8 Best Books Like Pretty Little Liars Update 05/2022

Books Like Pretty Little Liars

If you enjoyed Pretty Little Liars, you might enjoy these.

Sara Shephard’s Pretty Little Liars is the first book in a twenty-five-book series for young adults. That doesn’t include the Pretty Little Liars-like companion novels she wrote.

The author’s childhood in Philadelphia served as an inspiration for the books, which take place in that city.

The series is divided into four sections, one for each of the letters in the alphabet. “A” is a fictitious character that serves as the primary focus of the story.

Aria, Hanna, Alison, Emily, and Spencer are the five best friends of the Pretty Little Liars. In the “liars’ wheel,” Alison is a cog that knows all of their secrets. Alison goes missing one night during a sleepover; no body was ever found, and the group eventually splits up.

The story continues three years later when each of the girls begin receiving messages from someone identifying themselves as ‘A’ who claims to know their secrets.

If you enjoyed the mystery of Pretty Little Liars, here are some more recommendations for you.

Books like Pretty Little Liars

The Best Lies, by Sara Lyu

The Best Lies, by Sara Lyu

If you have a best friend by your side, the transition into adulthood becomes much easier to deal with. For many people, their BFFs are more important than their families during these times of transition, but the consequences of a third person interfering with this delicate dynamic can be serious or even deadly.

The Best Lies alternates between past and present narratives. As a best friend, Remy Tsai and her best friend, Elise, share everything, including their hopes and dreams. As long as Remy doesn’t meet Jack.

Remy is smitten by Jack’s sweetness and kindness, but what about Elise’s feelings?

When Jack is shot in the chest and Elise is found with the gun, this is the beginning of the story. Remy has to figure out the truth and hope that it will allow her to save their friendship. She is claiming self-defense.

For those looking for books in the vein of Pretty Little Liars, this might be a good place to start.

All Your Twisted Secrets, by Diana Urban

Mystery novel based on Pretty Little Liars features some of our favorite characters from high school, including the bad boy, miss popularity, music geek, and the athletic star, but there’s no food served.

One syringe contains poison, and the room is bombed, and the only way out is to kill one of the group members in the next hour.

As the story progresses, the focus shifts from the immediate danger to the individual lives of the students. In this lip-smacking thriller, you’ll wonder if you’ve ever done anything wrong.

To find out what each of the people in the room have done in the past that could possibly connect them to their captor – whoever they may be – join our protagonist, Amber Prescott, in All Your Twisted Secrets if you enjoy novels like Pretty Little Liars and need another puzzle to solve.

One of Us is Lying, by Karen Mc Manus

Similar to Pretty Little Liars, this book focuses on the death of a student and the four other students who are suspected of involvement in his death.

At Bayview High School, five students are currently in detention.

Simon is the creator of a school app that spreads rumors about students.

Bronwyn: an outstanding high school student hoping to gain admission to Yale University.

Nathan: On the path to a criminal career.

Addy: The prom queen whose status doesn’t reflect her less-than-perfect existence.

Cooper is a school champion in athletics.

When Simon died, police revealed that he had planned to reveal the darkest secrets about each of the other detainees he was with. Their involvement in his death is therefore inescapable.

What lengths would you go to keep your darkest secrets hidden from the rest of your school? Grab a copy of One of Us is Lying if you want to know who did it.

Is this book familiar to you? Other great reads like One of Us Is Lying can be found on our recommended reading list.

Truly Devious, by Maureen Johnson

Truly Devious, by Maureen Johnson

It’s safe to say that if you like both Agatha Christie and Pretty Little Liars, you’ll enjoy Truly Devious. Stevie Bell, a first-year university student who is fascinated by cold case homicide investigations, is our heroine this week.

Ellingham Academy, a school for gifted children, has an unsolved mystery surrounding the 1936 abduction of the founder’s wife and child. An anonymous note signed “Truly Devious” was the only piece of evidence. No one ever found out what happened.

After a student’s death, Truly Devious is back, and Stevie has two mysteries to investigate.

Download the e-book or buy it if you like old-fashioned crime novels and are a fan of the Pretty Little Liars-like series..

Expelled, by James Patterson

This book, like James Patterson’s Pretty Little Liars, will have you channeling your inner Alex Cross, despite the fact that he is better known for his adult crime thrillers.

After a photo from his hacked Twitter account goes viral and he is expelled from school, Theo Foster has given up hope of ever realizing his dreams.

He gets a job at a mini-mart, but soon learns that the lovely Sasha Ellis has been expelled as well for something she didn’t do. After hearing Sasha had been hacked, Theo decides to investigate and discover who and why.

In addition to them, two other students have been expelled, and Theo learns this information. The terrible secrets his suspects are hiding, such as parental abuse, suicide, and rape, are uncovered in his quest to find the truth. He wants to know who is responsible for this, and he wants their confession to be recorded so that it can be taken as a real confession.

Expelled might be worth a try if you like James Patterson’s writing style.

The Color of Lies, by C J Lyons

The members of Ella Cleary’s family suffer from synaesthesia, a condition that causes their senses to become jumbled. Ella is able to detect the emotions of others through the colors they emit, just like her uncle, grandmother, and grandmother before her.

When she was a child, she was told that her parents had died in a house fire, but Alec showed up on her 18th birthday to inquire about the murder of her parents.

This is something that Ella’s adoptive family has kept hidden from her, and now her entire world has been turned upside down. Her parents were murdered, so why doesn’t anyone want to tell her the truth?

Ella wants to know who and why they were murdered.

A good mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end is The Color of Lies, which I highly recommend if you enjoyed Pretty Little Liars.

All the Pretty Things, by Emily Arsenault

All the Pretty Things, by Emily Arsenault

If you liked Pretty Little Liars, you’re going to love All the Pretty Things. Don’t be fooled by the title; this mystery is evocative and dark.

Ivy Cork, her best friend Morgan, and many of her schoolmates work at her father’s amusement park during the summer.

Ethan Lavoie, a 19-year-old park worker with Down syndrome, was found dead one day by Morgan. Morgan ends up in a psychiatric ward after what appears to be a fall from a train trestle. Even Ivy is unable to communicate with her.

After the accident, Ivy realizes that not everyone is being honest about what happened, and she needs to find out for sure. Despite the fact that she may regret it.

If you like the idea of a murder taking place in an amusement park, then All the Pretty Things is the book for you.

We Were Liars, by E Lockhart

Like Pretty Little Liars, this mystery novel has been hailed as ‘Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart…’ by author John Green.

Cadence (Cady) Sinclair is the narrator of the story. Her wealthy parents and three cousins live on Beechwood Island, where she spends her summers. ‘The Liars’ is the nickname given to the group of four friends.

It’s idyllic until Cady, fifteen at the time, is involved in a terrible accident and goes missing for the summer. The rest of “The Liars” stop showing up when they return to Boston because she has no idea what happened.

The island’s history remains shrouded in mystery. Cady’s family is being torn apart because no one will talk to her about the accident. There are far too many unspoken rules and untruths. Anyone who wants to get better must first discover the truth.

When reading We Were Liars, keep your wits about you because the shocking twist at the end will require your full attention.

Is this your first time reading it? See our list of additional titles that are similar to We Were Liars for ideas.

You can’t sleep at night if you’re reading a good mystery like Pretty Little Liars because you’re so desperate to find out what happens next that you keep flicking the pages. They can infiltrate your days with, ‘I wonder if she did it because…,’ and they always leave you satisfied that the mystery is finally solved..’ Because of this, I’m a huge fan of the genre.

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