6 Best Books Like It Ends With Us Update 05/2022

Books like Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us make it all too easy to escape into a world where doing the dishes and scraping baked beans off your dinner plate aren’t even an option. Despite the fact that this New York Times best-seller takes us on a roller coaster ride of love and heartbreak, it still manages to leave us satisfied as we turn the final page.

Atlas, Lily’s childhood friend and first love, helped her cope with the hardships of her upbringing.

Following a few years in Boston after graduating from college and launching her new business, Lily meets Ryle Kincaid, a stunning neurosurgeon who completely changes her life. A little arrogant and stubborn, Ryle isn’t interested in forming any kind of relationship with anyone, but for Lily that changes.
When Atlas reappears in Lily’s life, his presence threatens to change everything. Lily is still plagued by questions about Ryle and what has made him unwilling to find love. You’ve come to the right place if you’re in the mood for more books like It Ends With Us.

Books like It Ends With Us

Bright Side, by Kim Holden

Would it ruin your life if yours were discovered? My first book recommendation revolves around this idea.

Kate Sedgwick has been through a lot in her life, but she refuses to let it get the best of her in this novel, which bears a striking resemblance to It Ends With Us. Kate is a talented musician, but she’s also witty and intelligent. The idea of falling in love doesn’t appeal to her, so moving to Grant, Minnesota, and meeting Keller Banks is a complete surprise.

Keller has a secret life of his own, and he’s not a fan of getting involved in love affairs. If you’re looking for a story that will make you laugh, sigh, and want to read it again, this one’s for you.

Me Before You, by Jo Jo Moyes

Me Before You tells the story of two people who meet in unusual circumstances and embark on a steady journey toward love. After You and Still Me are the sequels to the 2016 film adaptation of the book. Until he was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, Traynor was an energetic adventurer who worked hard and played even harder. Now he sees no point in living a life where he is unable to do the things he enjoys. He’s enraged and eager to leave.

Will’s mother hires Louisa Clark, a capable and funny woman with no prior experience as a caregiver, to look after her son in the hopes that she can help him realize that his life isn’t over. Will and Louisa get off to a shaky start, but Louisa’s reassuring words eventually get him to open up to her. Take out your box of tissues and pick up a copy of Me Before You, if you’re looking for books like It Ends with Us.

The Kiss Quotient, by Helen Hoang

Try The Kiss Quotient if you’ve exhausted your supply of tissues but still crave some romance. It Ends With Us-style wit and sensuality is sure to bring a smile to your face and a thud to your heart.

With Asperger’s, a love of algorithms, and a job that pays more than she can spend, Stella Lane is the perfect person for the job. French kissing, to her, is akin to cleaner fish on a shark, which is why she dislikes romantic comedies. The things that couples do will be necessary for her to get used to if she ever wants a relationship. For the sake of her mother’s medical bills, her logical mind tells her that hiring an expert in the field is the best course of action, so she does just that and hires Michael Phan, a dashing escort. When he agrees to help her with her lesson plan, Stella begins to see him in a new light.

You may not need a box of tissues for this one, but it’s a good idea to keep some toilet paper on hand in case.

Love and Other Words, by Christina Lauren

To add to this list of books like Love and Other Words and It Ends with Us, I’m adding a childhood romance between two characters in my next book. Elliot Petropoulos and Macy Sorensen were childhood friends who spent their summers reading and discussing the books they loved and dreaming about the future they wanted for themselves. She referred to him as “the one” because he had both kept and broken her heart after her mother’s death.

In a decade, Macy has become a pediatrics resident and is engaged to an older man who is kind and stable. When Elliot returns to her life, her heart is safe. Macy has been clutching at her heartstrings for the past decade, as evidenced by the fact that their story shifts back and forth between the two timelines of their relationship.

Never Saw You Coming, by Hayley Doyle

Love can take its time, and sometimes fate has to intervene. In a story reminiscent of It Ends With Us, two people from very different backgrounds decide to take a chance on a long-distance romance. After flying from Dubai to Liverpool to surprise her long-distance boyfriend Nick, Zara Khoury is devastated to discover that the address he gave her does not exist. He’s also stopped replying to her texts.

Feeling dejected and humiliated, she decides to drive home in her old car, which she manages to ram into the back of a brand new white BMW. This is Jim Glover’s first good fortune in a long time, and he’s devastated by the loss of the car he just won on a radio show. That’s where their story begins… Jim eventually decides to drive Zara to the airport. If all of my other suggestions have left you feeling depressed, try reading Never Saw You Coming to put a smile back on your face.

Things We Never Said, by Nick Alexander

You can expect a slightly different kind of romance in my next book in the series, It Ends With Us. Upon the death of Sean’s wife, Catherine, she leaves him a box containing cassette tapes and photographs of their life together. There are a total of 29 envelopes, and she has given him specific instructions to open one each week.

Chapters are titled with a brief description of the photos and tapes they contain. It is through the tapes that Catherine confesses to Sean that she has kept some secrets from him. Some of the things that his wife has revealed to him about their relationship have a profound effect on Sean’s current situation.

Despite the fact that Alexander explores Sean and their daughter’s grief in Things We Never Said, this is not just a somber love story; there’s plenty of hilarity to be found as well.

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