14 Best Books To Read Online For Free Update 05/2022

Want to see MILLIONS of free books on the web?
I found you. As long as you’ve been reading along, you already know that you can find free audiobooks online. We talked about options like LibriVox and MindWebs, which give people who want to listen to audiobooks and short stories for free.

Now, we’ve found 15 more places where you can read free books online when you don’t have earbuds with you to read them. You’ll be able to read more than just the classics. There are free YA books, graphic novels, fanfiction, kids’ books, and more. There are a lot of good books on all of these sites together. It’s a lot. As in, in the tens of millions. Seriously. Your TBR list may be crying, but at least your wallet is happy. This is a good thing.

Where can I download free books Online?

Each of the sites below has more information about them, but the following sites all have free books on them.
International Children’s Digital Library
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Open Culture
Open Library
Project Gutenberg
Read Print
World Public Library

Goodreads’ Free Shelves

You can find more modern online books for free at Goodreads’ free eBooks shelves (full or excerpts) or with the “free-online” tag. Many of the books on these websites are out of copyright.

International Children’s Digital Library

It’s a good place to look for free children’s books online if you want to “promote tolerance and a respect for different cultures by giving access to the best of children’s literature from around the world.” You can read freely and anonymously on their site, or you can set up an account to keep a book shelf. There are also books from all over the world (you can even search by countries on the globe). Look for great free books on the internet, such as these ones:

You can read Naoko Awa’s book Yukimado (The Snow Window) in English here.
from New Zealand’s National Library: myths and stories about the Maori.
The book All We Need Are Dragons by Ljubivoje Rumovi says this:

Internet Sacred Text ARchive

The ISTA online collection, which is focused on religion, mythology, and folklore, has hundreds of sacred texts that can be read online. It also has religious diversity, tolerance, and scholarship in its goals (which is pretty rad of course).

You can find different versions of the Bible, as well as the Talmud, the Vedas, and more.


If you look at ManyBooks’ name, you’ll see that it has a lot of online books that are free. Over 30,000 people in fact. It is very likely that most of their eBook will work on Kindles and other readers like the Nook, iPad, and so on.
You’ll find a lot of books here, both old and new, like:
She wrote The Unveiling.
Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War.
Agatha Christie wrote “The Secret Adversary,” which is about two people who don’t know each other.

Open Culture

Readers were connected to a curated list of free audiobooks through Open Culture, and now they’ve done the same for free eBooks. Find 800 free and downloadable eBooks on their site. You can download them for iPads, iPhones, Kindles or read them right in your browser without having to download them.

Open Library

Over 1.7 million free eBooks can be found on the Open Library site. It’s part of the Internet Archive, which also lets people add (and correct) books to it. They both have free copies of full books and links to places where you can buy them.

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Matilda by Roald Dahl are two of the books you can read online.


OverDrive’s Libby App lets you check out eBooks from your local library on your own smartphone or tablet. There is only one thing you need: a library card. You can read classic and modern eBooks for free, anywhere and at any time. They have more than two million eBooks and audiobooks in their library, as well. They’ve also made it easier to move books to your device recently.

Even though it’s linked to your library, there will be free bestsellers for young adults, as well as more recent bestsellers and classic books.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is still a great place to find classic novels and other older texts that are already in the public domain. The group is run entirely by volunteers who scan and then proofread works. All in all, they’ve put more than 50,000 free books on the internet so far. If you want to read classic books like: Story of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave by Frederick Douglass

This is a book called Anne of Green Gables written by the author, LM Montgomery. It is about a girl named Anne. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula.

Read Print

Read Print is an easy-to-use website that lets people read classics online. As a bonus, it has a really cool widget called a “bookshelf.” You can use it to keep track of how many books you’ve read, as well as the number of books you want to read.

You’ll find free classic books, such as these ones: Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre. It is called Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. Charles Dickens wrote A Tale of Two Cities.


Riveted gives young adult books to read online for free for a limited time. You can read whole books or just parts of them.

Simon & Schuster has an online site where you can read free books, join giveaways, and talk about your favorite young adult novels. You can sign up and become a member.


For people who love science fiction and fantasy, check out Tor’s eBook club and newsletters, which are sent every week.

The publisher releases new short stories from some of the best sci-fi and fantasy authors every week. Getting a great short story in my inbox every week has been a lot of fun and helped me find great new authors. They also have an eBook of the Month club where you get one free book each month.


Some original source material is what you’re after. Even if you’re not in school, Wikisource is the best place to go into more depth on a subject. The site has almost 400,000 English texts, and users can add their own.

People like Rudyard Kipling and Marie de France wrote about werewolves in texts from 1846 to 1941. You can also find other texts about werewolves. Or, read Jules Verne and Philip Dick’s books to learn about new worlds.

World Public Library

The World Public Library’s online Millennium Collection isn’t free, but for less than $10 a year, you can get millions of free books in more than 300 languages in more than 200 languages. They also give free memberships to people who are physically disabled or have other special needs. Find eBooks from all over the world, like:

There are holy books.
Collections of academics
The books for kids
It’s a type of book that looks like
Some of their best books are 1984 by George Orwell, Siddhartha by Hemann Hesse, and The Mahabharata by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.

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