11 Best Children’S Books About Jesus Update 05/2022

It’s Christmas! They are a great way for me to teach my kids why we celebrate at this time of year. Christmas picture books about Jesus are the best way for me to do this. I like to read longer Christmas stories during Advent because they are more interesting. (Take a look at these Advent reading plans that don’t last for 25 days!) A good picture book, however, makes kids excited about fall.These Christmas picture books are great for reading aloud to your kids during the holiday season. During this time of year, only Christmas picture books that are all about Jesus’ birth made this list!

There are some things to keep in mind.

Special Considerations

“Simple text” books are ones that have few words on each page and that I’ve had good luck reading to toddlers.
Also, if the wise men are at the manger, which doesn’t seem to be what the Bible says, I made note of that. Books also talk about a big guy in a red suit. But, don’t worry, I took that into account. Check for that if your family doesn’t do the Santa thing, and make sure you do that.

There were a lot of books with non-white holy families in them, so I was going to write down which ones. But that got a little tricky. In most of the books, Jesus looks like he came from the Middle East, but not too dark. I don’t know. Is that still white? Do I say that the pictures show an ethnically mixed Jesus? For A Child is Born, I couldn’t say “African American Jesus,” because Jesus wasn’t an American person. You can look at the pictures to figure out what race Jesus is in the pictures. Most people have tried to show what Jesus would have looked like at least in some way. However, you should know that almost all of the people at Jesus’ Christmas Party are fair-skinned and blonde. Every single person. Then, if you don’t want it to look like Jesus was born in Scandinavia, then you should not read this text. That one isn’t important.

The BEST Christmas Picture Books About Jesus

The Nativity illustrated by Julie Vivas

Special things to look for: simple text, wise men at the manger
In the past, I have had purple hair, blue and green hair, red tips, and cherry red stripes in my hair. The color makes me happy. The angel Gabriel in this version of the Christmas story has maroon hair and wears Doc Martens that are a little worn. This makes me very happy. Look at how this image breaks with the norm! Even though the images are different, the story is the same. Straight from the Bible, these words are from Luke. Is this how you usually read the Christmas story aloud on Christmas day? This is a great way to do it with pictures!

In this book, the soft, full-color illustrations make the story come to life in a new way. In this case, one of the shepherds has a spot on his head, and Mary can’t get on her donkey without a lot of help getting on. It’s a lovely way to think about a story that we can make seem a little boring. It might be my favorite book on this list.
No, I didn’t. I said that the text comes straight from Luke’s Gospel. So. Good.

The Christmas Promise by Alison Mitchell

True to its name, the Christmas Promise is all about how God promised us a King. That King is Jesus! In this book, Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s plan and promise to the world. That’s very different from other books.

When I read this story, I think of The Jesus Storybook Bible a lot. As long as The Jesus Storybook Bible is my favorite, that doesn’t bother me at all! Even though there is a lot of good theology in the book, it’s not hard to read. That being said, the story line might be too much for toddlers or very young children. It’s a great Christmas picture book that shows how Jesus is the fulfillment of all of the Bible. I bought eight copies for Christmas gifts this year. It’s so good. Board books of the Christmas Promise have been added for 2020.

Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer

Considerations: wise men at the manger

Humphrey is selfish. He doesn’t want to be helpful, or carry a small load. And, he’s a big thief, too! Did I tell you that Humphrey is a camel?
Humphrey isn’t just any camel. He is one of the camels in the caravan of kings that is looking for the baby born in Bethlehem. He eventually finds out what makes the baby they are going to see so unique.
Story is told from a camel’s point of view. The humor in this book is a little more advanced than in most picture books, but it’s still fun. At the text, I found it funny. My toddler and preschooler also found it funny because of the pictures. What could be more funny than a camel with long eyelashes and crooked teeth? To be honest, the paintings are so beautiful that they really add a lot to the story.
Also, a board book version of the story has just been released, so if that’s more your style, there’s one for you. Now even little hands can hold Humphrey! I think this book should be in your book bag. You should buy this book instead of just getting it from the library.
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Jesus Came for Me by Jared Kennedy

In 2020, a new board book will tell you why Jesus came to this world: to save it from sin. A simple picture with a lot of color but a very important message. For kids ages 3 to 5. However, don’t be fooled by the board book format. If you have little kids who don’t know much about theology or didn’t hear the Gospel very often, you might be able to push that age up. Theologically, it is also a good choice for children’s ministry lessons or reading in the church because it is so well thought out.

All ages will love this. Definitely worth it. We also pull it out at Easter so that we can all read it together and pray.

Christmas is Coming! by Tama Fortner

This is a beautiful board book for toddlers and preschoolers that talks about what Christmas is all about. It looks like a lot of fun. The main theme of the book is that Christmas has come, and it’s Jesus!

The text talks about more than just the main story. Mary’s trip to Elizabeth is brought up. The wise men don’t visit Jesus at the manger, but when he’s older. Let’s teach our kids about the Bible from the start! I think it’s great for kids between the ages of 2 and 6. There is so much text, though, that even though it’s a board book, you could easily move the age up. It might be the best choice for families like ours that have a lot of kids of different ages.

All The Colors of Christmas by Matthew Paul Turner

A few things to keep in mind: Santa has a lot of things to think
When it comes to picture books that rhyme, Matthew Paul Turner is the best. His books teach our kids about love and family. His books make up a small but important part of this list of the best Christian picture books for new babies. This holiday picture book is the same. At Christmas, we see each color in a different way. This text talks about how we see each color. However, instead of just being superficial, it gets to the heart of the season and not just the surface. It’s beautiful.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s a rhyming book. This one is for kids who are a little older.

A Very Noisy Christmas by Tim Thornborough

Special things to think about: simple text, wise men at the manger
A Christmas picture book for toddlers is the best one that I can think of right now. 🙂 It’s a story about the first Christmas that is meant to make the little listeners want to be loud! Jesus came so that we can always be in God’s family. This is the best part of the story.

Make sure to tell people that it’s mostly for kids ages 2 to 4.

There’s a Lion in my Nativity by Lizzie Laferton

Simple text should be taken into account.

There’s a lion in my nativity is a great Christmas picture book for young kids. It is a funny story about a Christmas show that didn’t go as planned. However, the message that Jesus is the reason for the season is hidden beneath all of the silly stories. The rhyming text and cute pictures make it great for kids who are in preschool and younger. Definitely worth it for the little ones!

Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd-Jones

You may have heard of Sally Lloyd-Jones’ other book, The Jesus Storybook Bible. It is a great book. In this Christmas picture book about the birth of Jesus, you’ll see right away that she has a unique writing style. In the song Song of the Stars, the whole world is getting ready for the new king. Just like in the Jesus Storybook Bible, the prose is easy to read but also melodic.

The story is about animals waiting for Jesus to come. There is a big reason I love this book: It shows why Jesus came was so great: redemption has come! Amen! “The One who made us has come to live with us!”

Christmas in the Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Special things to look for: simple text, wise men at the manger
She wrote Goodnight, Moon and this book was written in 1952. It’s been around for a long time. A lot of people have read this book, and the new one has illustrations by Anna Dewdney, who is famous for her work with Llama Llama. Yes, I should. There are a lot of rich people in picture books! For more information, read “Christmas in the Barn.” It’s a poem about how Christ was born in a humble way. There is a lot of soft language in this book. A simple picture book like this one is perfect for toddlers who can’t read a lot of text on each page. All ages will enjoy the book.

In my opinion, the almost lyrical story in the new edition was better than the pictures. The fact that I have to say that hurts me because I’m a huge fan of Anna Dewdney and Llama Llama makes it even more painful. Do you like abstract, dark oil paintings? I don’t know, but I just don’t like them. In the same way, the book has been out so many times that you can find older editions with different artists. There are many different editions of this book. My favorite is the one with illustrations by Diane Goode, but each person has their own favorite! Any illustrator you choose will make the text look calm and lovely, no matter who you choose. Christmas picture books about Jesus that are meant to help you get ready for bed should be at the top of your list. This one is for you.

The Littlest Watchman by Scott James

Some people say that The Littlest Watchman isn’t like other books because it talks about why people were so excited to see a Messiah. It shows how excited people were when Jesus was born because they knew he was God’s son. I love how we can celebrate this time of year with gratitude for Jesus’ first coming and excitement that he will return one day!

Check out this picture book about the birth of Jesus even though it sounds like it’s very important. It’s easy to read to a three-year-old, and it’s short. I think it’s best for ages 3 to 5.

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