10 Best Books Like Vampire Academy Update 05/2022

Books Like Vampire Academy

Six-book Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead is a steamy, fantastical tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From beginning to end, the books are impossible to put down because of their rich lore and fascinating characters.

A 17-year-old girl named Rose Hathaway is the focus of this show. To protect the Moroi (vampires who are completely undead), Rose is a dhampir, or half-vampire. Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi noble and her best friend, is her assignment.

The two have been on the run for two years, connected by a strange and supernatural bond. Only a world of immortal intrigue and lethal schemes awaits them when they return to St. Vladimir’s Academy. On top of that, there is the burgeoning romance of Lissa and Rose falling for their respective bad boys, Christian and Dimitri.

In 2014, a film version of the series was released, to lukewarm reviews from those who had read the books. Vampire Diaries writers Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre are reportedly working on a new television series adaptation. To pass the time, however, there are a few options.

Fans of Vampire Academy will want to check out these ten must-read titles.

Sunshine By Robin McKinley

Sunshine By Robin McKinley

Check out Sunshine by Robin McKinley if you enjoyed Vampire Academy’s rich worldbuilding, quirky heroine, and multifaceted danger.

The voodoo wars ravaged New Arcadia, and now the lake is practically deserted. Since Sunshine is in need of some time off, this is the perfect place for her to get away from it all. Then there are the vampires.

In captivity, Sunshine is used as the ultimate bait to entice fellow captive Constantine to join him. In the end, Constantine holds his ground despite all the odds. And with the help of some long-forgotten magic, the two unlikely allies come together…

When Darkness Comes By Alexandra Ivy

After reading Vampire Academy you may have thought, “Man I wish this was steamier,” then this vampire novel and its subsequent novels are for you.

Life as Abby Barlow had known it had come to an end because of a shattered vase. A few hours later, she found herself face-to-face with Dante, a sexy vampire demon, in a shady Chicago hotel.

The Chalice is a mortal woman tasked with keeping the forces of evil at bay and safeguarding the entire world. For centuries, Dante has guarded The Chalice. Abby has been chosen by Fate to be the next one.

He must now put his feelings for Abby on hold in order to protect her during an epic conflict between good and evil.

Fated By Rebecca Zanetti

Cara Paulsen can best be described as determined, if that helps. A single mother and scientist, she has had to fight for her rights and be heard. Even if it means marrying the mysterious Talen, she’ll do it for her daughter.

A centuries-old vampire named Talen claims to have been sent to protect Cara and her daughter. The way Talen holds and caresses Cara makes her wonder if he’s telling the truth.

The Sonja Blue Novels Books 1–4 By Nancy A. Collins

When it comes to Vampires, Sonja Blue isn’t your average one. After being brought back from the dead by a doctor, she continues to exist as a living vampire with a soul. Since then, she’s dedicated her life to hunting down and slaying the vampires that prey on humans and turn them into vampire blood.

Four books in the punk vampire series are included in this box set: Sunglasses After Dark, In the Blood, Paint It Black, and A Dozen Black Roses. Sonja’s investigation into deceitful televangelist Catherine Wheele sets the tone for the rest of the story.

Unnatural By Michael Griffo

Unnatural By Michael Griffo

Eden, a small town in the north-west of England, is home to Archangel Academy, an elite boarding school for teenage vampires. Its imposing and ancient walls conceal a wealth of information.

Weeping Water, Nebraska, felt like a prison to Michael Howard, and he is overjoyed to have been accepted to such a prestigious university. There, he discovers a sense of community and, most importantly, new friends. Ciaran, Penry, and Ciaran’s half-brother Ronan are all close friends.

However, Michael has only scratched the surface of what makes Archangel so remarkable. As a vampire, Ronan is part of a group that is considered an outcast by other vampires. There are as many rivalries and alliances in Archangel as there is in the academy, and they are as dangerous as the allure of love and temptation.

The Drake Chronicles Books 1–3 By Alyxandra Harvey

For centuries, the Drakes have lived in secrecy in the vampire underworld. However, a new generation of vampires, immortals, and vampire-hunters has emerged, and they must navigate this world on their own.

Solange Drake is the lone descendant of an ancient vampire dynasty in the series’ debut novel, Hearts at Stake. Everyone’s looking at her, alive or dead. Kieran Black, a vengeful vampire hunter, is the only one completely enthralled. Solange is kidnapped by a greedy vampire queen, and her friends and the dashingly deadly Kieran must save her immortal life.

The City Beneath By Melody Johnson

A shocking exposé by journalist Cassidy DiRocco makes her the prey of New York City’s Master Vampire Dominic Lysander.

When it comes to Dominic’s coven, he knows he shouldn’t kill Cassidy, but he can’t help himself. Cassidy is a night blood, a supernatural being with her own powers, including the ability to transform into a vampire. Cassidy, a nascent vamp, is caught in the middle of an immortal uprising that is taking place.

Cassidy is forced to seek the assistance of Ian Walker, another night blood, despite Dominic’s persistent efforts to enlist her assistance. How will New York City fare? It’s hard to know whom Cassidy can trust.

Darkness Dawns By Dianne Duvall

Darkness Dawns By Dianne Duvall

While trying to help an injured student, Sarah Bingham ends up in the middle of a blood feud between corrupt vampires and other powerful vampires who drink the blood of the living.

Vampire Roland Warbrook has a near-uncontrollable hunger for Sarah’s blood, which she finds attractive. After nearly nine centuries, Roland has never been more tempted than in this moment. Nevertheless, how could he ask for her love when it would require her to give up everything she’s ever had?

Succubus Blues By Richelle Mead

If you’re a fan of Vampire Academy because of Richelle Mead’s engaging writing style and sharp characters, then check out her other steamy and fantastical series.

Succubus Blues tells the story of Georgia Kincaid, a succubus.

The life of a succubi in Seattle, on the other hand, is far from glamorous or exotic. To spend as much time with the hot and successful author Seth Mortensen as possible, she has a part-time job at a local bookstore.

Georgia is desperate to get close to Seth, but she is aware of the risks involved with her feelings for him. A distant mooning is the best she can hope for. Even more so if something sinister finds a home in the demon underbelly of Seattle’s downtown.

Storm Born By Richelle Mead

The Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead is another excellent book. Eugenie Markham, a powerful shaman, makes her living escorting the immortal and magical from the mortal realm in the first book, Storm Born.

As a well-known supernatural assassin, she has been hired to track down a young woman who’s been abducted by the Otherworldly forces. Eugenie, on the other hand, reveals a startling fact while working: her firstborn may be a threat to the entire world.

The Otherworld’s most vengeful demons are out to get Eugenie, because she’s the queen bee who can do anything she wants. Eugenie is used to taking care of herself, but the situation now necessitates the assistance of a third party. Fortunately, she has Dorian and Kiyo, the handsome shape-shifter, to help her out.

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