12 Best Chapter Books For Kids Update 05/2022

Chapter Books For Kids

Dodsworth in New York

Dodsworth in New York

To go on an adventure, Dodsworth, a mouse, sets off for New York City. So, Dodsworth goes on a trip around the city. Then, a zany duck sneaks into his trunk. Children can’t help but laugh at the duck’s silly antics. As a parent, I could totally understand the duck’s frustration when the mouse’s plans were thwarted by my kids (i.e. my plans). There are a lot of first-chapter books like this one. Next, Dodsworth is in Paris.\

Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover

When Rabbit has a sleepover with Robot, he makes sure everything is just how he wants it to be. But when Robot throws a wrench in Rabbit’s plans, the silly mishaps will make your child laugh and smile. This series of early chapter books is perfect for kids who have grown out of early readers but aren’t yet ready for “official” chapter books, which can intimidate young readers. Make sure your child sees the next one, called Rabbit and Robot and Ribbit, if he or she likes this one so much.

King and Kayla and the Case of the Missing Dog Treats 

In this case, three peanut butter treats have gone missing, and Kayla thinks that her dog King did it. King knows that it was not him. The treats were supposed to be for her friend’s new puppy, so she and her friend set out to find out what happened to them. This little book is a great way to learn about mysteries and how to use analytical thinking to figure out who did it. The first book in a series is called “This is the First.” Next, check out King and Kayla and the Case of the Secret Code, which is about King and Kayla. It’s also possible for your child to move on to The Case of the Lost Boy, the first book in The Buddy Files that also features the dog King.

Warren and Dragon: 100 Friends

There’s good news: Warren has his stuffed Dragon to help him deal with his fears and anxieties. However, Warren’s outgoing sister then asks him to make 100 friends before she does. He accepts, even though he doesn’t know how to make a friend and doesn’t even have a friend yet! Dragon helps Warren make friends, and he learns a very important lesson about quality, not quantity, from Dragon as well. When Warren and Dragon get together, I get Calvin and Hobbes vibes. I love this series, which is so cute and fun to read. After this one, check out Warren and Dragon: Weekend with Chewy, by Warren and Dragon.

The Princess in Black

The Princess in Black

It’s fun for kids who are just starting to read chapter books. This is a series about a princess who fights monsters and has a double life. Don’t be fooled by the title because both girls and boys love this show. The word “princess” is in the title. Before you do that, get The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party, then.

Monster and Boy

The monster who lives under the boy’s bed loves the boy, but the boy doesn’t know about the monster. As a matter of fact, his mom tells him there aren’t any monsters. That is, until one day, a boy and a monster meet face-to-face, and their journey together starts. This story made me laugh out loud, too. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time! To start a series, this is the first thing I want to talk about.

Our Friend Hedgehog: The Story of Us

Heartwarming but not cheesy, this animal friendship story is a great way to spend time with your pets. They spend all their time together. Hedgehog’s stuffed dog Mutty is his only friend and they spend all their time together. As time goes on and on and on, a storm comes and blows off Mutty. In order to find him, Hedgehog sets out on a journey. He makes new friends as he goes. There are a few words in this text that some kids at this level might not be able to understand. The character Owl explains what those words mean to help readers move forward. Plus, the illustrations are so beautiful that they go well with the text. To start a series, this is the first thing I want to talk about.

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

Sometimes, the “spunky kid” stereotype goes too far. This early chapter book, on the other hand, is just right. Piper Green lives on a small island in Maine. It’s the first day of second grade. When her older brother moves away to go to high school on the mainland, she misses him very much. Her new teacher, who looks like a fairy-tale princess, doesn’t have time for that. : This is the first one in a set of three. Check out Too Much Good Luck for more of Piper’s stories.

Skunk and Badger

Skunk and Badger

He lives alone and likes it. If only Aunt Lula would let him stay in her brownstone so he could work on his important geology projects. But then one day, Skunk shows up and says he’s Badger’s new roommate, and he wants to live with him. They see powerful examples of what happens when friends do something they don’t want to do, and how to fix it. To start a series, this is the first thing I want to talk about.

Lulu and the Duck in the Park

Love: Lulu is a big animal fan. She even has a name for it. But her teacher, Mrs. Holiday, doesn’t like animals, no matter how hard Lulu tries to get her to like them, To keep the duck egg safe, Lulu hides it from her teacher during a class field trip to the park. When the egg starts to hatch, Lulu meets a new friend. First in a series: This sweet story is the first in a series of stories. Lulu and the dog that came from the sea are the next things you should pick up.

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

In this follow-up to the picture book Bad Kitty, the narrator walks you through what to do when your cat really needs a bath. Because cats don’t like baths, this isn’t a simple task. It could even be dangerous. The narrator’s jokes make this book stand out from the rest, and kids love the silly jokes. If you have a cat, your child will love this book even more. : This is the first one in a set of three. Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty!

Mango and Bambang: The Not-a-Pig

When Mango’s father isn’t at home, she tries to be busy to keep herself from being lonely. There are a lot of things she likes to do to keep herself busy, like practice karate, play games, and move her ears while sucking on a lollipops, At home from karate class, she sees an animal in the middle of the road named Bambang. He’s afraid and he’s blocking traffic. Mango is the only one who takes the time to listen to him. This is what he says: There is a scene where Mango understands the tapir’s fear, and the quirky details make this story a real treat. There are going to be more in the future. This is the first. Mango and Bambang: Tapir All at Sea is the next book that you should buy, after that.

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