this little boy’s house, there are a lot of scary things (or at least in every corner of his imagination). With new karate skills, he can finally get over his fear of monsters.

This book has a lot of fun illustrations that will make everyone want to help the main character.

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