11 Best Books On Politics For Beginners Update 05/2022

When we start reading books on a regular basis, we learn more about our minds. There are many types of books that we are interested in. Even if it’s in the field of literature or language improvement or motivation or science or geography or cooking or beauty or health care, it could be used for that. If you want to get better at studying a big subject like political science, you need the foundation to be very strong so you can learn more. So, here are the best books for people who are new to political science. They will help you figure out what you want to do.


Principles of Political Science

If you want to learn about or study Political Science in general, this book by Dr. Anup Chand Kapur is a good resource. Our choice of material is very important, and this source will give a detailed explanation of the basics that a new person should know. This book is good for people who want to learn more about Political Science because it is easy to understand and explains each ideology in detail. This will make them want to learn more about the subject.

An Introduction to Political Theory By O.P.Gauba

Because this material has been out there since 1981, and because its content has been changed since then, Political Science isn’t just about relating it to what’s going on now and in the real world. It’s also about the different theories that many political scholars have come up with to help people better understand the study of politics. Starters can use this to look up more information after they have a clear picture of the basics. Apart from a major study, it can be used for a lot of different exams.

Introduction of Political Science

This is the work of a political professor and expert, Craig Parsons, who made a big difference in how people thought about the basics of political science. If you want to buy a paperback of this material online, the price can go above $8,000 per paperback in some places.

The Oxford Handbook of Political Science

As a whole, this big book shows how modern political science looks at everything from politics to politics to politics to politics and so on. This is Robert E. Goodin’s most important work. In it, he made a big effort to make it easier for people to understand.

Principles of Modern Political Science

As a freshman, this book by J. C. Johari is very good because it explains why the word “science” is being used in the language. A lot of things have changed since the world became more liberal and more global. Many things have changed to fit the state and its people better. If they can use this book, they can compare the scenarios and do critical analysis with it.

Political Man- The Social Bases of Politics

Political science is always linked to the social world, which makes it hard to understand at times. The link between political science and society is very important for people who are just starting to learn about the subject to understand what it is all about. Seymour Martin Lipset read this whole book, in which the author said “political sociology” was the main thing.

Western Political Thoughts

There are a lot of western political philosophers who have ideas that are being used in other countries to help them grow. If you want to know how the study has progressed and come up with critics for the way things are now, you need to learn about the thinkers who came before them. To do so, Brian R. Nelson’s book is very easy to get your hands on. To get good information, you’ll have to spend some money, because the book costs more than 5000 bucks on online shopping sites.

Indian Polity by M.Laxmikant

In this book, there are 76 chapters and it is written in very clear language that is easy to understand and it covers all of Indian politics and the constitution.

World Constitutions (U K, U S A, France, Switzerland, China, Japan, Canada & India)Paperback– 2018 by Dr. S.N. Dube

There is more to Political Science than just theories and models of political thinkers. It’s also a broad study of the world’s major constitutions, which are how important parts of the country work through them.

Political Theory NCERT Textbook

Political Science is the history of the works of many political thinkers, from the classical era to the modern era, and how they changed over time. These works are thought of as one big thing because each one has a next-to-next connection to the previous one. If you want to learn about the important books, you should read “The Republic” by Plato, “The Politics,” written by Aristotle. Machiavelli wrote “The Prince,” and Hobbes wrote “Leviathan.” Political science is based on a strong understanding of how people and the State have changed over time, and these sources show how this has happened.

When it comes to politics, you can’t just learn about it right away. Here, there isn’t a specific book to look up, but the sources below are a good place to start if you want to find out more about the topic.

Politics (335–323 BCE)

Most political scientists think Aristotle’s book Politics is the first real book about politics. In this important book, Aristotle talked about why people build communities and then the polis (state).

If a person is part of a community and has economic and political security, Aristotle thought that people could spend more time on themselves and less time thinking about what kind of political community is best. Politics was born right away. When people are able to think and philosophize, Aristotle thinks that makes them happy, not money or power. People must put their desire to learn into politics in order to be truly happy. This way, their thoughts and beliefs can be used to make real decisions in the city. Philosophy and politics have to be mixed together, and knowledge must be used to do something. To be a good ruler, you must know what’s right and be able to put these policies into place.

As a last point, Politics was the first work in political science to classify different types of governments. People in Aristotle wanted to know which type of government was the best: a monarchy, an aristocracy, or one that was run by the people. So he made a list of the different types of governments that were in place in Greece at the time. His conclusions were not always agreed upon. All governments can be good as long as the person in charge is wise and fair. Aristotle didn’t make a case for democracy. He thought the best way to run a country would depend on the type of person in charge.

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