12 Best Books Like Tom Clancy Update 05/2022

Books Like Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy has a long and distinguished writing career as a master of techno- and espionage-thrillers, and many of his gripping novels have been made into films. To commemorate the late author’s 70th birthday on April 12th, we’ve compiled a list of high-octane thrillers that fans of Tom Clancy are sure to enjoy. The following are the descriptions provided by the publishers.

Killing Floor by Lee Child

Killing Floor by Lee Child

Jack Reacher, an ex-military police officer, is a wanderer. When he’s only passing through Margrave in Georgia, he’s arrested for murder in less than an hour. An unwelcoming one at that. Reacher’s only certainty is that he didn’t murder anyone. Certainly not here. Recently, no. However, he has no hope of persuading anyone to change their minds. Not here in Margrave, Georgia. There’s not a chance.

It’s difficult to live up to Tom Clancy’s legacy in the world of political and military thrillers. A total of 17 of his books were best sellers. Several big-budget films have featured his character Jack Ryan, who is one of his best-known creations. Since his death in 2013, the Jack Ryan series has been carried on by a number of thriller authors. If you enjoy Tom Clancy novels, you won’t want to miss the books on this list.

Godspeed, Carry My Bullet

Bobby Clyne has nothing to lose if the United States is overthrown and two illegitimate governments come to power. A man who terrorized his family is about to be elevated to a position of power, and he intends to prevent that. Bobby, armed with a powerful rifle, sets out on a journey of revenge, unaware that his actions could have an impact on others.

The Gangster, Clive Cussler

In 1906, an Italian crime syndicate terrorizes New York City. The gangsters are everywhere, making it difficult for Detective Isaac Bell to stop their crimes. He eliminates them one by one, fearing that others may use the name of the terrorist group to cause havoc throughout the city. To stop this organization, Bell must do everything in his power as the death toll soars and the citizens’ fear for their lives grows.

Memory Man, David Baldacci

Memory Man, David Baldacci

Amos Decker has gone through two life-changing events in a short period of time. To begin, a head-on collision ended his dream of becoming a professional athlete. His family had been murdered ten years prior, when he returned from a stakeout to find them dead. As a result of his mental and physical breakdown, he is unable to continue his work as a police officer. The question is whether Decker will be ready to return when a year has passed and a suspect has come forward to admit his guilt in connection with the killings.

Rogue Lawyer, John Grisham

There are few lawyers like Sebastian Rudd. This one-man show operates out of an armored van and takes on the cases that other lawyers would pass over. In Sebastian’s opinion, everyone should have the right to a fair trial, regardless of their background or criminal record. “Rogue Lawyer” is what you’d call him, and he’ll do whatever he can to fight injustice.

The Murder House,James Patterson

There is a dark history to the beautiful mansion at Number 7 Ocean Drive. A string of murders on the property has led to its dismissal as a curse, and now visitors avoid it like the plague. When Jenna Murphy’s career as a New York City police officer takes a turn for the worse, she returns to the town she used to call home. In the wake of yet another murder on the property, Jenna is determined to uncover the truth about this haunted house.

Back Blast, Mark Greaney

Back Blast, Mark Greaney

Before they turned on him and left him for dead, Court Gentry was the CIA’s best agent. Avenging his betrayal, he became known as the Gray Man, an international assassin. The truth he seeks in Washington turns out to be a dangerous one when he returns there years later to find out what really happened.

Charlie Wilson’s War, George Crile

Despite the fact that it reads like a novel and was adapted for the big screen by Tom Hanks in 2007, this story is based on fact. For one of the most successful covert operations in American history, Congressman Charlie Wilson and CIA operative Gust Avrakatos broke many rules in the early 1980s. The men were instrumental in aiding the Afghan “freedom fighters” in their fight against the Soviets.

A Gathering of Spies, John Altman

In this World War II thriller, the undercover agent Katarina Heinrich is the stuff of American nightmares. Henriette Heinrich has finally amassed the nuclear bomb intelligence she needs after years of being secretly wed to a Princeton scientist and living in the open. A MI5 agent named Harry Winterbotham has been brought in to stop Heinrich before she can complete her mission for the Allies.

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, Gary Kinder

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea, Gary Kinder

This true story of the SS Central America’s 1875 wreck and its discovery over a century later has been described as “Titanic meets Tom Clancy technology” by People. Tommy Thompson used cutting-edge sonar technology and a robot of his own design to locate the remains of 400 people and 21 tons of gold that were lost at sea. He finally found the wreck, including gold and steamer trunks full of artifacts, in 1989. In spite of the absence of terrorists or gunfights, this historical account has a thrill all its own.

Confessional, Jack Higgins

One of Tom Clancy’s favorite authors has released a new thriller, titled Confessional, about an Irish gunman named Liam Devlin. British Intelligence has tasked Devlin with eliminating KGB-trained assassin Cuchulain, who has terrorized Northern Ireland for more than two decades. Cuchulain, if Devlin fails, has a good chance of killing the pope, which would be the most shocking thing he’s ever done.

Under Siege, Stephen Coonts

Even though Chano Aldana was extradited to the United States for trial, he didn’t come alone—hit Aldana’s men, who have their sights set on the president of the United States, accompanied him. Jake Grafton, a fighter pilot, must stop Aldana’s men before they can inflict irreparable harm on the capital and the president. While he has the help of an undercover agent and a journalist, the clock is ticking.

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