8 Best Books Like Watership Down Update 05/2022

Watership Down was one of those books that, for a lot of people, served as a bridge from childhood to adulthood. Despite the fact that it is a children’s book about talking rabbits, the story is more complex and deals with mature themes than the typical tale. Richard Adams, the author, got the idea for the book while telling stories to his daughters in the car. It was only after they insisted that he write them down that it evolved into a complete novel. Before Rex Collings took a chance on the story, it was rejected by all of the major London publishers. In the years that followed, Watership Down was adapted for film, television, radio, and even the stage, winning numerous accolades along the way. As a result, many other authors have written animal stories with mature themes as a result of this book. If you’re looking for a book like Watership Down, you might want to check out this list.

Tales From Watership Down

by Richard Adams

In 1996, Richard Adams published Tales from Watership Down, a follow-up to Watership Down that had been in the works for over two decades. Rather than a full-length novel, Adams penned 19 short stories about rabbits. Tales from Watership Down includes stories about rabbit mythology as well as stories about the characters from the original book. In addition, a few new characters join the established cast in this volume. This book is a great companion to Watership Down because it tells the story of what happens after the events of the first book.

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

by Robert O’Brien
Even though Watership Down came out one year before Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH, the two films shared a lot of common themes. Rodents are used instead of rabbits to convey the same message about fleeing for their lives. In a garden where a farmer will soon begin his spring plowing, the protagonist, Mrs. Frisby, is a field mouse. Because one of her children is ill with pneumonia and will not be able to make the long journey by herself, she will need assistance moving her family. For help, she turns to the National Institute of Mental Health, where experiments have given rats the ability to think like humans. Scientists from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) want to kill the rodents in their attempt to flee.

Tailchaser’s Song

by Tad Williams

Tailchaser’s Song is Tad Williams’ debut novel, much like Richard Adams’ Watership Down was Richard Adams’ debut novel. Anthropomorphic animals abound as the world is seen through the eyes of a cat named Fritti Tailchaser. The animals in Tailchaser’s Song, like the rabbits in Watership Down, each have their own languages, cultures, and mythologies. Part of this belief is that humans are simply a race of deformed cats that should be feared. Tailchaser embarks on a long journey to the feline royal court of Harar in search of answers to the mystery of the recent spate of cat disappearances. While on his journey, Tailchaser meets a few new friends and faces many perils.

The Builders

by Daniel Polansky

The Builders, by Daniel Polanksy, features anthropomorphism, but it is not a story for children. The inspiration for Daniel Polanksy’s story about animals and revenge was drawn from spaghetti Westerns. On a mission to reclaim the throne of their kingdom, the Captain and his companions were ambushed and killed. He decides to bring the crew back together and make amends for the loss that was caused by the gang’s betrayal and infighting. From the chain-gun wielding badger Barley to the assassin stoat Bonsoir, these animals are anything but ordinary. If you enjoyed Watership Down’s darker aspects, you’ll find a lot more in The Builders.


by Brian Jacques

This is the first book in Brian Jacques’s Redwall fantasy novel series. In total, there were twenty-two novels and two picture books in the series, which was published in 1986. Matthias, a young mouse who lives at the Redwall Abbey in the Mossflower Woods, is introduced to readers in the first book. Cluny the Scourge and his horde of vermin set their sights on Redwall, which was supposed to be a safe haven for all animals in times of trouble. Cluny’s forces are gathered at the abbey, but Matthias is concerned that they will be insufficient and sets out in search of a legendary sword that might be able to turn the tide. Redwall was adapted into a graphic novel, a musical, and a television show.

Fire Bringer

by David Clement-Davies

Watership Down has been likened to Fire Bringer by many readers and critics since its 1999 publication. Among Adams’ admirers was the novel’s author, who described it as “one of the best anthropomorphic fantasies known to him.” Red deer Rannoch has an unusual birthmark on his forehead: an oak leaf. This is the story of how he came to have the mark. According to a prophecy, the bearer of this mark will be able to communicate with all animals and lead the red deer to freedom. This mark is highly revered among the red deer. A prophecy states that Rannoch will return one day to fulfill his destiny, but he is forced to flee the herd for fear of jeopardizing their leadership.

Lord of the Flies

Author William Golding

When a plane crashes on an uninhabited island, a group of schoolboys are stranded. At first, the boys’ freedom from adult supervision is cause for celebration; they can do whatever they want this far from civilization. Anything. They try to create their own society, but it fails,…

The Handmaid’s Tale

Author Margaret Atwood

In the Republic of Gilead, Offred serves as a Handmaid. There are no longer any signs in the food markets because women are no longer allowed to read, so she can only leave their house once a day and walk to the market. Every month, she must lie on her back and pray that the Commander will conceive her.

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