10 Best Children’s Books About Heaven Update 05/2022

Children's Books About Heaven

In my job as a children’s ministry director, I was asked to recommend books about heaven for kids who had lost a parent. I did this a lot. What follows are the books I told people to read back then, as well as a few new ones.

Also, if your child is dealing with the death of someone close to them, this free resource has been very helpful to a lot of parents who are Christian.

Someday Heaven

Larry Libby

Someday Heaven

These are books I remember from when I was a child. The paintings showed me that heaven would be fun and there was nothing to be afraid of. My favorite book is always this one because it’s well-researched and Bible-based. If you were a child, you probably didn’t read all of the text. It was very long, but it has some great ideas for parents to talk about.

Someone I Love Died

Christine Harder Tangvald 

When you read this book, you’ll get a mix of the Gospel, a story, and a journal. One of the best things about it is that it’s very good. It’s great for parents who want a way to explain death, heaven, and Jesus Christ to their kids in an easy-to-understand way.

God gave us heaven

Lisa Tawn Bergren

If you like Bergren’s best-selling Little Cub and her family books, this book is for you. During each book, Little Cub and her parents talk for a long time about something that’s very important to them, but that kids can understand. It’s fun and imaginative in each book, and God Gave Us Heaven is no different. Adds to the books about heaven for kids.

Heaven for Kids

by Randy Alcorn

Heaven for Kids

There are a lot of good books about heaven written by Randy Alcorn, and this one is written just for kids! They are all for younger children, but this one will be best for kids who are in middle school and up. You can tell because it talks a lot about the Chronicles of Narnia. That’s a good thing for kids who have read them. A lot of adults have been helped by this book, too.

Tell Me About Heaven

by Randy Alcorn

“Tell Me About Heaven” is a great book for people who learn better through stories than lectures. I don’t think it’s good for very young kids because there aren’t many pictures, but it will be easier for kids who aren’t old enough to enjoy the previous book on the list.

This is a beautiful picture book about a very in-depth conversation between a grandfather and his grandchild. The boy has a lot of questions about heaven after his grandmother died. The grandfather tells him everything he knows about Christianity, and he uses scripture to back up his answers. Readers should read this long picture book about heaven over several days to give them time to think about the message.

There’s a party in heaven

Gary Bower

As a book about heaven, this is a great one for younger kids. They are beautiful, and Gary Bower is the master of well-written rhythm and rhyme. With Bible verses on each page to back up the message and a sense of happiness that isn’t usually found in books about death, this is a great book to have in your own library or at your church.

A travel guide to heaven for kids

by Anthony DeStefano 

A travel guide to heaven for kids

There’s a little boy in this book who dreams about going to heaven one night. (Was it a dream?). It will make your kids realize that heaven is a good place, not something to be afraid of.

In this story, a little boy named Joey goes on the adventure of his life to see what heaven is like. They go on a tour of a magical place with Gabby, the guardian angel who looks out for him. In heaven, all animals and people live in peace and enjoy God’s beauty. This book about heaven is full of fun and adventure. A Travel Guide to Heaven was a best-selling book by the author. After that, he wrote a book for kids.

Heaven is for real

Colton Burpo

This book is different because it’s a biography, which makes it stand out from other books. 3 years old, Colton came close to death and was shown what heaven was like by God. He came back with a lot of stories that were backed up by the Bible and stories about people he didn’t know about before.

While other “I went to heaven” stories have been disproved or retracted, Colton stands by the truth of what he saw and did when he died. Here are some of the things he has done and how they show us about heaven in a picture book. When I saw the pictures, I thought it was weird that they were all shown with wings. There’s a Q and A section at the back of the book to talk about that.

When I’m With Jesus: For Any Child with a Loved One in Heaven

This book about heaven is written by someone who is a Christian. It’s a good choice for any child who has lost a loved one. Children who have questions about heaven will be able to understand the concepts in simple terms. As a nice extra, one page of the book is left blank so that a child who is sad can write a note.

Home in Heaven: A Children’s Book About Death, Mourning, and Farewell

Book: A thought-provoking book about heaven that shows important changes in the life of a little girl and her grandmother. Emma is moving to a new house, but her grandmother is moving into hospice care while she does it. This heartfelt book shows how close these two people are, and how sad they are that their time together is coming to an end. Emma knows that her grandmother will soon be going to heaven, and she is having a hard time dealing with her grief. One of the best stories I’ve read in a long time.

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